Rimmel 60 seconds in Mary Mary Quite Contrary - review.

This is by far the best Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish I've got, it's so lush.

Rimmel 60 seconds in Mary Mary Quite Contrary - £2.99

This is such a perfect lilac grey colour, so lovely! I can imagine it looking great in the summer with a tan or even in the winter just poking out some fingerless gloves! 
The formula of this nail varnish is really nice, it has lasted me about a week, exams and all! Which is amazing for me. The only bad thing I can think of is that it's not very pigmented, I did 4 coats for it to be a strong enough colour and it took a long time to dry but with a quick dry top coat then I think it would be fine. I think this colour is really flattering, it's definitely one of those colour where you just catch yourself just staring at your nails all the time, ha! 
I am pleasantly surprised by this nail varnish, as I've said in previous posts I've never really been impressed with the Rimmel 60 seconds range but this one has convinced me to try more.

More over Barry M, I've got a new fave!

Jess xo

Beauty lust list #1

Beauty lust list # 1

Yves Saint Laurent lip makeup / MAC Cosmetics long wearing foundation / Rimmel foundation / Rimmel cosmetic, £5.73 / Real techniques makeup brush / Face moisturizer, £9.25 / NARS Cosmetics travel kit, £39 / Nails Inc. nails inc nail polish

Wishlist #5 - channeling my inner rock chick

Wishlist #5 - channeling my inner rock chick

Topshop , £20 / River Island short sleeve tee / Topshop , £45 / Miss Selfridge leather boots, £79 / River Island black wedge / River Island / Topshop , £20 / Topshop bracelet bangle, £19 / Topshop jewelry, £13 / River Island Black dog bite print tank top

VO5 plump it up - Review.

I have a lot of hair but because it's quite heavy I can't get very much volume, I start off with a lot but then after about half an hour it's all dropped out, which is really annoying! So I was browsing the selves in boots for something and came across this, I've heard quite a lot of good things about this range and thought 'why the hell not?' so I bought it. 
I actually really like it, it says to spray in damp hair and then blow dry and then instant volume! Which I think is actually completely true, it really worked with my hair and for even more volume I hold my head upside down while blow drying for that extra umpht! It definitely give the impression of extra thick and it lasts really well too, I mostly use this on nights out when I can be bothered to style my hair properly and I've recently had loads of compliments on my hair looking nice which is a a massive bonus! It also has a heat defense built in so you don't have to drown your hair with loads of different products. 
 I haven't bought anything from VO5 in years, it's just not a brand I think of when I want to buy hair products but I have been pleasantly surprised and will definitely be trying more from this brand. I think the packaging it lovely and I never loose it when I throw it in my stack of hair products which is a plus! Ha! The bottle is a nice size not too chunky and easy to carry around if you want to take it somewhere with you, like to a friend's house.
It doesn't feel heavy in your hair at all, however you can tell you've got product in especially in your fringe so I always try and leave my fringe out when I'm spray it in and then just brush some through it at the end. 
I would 100% recommend this to anyone, whatever hair type they have, it's not drying and it doesn't make your hail oily or heavy at all! It's an all round winner for me. 
I personally think it's rare to quite a high street hair product to be such a winner. I often try out different hair products but they never really seem to do what they say they are going to do and I rarely like to try out more expensive brands because I don't want to chance it.

Jess xo

MAC paint pot in Rubenesque

I loved the Maybelline colour tattoos so much I thought I'd splash out on  Mac paint pot. 
I always go into the Mac shop to just have a look and end up coming out with loads of stuff, it's definitely my weakness!

Mac paint pot in Rubenesque - £14.50
The colour is the prettiest shade I think I've ever seen, as soon as I saw this colour I just fell in love! It's like a goldy pink, on the lid it looks quite like skin colour but then it has a gold sheen and you can layer it to make the colour brighter and more pigmented!
I normally just it as a base before applying eyeshadow and it makes my eyeshadow stay all day! They feel really light unlike the Maybelline colour tattoos, I think they feel quite heavy on the eye.
This paint pot also just looks really nice just on it's own.

I would definitely recommend these for eyeshadow noobs! they're just so easy and blend really well, however I think they are quite expensive but you do get quite a lot in a glass jar.

Jess xo

Barry M lipstick in black cherry - review.

