Clinique 3 Step Skincare Routine Introduction Kit - Review ...

For Christmas my lovely Mum gifted me with the chance to go and see the skin experts at Clinique and a voucher to treat myself with. She came too and we both had a little pamper session together which was really lovely. I had been suffering with problematic skin, nothing serious but it was just never smooth and spot free so I wanted to talk to someone who knew what they were actually talking about. I spoke to her about my skin type in detail and my issues which she put through their database which offered a few solutions. We decided together that I probably wasn't removing my make up thoroughly enough which was leaving a build up of dead skin cells which was leaving my skin lumpy. She suggested that I try this 3 step skin care system, which differs from person to person depending what their skin type is. I was put the the fourth category which is for oily skined gals. To cut to the chase, I love this and I can't imagine my life without it right now. You start with an oil controling soap, which removes most make up and acts as a cleanser. Then step 2 is more of a toner, which acts as a double cleanser and gets rid of any other nasties that are left on your skin. Then the final step is the moisturiser which is absorbed really quickly and comfortably, especially considering I have oily skin. Overall, my skin is a lot softer and smoother, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and cleansed ready for a day ahead or after a long day. If you're suffering with skin problems and can't seem to get things right then I would recommend you try this 3 step system out. It makes skincare really easy and then you can add any other products to it that you like or want to try. You start with a basic skincare base that works and then you can add what else you want. 

Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Exfoliate
Step 3: Moisturise.

Jess xo  

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