L'oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tan Elixir - Review...

I am a tanaholic. There I've said it, no going back now! I just feel so much more confident with a tan so when there is a new tanning release I'm straight on it! I tan probably every other shower, so the fact that is said it lasts two weeks really grabbed my attention. It's basically an oily lotion that you apply with a mitt, three days consecutively and then it should last two weeks, perfect for a pre-holiday glow so you don't look like Caspar the family ghost when you get your kit off! 
There is only one shade available so no worrying about a certain shade being too dark or light which I think is super handy! I haven't tried it on my face, just due to the fact that it's bound to break me out! 
I actually love this, the tan looks really natural and deep, after only two applications it's great and a third is even darker and probably too dark for some people, but then only two applications are needed. In terms of it lasting two weeks, it definitely lasts one but I don't think it lasts two, it definitely needs topping up after one and can look a little patchy but doing things like exfoliating before applying and moisturizing after each shower, etc. It is rather glittery when you apply it, but nothing super noticable, makes your legs look lovely with a little shimmer.  
The only bad point I can think of with this product is that you need quite a few pumps for each body part, so it goes down really quickly, I've only been using it for threeish weeks and I've already used at least half especially with the price tag. I will be repurchasing it though, I'm really pleased with this new release and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sun kissed glow!

Jess xo

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