I know I should be getting more involved with brighter lipsticks for summer but I still really love dark berry ones! I just think they can really rock up a girly summer outfit and an edgier twist.

 Barry M lipstick in black cherry - £2.99
My most recent purchase is Barry M's black cherry lipstick (160) it a classic berry red that I am completely addicted to! I think it's supposed to be a matte shade but I don't really think it is, it goes on quite creamy and smooth. It applies nicely and is very pigmented, however you have to exfoliate before applying because it does highlight the cracks and dry patches on your lips a lot! 

As you can see I didn't exfoliate before applying, so I had to take it off, exfoliate and reapply and it looked a lot better! The staying power of this lipstick isn't the greatest but I don't really mind reapplying throughout the day, however I did notice that when you have to reapply it becomes cakey and just layers on top of the coat before and looks very patchy. I don't think I would wear this out at night because I know when I have a few drinks I would just keep reapplying it and it would end up looking awful. It's quite a heavy lipstick and in the hotter days it does just feel like it's melting off and it's always a shock when I look in a mirror to see it isn't all over my face. 

I'm not sure if I'll repurchase this when it runs out, I think there are a lot of better quality lipsticks in this colour, I think it's quite a common lipstick colour because I have quite a few in this shade. 
I'm not sure I'd recommend this to anyone, the colour is lovely and very pigmented but the formula is quite drying and isn't the best quality.

Jess xo

Summery room update!

Now it's finally looking like Summer is on it's way and I thought I'd just share with you a few ways I like to update my room for the spring and summer.

I bought these flowers from eBay for only a couple of quid, I was going to try and make a headband out of them but in the mean time I just put them into this little pot (which was a primark candle that I cleaned out) on my desk just to add a bit of colour and something nice to look at.

 I also clipped these hair flowers onto my photo frame to add some colour and to store them while I'm not wearing them. They are neon on coral as well, so they are perfect for the summer and look super cute in my room. They were roughly £5 for both from H&M.

One of the final ways I like to update my room is to get all my summery festival jewellery out and put it somewhere on show, especially colourful jewellery. These heart dishes were only £1.49 from B&M home!! What a bargain! 

Just a short Summery post, hope you enjoyed!

Jess xo

Topshop A line skirts for Summer!

Topshop have out done themselves this year with their skirts in my opinion! I love them all!
I have already bought three and I'm soo so soo glad I did!

The first skirt (which is the latest addition to my Topshop skirt family) is £32, quite girly, being white with a flower print on so I paired it with a grungier crop top from River island, it's nice and baggy so will be a nice contrast against the tight high waisted skirt and a tiny bit of flesh will be popping out between the skirt and crop which I think is a nice little touch. Then the trainers are from River island as well, they add a day time feel to the outfit because the top and the skirt can be dressed up and who doesn't enjoy running around the day in a comfy pair of high tops?

The second outfit I went for a more girly feel, I would wear it in the day or out at night and just dress it up with hair, make up and accessories. It was a toss up between this skirt and first one as my recent addition but I went for the first one because I thought it was super summery and lovely but I'm sure I'll be popping back in to get this one when I have some spare dosh. Jelly shoes are everywhere at the moment which is great for those of us who wore them all the time in 90s! Can't wait to get my hands on some! I went for a monochrome patterned top to add a pop of interest but without drowning the skirt and shoes.  

The third outfit I went for a rocky chicky look with this neon orange skirt that was £40 which definitely stung my bank balance, but I'm really happy I bought it because I pretty much wear it with anything and the orange makes me look super super tanned with I love! Haha! I paired it with a long sleeved striped crop top because I liked the way it looked with the orange and then some chunky cut out boots from Topshop which I'm desperate for! I would wear this at night or the day with a leather jacket and tights, I think it would look ace!

And finally the last outfit is the girliest and definitely a cocktail night with the girls outfit, you definitely wouldn't want to be in a grungey club in this outfit! The top is also from Topshop, I wanted to subtly clash prints but not in a crazy way, which I think the texture of this top does perfectly! It's such a lovely summery colourful look and you could always trade the heels for some flats and it would be perfect for a summer date! I went for these heels from Riverisland because I think they compliment the girlyness of the rest of the outfit nicely and a thick heel would be easier to walk in, especially for someone like me who needs all the help she can get haha! 

I think these skirts can be a key piece in your wardrobe and they definitely are in mine! I love styling these and always feel really good in them! 
 They are quite expensive for what they are, ranging from £30 -£40 but I've definitely been getting amazing price per wear out of them for the amount of times I've worn them! 

Jess xo 

Rimmel nail varnish in Sunshine.

I was craving yellow nail so bad this week, I have seen so many people with yellow nail varnish and I was really loving it.

 Rimmel 60 second nail varnish in Sunshine. - £2.99

I'm not sure how I feel about this colour on me personally, one minute I think it's really cool, the next I'm really not sure but I've been getting loads of compliments so I'm not sure!
It's actually lasted well so far unlike my last Rimmel nail varnish, I had to do 3 coats for it to be a strong colour though which is not the greatest, I would probably say 4 would be perfect but I couldn't be bothered to do that many.
I'm not a huge fan of Rimmel nail varnish, however I've only tried the cheapest ones they range a bit more expensive might be better so I will try them next time I'm in boots.
I originally went in looking for Barry M but there were no nail paints, just signs saying that there were something wrong with them so Rimmel was my second choice after seeing that Boots had a 3 for 2 offer, so I spurlged. Whoops. 
In general the shade of yellow is lovely, very vibrant and summery! For the price I think it's quite good, I would of preferred a Barry M one but what can ya do! 
I can imagine this colour looking bangin' with a tan! Proper holiday colour!

Jess xo

Wishlist #4 - Clashing prints.

Clashing prints.

Topshop petite t shirt, £53 / Topshop three dot t shirt, £42 / Topshop sweater, £59 / Topshop , £42 / Topshop , £45 / Vans van, £48 / River Island

Current eyelash love.

So, my eye lashes aren't that bad, they're not as long as I would like but they're not short, so occasionally I will wear fake eyelashes, usually when I go out to make my make up more dramatic but recently I've been wearing them in the day as well. Nothing too dramatic just to give a little bit more length and volume on those days when I've got a busier day, like I'm going shopping or out for lunch or something.

Probably this time last year I bought 40 pairs of eye lashes for like a fiver from eBay, all brand new they were just a Chinese make which doesn't bother me at all. 
 Four different lengths and volumes, I was well chuffed when I got them, they were all really nice and soft and looked great. 

But anyway, I have been loving the least dramatic loves for the day time at the moment, they just give a tiny bit more length and volume but still look quite natural. Obviously if you really look you can tell they're fake but it's not that noticeable.

I trim them so they only go on the outer part of my eye lashes, they are really easy to measure and trim, they feel really light on the lid, almost like you haven't even got any one. For eye lash noobs they might not be the best, the band is quite thick which can make them quite difficult to apply sometimes. Usually the first time you use a pair they are quite hard to shape and fit but after that they are a lot easier to apply. It's all about practice with fake eyelashes, the more you do the easier they are to apply and to me, it can be completely down to luck. One day they'll go on perfect and the next it'll be sooo difficult but usually they are alright with me. 
I would say you could only use these eye lashes 2 or 3 times before they start to be ratty and gross, they're not the greatest for quality but if you're an eyelashes junkie like me and go through them like there's no tomorrow then these will be great.  40 pairs for £5ish is amazing i think, especially when one pair is normally that price. I love these and it upsets me to think that I've nearly ran out of these! I will definitely repurchase them again, the only thing is, the glue I go with them was awful and I just ended up using some glue from old ones I had bought! 

Jess xo

E.l.f jumbo eye shadow stick in feeling lucky - Review.

I'm quite a big fan of E.l.f, I really like the brushes and most of the products. However, they are very hit and miss! I either love them or hate them and unfortunately I hate this product.

I really wanted this to be like the Nyx jumbo eye shadow sticks that everyone raves about, I haven't tried those myself as I haven't ever been able to get my hands on any so I thought this might be a dupe.

The colour is quite nice, a dark brown with goldy shimmer, it applies quite nicely too and blends well. I applied this and blends it all out and it looks lovely which i was chuffed about, didn't think anything of it, then about 15 minutes later I went back to have a look at my creation again and I was gutted! It had just completely creased and was so so oily which was strange because my eyelids aren't particularly oily at all and I had used a primer! There was no way at all to save this tragedy and I just had to completely re do my eye make up, which was so annoying because I needed to be somewhere.

I hate doing ranty posts but I felt said I had to tell you all of my horrible experience with this eye shadow stick, I was so disappointed because I expected great things from it, well maybe that was the problem. I shall not be buying any of these again and it's actually put me off trying any eye shadow sticks again. It was only £2.50 but there's still better products to buy out there for roughly the same price.
I think I'm actually just gonna bin this, which is a big deal for me because I'm a hoarder!

Sorry about the ranty post but I was just gutted about this product. 

Jess xo

Natural Collection blush in Rosey Glow - review.

I've always been a bronzer girl rather to a blush girl, I don't think I've ever actually bought a blush myself only ever received  them as presents or whatever. I don't know why just never really been bothered. However, recently I have been craving them a little bit and I think when I get paid I'm gonna buy a few! 


This blush is really inexpensive and I found it in my stash recently and thought I'd give it a try! Generally it's not a very good blusher, not that I have anything to compare it to, the pigment isn't the greatest and it's very dusty and chalky. But for some reason I quite like it, as a blush noob I think it;s quite nice, because it isn't super pigmented you can't really go wrong with it. It's more of a bronzery blush rather than a super girly blush which I think is why I like it, used with bronzer it just gives a really sun kissed look, like you've been in the sun all day the day before. It quite easy to blend but it doesn't last on me very well at all, but it's the only blush I've got so I'm gonna carry on using it until I find another one I like or it runs out. 

Blush scares me. I hate the thought of having crazy bright blushed cheeks which is why I always go for bronzer instead! But I'm gonna try out some other ones and see how I go with them! 

Jess xo

Mac sketch eyeshadow - review.

Oh Mac you've done it again! An eyeshadow that I am now completely addicted to.
Oh bank balance, I am sorry.

Mac Sketch eyeshadow - £10
How pretty?!
I've heard so many lovely things about this eyeshadow and I completely understand why, like all most Mac eyeshadows I've tried, it's really pigmented and lasts really well on me.
Looks great to contour the crease with an gold all over the lid , or browns! I think it goes with all colours! Ha! I love it all over the lid as well, especially on brown eyes!
When I get paid I'm going to get a Mac palette and de pot all my Mac shadows and put them in it!
My addiction for Mac eyeshadows continues...
Jess xo

Another Haul ...

So I have been naughty again and bought more clothes and jewellery! Whoops.

But lets get started...

Yes I finally caved and bought the Topshop Joni jeans! And I absolutely lovvvve them and will be buying more colours in the future! So fitted and really flattering, they are almost the same shape and fit as disco pants but a jean instead. Then the top is just a casual one from H&M for only £9.99 I think, it's so sheer so I always wear a little vest underneath, I would just wear it with nothing underneath if I was going out in it at night or I had smaller boobs but I don't think I can get away with it in the day.

I think bought this little combination from ASOS, this is definitely my 'go to' outfit when I don't know what to wear, I always feel really good in it and it's quite dressy but without showing a crazy amount of flesh and is lovely on a really hot day, just whack a studded belt and maybe some ankle boots and you're good to go.
The skirt is strange, but in a good way, it's actually a skater skirt but it looks and fits like an A line skirt which I love! It's so flattering, skims all your lumps and bumps!
I think the skirt was £16 and the crop top was like £8 or something.

These are my favourite pieces of the moment! I'm not sure I would actually put them together but they look quite nice together in the photo. If you can't tell, I'm sooooo into neon orangey coral, I just think it's such an easy colour to dress up and down but it's also very girly, but then it can be made quite rocky and grungey as well!
Anyway, when I saw this top I just had to have it, it's so perfect! It's quite a thick material as well, and feels really good quality, so it's good for summer and winter! Score! It was £22 which I was happy to spend on it, I will get some much wear out of it. It's my favourite sort of thing to dress up boring jeans when you're self esteem is a bit low and you can't really be bothered to put effort into what you're wearing or you can really dress it up with a nice high waisted skirt and heels. Oh, it's from River island by the way, I'm really loving River island at the moment!
The skirt is from Topshop and I've wanted this for so so so long but couldn't ever find it. I was so lucky to get this in the end, it was clearly last stock and was at the back of a rail with only a few sizes left and they don't have it on the website anymore, so sorry if you guys can't buy it anymore!
It was £34 which is quite expensive for a skirt but I don't go into Topshop expecting to buy something cheap and I know I'll get my money's worth out of it. It's an A line shape and has two little splits in the front which is such a lovely touch, I would recommend getting a size bigger than you are just because there's no stretch whatsoever and I think it looks better a little baggier rather than tight. It has pockets as well which is perfect for me because I always have my hands in my pockets.
Soooooo in love!

I then got this t shirt dress from River island for £20 which I thought was a good price! I love T shirt dresses, I think they're so easy to style and look like you've put more effort in than you have, especially which should stacked necklaces. I am soooo in love with the print as well!

Sorry about the colouring, the neon scared my camera, haha. Yes, I know more neon coral, I have a problem. Both the necklace and the flowers are from H&M I just thought they'd be nice to add a bit of colour to a more simple outfit. The peace bracelet was £8 from River island, I've had my eye on it for a while and I just couldn't control myself anymore. You know you need something when you start dreaming about owning something. How embarrassing! Anyway I love pairing it with my watch, it adds a rocky edge to it. Finally the last bracelet it just a summery one from primark, just thought it was sweet and I love bracelets with colours in.

Well, how naughty of me! To be fair my Mum did treat me to a few things when she came to see me which I am very grateful for! So I didn't spend all this money.
Anyway hope you enjoy hauls, I love seeing what people buy!

Jess xo 

My experience with escentual.com

I just wanted to do a quick post on my experience with escentual.com, I first used it when Boots has sold out of the La Roche-Porsay products I wanted and I felt like I needed it straight away! Boots is great and often have deals like two products for £15 which is amazing when my favourite product is normally £13 and it's a great way to try their other products out.
Any how, Boots had no stock in the very popular effaclar duo so I googled it and escentual.com came up and I was pleasantly surprised!

 I ended up ordering three things from them, two tubes of the Effaclar duo and a tube of the Effaclar K which I hadn't tried before but it sounded like it would suit my skin well, I will do a review of that in the near future!
I was so shocked at how happy I was with the website, I'm not sure whether it's a really popular website for beauty products, I've never heard anyone speak about it before or anything.
When I ordered what I wanted there was 30% of all the La Roche Porsay products which I was sooooo chuffed about and it turned out to be cheaper than if I had bought it from Boots! It said that it would probably take about 5 working days to arrive, which we all know turns into a week because if you order it one a monday it more or less will arrive on the following monday due to the weekend getting in the way, but this was at my door within two days I think, I was so surprised and my Mac order came at the same time as well, so I was doubley happy! Everything was there and all protected in lots of bubblewrap and everything which is a pain to get into but an essential and they also sent me a small sample of perfume and a free nail file which I just thought was sooo lovely!
I will definitely be buying my La Roche Porsay products from there from now on unless Boots have a super deal on! Just wanted to know what a lovely experience I had with them and I recommended it to one of my friends who also loved it!

Jess xo

Pretty nail art for summer!

Nail art is such a fun and most of the time quick way to update your nails especially for summer.

I think that nail art is awesome! You change completely change your nails depending on your mood, holidays, or seasons and most of the time it's quite simple. I'm currently wearing the floral daisy blue one above, inspired by Lily Melrose's recent post I'll link here, her's is a lot better than mine though. If you're interested in nail art and want to make it as easy as possible, I bought some great dotting tools a few years ago now but they were only from eBay for a couple of quid and I would 100% recommend getting them because they just make everything soooo much easier. 
This post is just to inspire you to get creative this summer with nail art! If anyone has done any I would love to see it if you could send me a link! 

Jess xo

L'Oreal Superliner Black Lacquer - Review.

This is my number one eyeliner and believe me I've tried A LOT of eyeliners.

L'Oreal Superliner Black Lacquer - Approx £7 (depending where you buy it from.)

I know that a lot of people love this eyeliner and a lot of people really don't like it, but it's one of the only eyeliners I've tried that actually stays all day on me. It's really easy to apply, I love the nib, just makes applying eyeliner a quick and easy job instead of a chore!
I would even say it's waterproof, my eyes are forever watering and I mean constantly, which is really annoying but once this eyeliner is completely dry, my watery eyes don't affect it! Which for me, is amazing!
 You can easily do a super thin line, or a thicker line, I sometimes use it on my bottom lash line as well and then I smudge it out with some dark brown or black eye shadow to create a smokier look.

I really honestly can't get enough of this eye liner, it's a little bit more pricey than a lot of eye liners but still very affordable and I will definitely be re-purchasing. I have heard a rumor that's it's going to be discontinued and in that case I am going to massively stock but while I try to find an effective dupe! 
It's so easy to use so I would recommend it to most people, it does have a glossy finish which sometimes I like and sometimes I don't which in that case I just put black eye shadow over the top to block out the shineyness. 
The packaging is nice, very sleek and classic, easy to hold while applying and not slippery.
If you ever see me wearing eyeliner 90% of the time it's this one, absolutely love it!

Jess xo

Rimmel 60 seconds in Sun Downer

Every summer I hunt for the perfect orange nail varnish, I don't know what it is but there's something I just love about orange nails. 

This year I'm loving this Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish in Sun Downer.
Rimmel 60 seconds in Sun Downer - £3.69

It's a very true orange with a hint of pink. I've heard it's a pretty close dupe to Chanel's Holiday nail varnish which I haven't personally tried. 
The colour is very pigmented and you only need to apply two coats to get a nice strong colour and I love the brush, it's thick and just makes applying the colour so easy. 
However, the lasting power is rubbish to be honest, well it is on me anyway, it had chipped within a few hours of applying it which in my opinion is sooooo annoying and not really acceptable when there are brands some as Barry M whose nail paints are cheaper and last better but what can ya do.

I'm not sure whether I'll buy anymore of these polishes, Rimmel is never really a brand I go to for nail varnish the colours never really catch my eye or anything like that.

I do really love the brushes though!

Jess xo

17 trio eye shadows - review.

This is a perfect traveling eyeshadow trio, whenever I go traveling and I don't want to take loads of makeup I always grab this and don't need to bring any other eyeshadows besides a black to define my lower lash line.

17 trio eye shadows in metallic toffee - £5.49
I have probably all three of the colours in the pot from most expensive brands but I always find myself going back to this little guy! It's really pigmented and has to be one of the best lasting eye shadows I own! It's soo affordable and you get three! I have been using this constantly lately and it's so quick and easy, the three colours look great together and then I just use a black to define my lash line and I'm good to go! I still always use a primer underneath it just to ensure the lasting power!
I just can't get enough of these at the moment! I have them in other colours too and I am just as impressed with them as well, but this is my favourite one for everyday!
I shall definitely be buying more colours, I just love them! I would definitely recommend them to everyone! Especially eyeshadow noobs!
Jess xo 

Wishlist # 2 - Bright spring rock...

Riverisland top - £22
Topshop skirt - £40
Riverisland peace bracelet - £8
Riverisland love bracelet - £12
Riverisland earrings - £4
Miss selfridge boots - £69
Essie nail varnish in fifth avenue - £8
Sleek lipstick in mulberry - £4.99

Would definitely be wearing an outfit like this, this spring and summer! Great for festivals and traveling! Love cut out boots so much at the moment and definitely need to great myself some this season and they'd be perfect for the autumn with thick socks. I whacked a dark lipstick with this look to give a bit of an unusual edge and I think dark lips look amazing with a tan! Stack up the bracelets and you're good to go!

I have to make a small confession .. I already have this top and the skirt but I wanted to put them in an outfit. Not sure I would pair them together as the oranges are slightly different. I'm not sure what sort of skirt to pair the top with, if you have any ideas please let me know!

Jess xo

I did some shopping ...Jewellery edition.

This is the final part, but it definitely won't be the last, I'm actually going into town today to do some more, whooooooooops.

I'm sorry I', not sure what the prices were but all of it is from Primark apart from the two heart necklace which is from Topshop and was only £4 and the two long pairs of earrings which were in the Topshop sale for like £1.50!

I just love jewellery I think it can completely change an outfit, adding a big statement necklace to a plain tee just give an edge.
Would just like to say that I didn't buy this all at the same time! But I have gotten carried with buying jewellery .
Jess xo