Clothing haul and lookbook #2 ...

Converse Trainers
Topshop Checked Blazer

Been shopping for my holiday in September and I've been packing up a few little bargains a long the way. 
I fell in love with this dress forever ago and finally it was in the Asos sale. It's so beautiful. It's really heavy and good quality, it falls really nicely and is super duper flattering. I've really been loving cami dresses recently for this hot weather and dressing them down with jackets or shirts and converse. 

Topshop Cami - £18
Topshop Shorts - £35
Topshop Chain - £5 (sale)
Primark Heels - £12

I've been really good and healthy recently, which has obviously naturally resulted in weight loss. I finally feel now that I can wear short comfortably and them not highlight my problem areas so I've gone a little cray. 
I picked up these from Topshop and I just fell in love with the lace hem. It gives them a little more length without looking mumsy. I think lace gives a really sexy edge to any hem and I love that whole underwear as outerwear influence. I paired these shorts with a colour clashing cami top which I feel fits perfectly with the shorts. I threw on a thick black chain, to add a little more of a grungey look. The finally I purchased these heels from Primark, which are the most comfy heels ever and so easy to walk in! I've dedicated a whole post to them so I won't go on and on. You need them.   

Topshop Boots - Last Season

For some reason I was really drawn to this dress. I'm not sure why, it's not normally my usual style but I had this image of it looking amazing on holiday with a sexy tan. To add fuel to the fire, it was also named the 'Jess Dress' so I just had to. The print is really cool, and almost a little vintage inspired. The lace hem once again, grabs my attention, adds a little length and sexiness. 
I simply paired it with some chunky boots to make it a little less girly, I'm looking forward to throwing on a leather jacket and thick black tights for the Autumn and Winter. 

Jess xo

Re-loving Topshop Dark Knight ...

Topshop Dark Knight - £5

There comes a time in (almost) every girls life where they feel like they own every nail polish colour ever created. Okay, okay, it might just be me, but I've been feeling so uninspired. Which normally just means I need to go round my local Boots and grab a few new colours, but for weeks and weeks now I haven't seen anything in the shops that's really grabbed my eye. In times like this, it's time to sort through and and chuck anything that gone funny or you never use. While doing this I found my beloved Dark Knight. Probably the most beautiful glitter polish I've ever laid my eyes on. I've already reviewed it here so I won't go on about it too much but I just thought I'd re-share it with you all. If you ever get the opportunity to get this or something similar grab it, it's so stunning on. I get so so many compliments when I wear this and I've been wearing it to death recently. 
Wear Barry M's Blue Grape underneath to create a more opaque look and apply a glossy top coat for a gel looking finish. 

Jess xo

Mac Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage - Review...

I normally stick to mattifying primers because of my oily skin but after really enjoying the Clinique SuperPrimer and receiving a free sample of this Mac primer and really liking it, I thought I'd splash out. 
It applies really nicely to the skin and creates such a smooth base for foundation, it's really soft and silky. I feel like it definitely help control excess oils and makes foundation last longer. It works really well with my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and they're my favourite combination at the moment, especially in this heat. Althought this is a silicone based primer I don't feel as though it is at all slippery and my foundation does not slide off of it throughout the day. The bottle comes with a handy pump which pumps out the perfect amount of product for your whole face. I like to apply this with my fingers with rubbing and patting motions, then I leave it for about ten minutes while I do other things so that it has time to really sink in and grip on. 
The bottle is also really pretty and glittery which really cute and I think you get a fair of product for the price. Especially because the drugstore haven't got many decent primers available at the moment (that I've tried anyway). I think it will also last quite a long time because you only need one pump for the whole of your face. 
If you're in the market for a new primer I would recommend checking this one out, I personally have been really enjoying using it and have noticed a different in my foundation. 

Jess xo

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner - Review...

It seems that everyone has got an opinion on the new Benefit liner, there are so many reviews about it, all with different thoughts on it. This is supposed to be a dupe for this new type of liner, so I thought I'd try this one out first before splashing out on Benefit's version. 
Over all, I quite like this liner, it's really long lasting and the formula is great, I really like the applicator and love how it makes my eye liner shape and flick look, but it's such a faff. It's a gel liner in a pen form which you wind up with a dial at the bottom of the pen. It looks really great when you get it right but It can go wrong so easily. The whole twisting up the product thing, is annoying because one minute loads comes out and it's unusable and the next minute nothing comes out, I'm forever having to test it out on the back of my hand or wrist to make sure it's drawing a line. Which is really annoying because it's so difficult to get off and then you have black lines all over your hands for the rest of the day. The formula is really great and does last all day and is a buggar actually get off at the end of the day, but with all gel formulas (which is why I don't use them) it imprints onto my eye lid after about an hour of applying. Although it doesn't imprint as bad as normal gel formulas do. I'm definitely going to continue using this and see if there's anyway I can prevent the imprinting. I would definitely recommend trying this one out before you splash out on Benefit's version to see if you like the formula and applicator, which is probably exactly what Maybelline have been hoping for! 

Jess xo

Brow Drama Solved...

Until this year I wasn't really too bothered about my brows. I'm naturally super blonde so that means my brows are and I'm not particularly hairy at all. Sounds a like a decent trate but that means crappy brows. I rarely have to pluck them because they just don't grow but I do have to dye them and colour them in otherwise I look I have none, like one of those weird photos of celebrities with no brows. Strange. 
Anyway, I was using the HD brows kit for years but eventually I got bored of it and fancied something quicker. I was really interested in the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor but I couldn't justify the price, but then Sleek brought out one that was almost identical. 
The Sleek Brow Stylist has a brush on one end and the wax crayon on the other. This makes it so so handy for travelling and reduces the amount of brushes you need to take with you. The wax crayon is angled which makes it so easy to get a great brow arch. The formula of the wax crayon is really long lasting and really clings to the brow hairs, making it last all day. Although they only have three shades, which are quite warm which doesn't cater for everyone's brows.
Along with this the Maybelline Brow Drama is a great setting gel for your brows. It's coloured but without being crispy or messy. If you're in a massive rush and literally just want something to run through your brows for a little colour, definition and hold this is your product. It's a cheap and cheerful brow gel with a really handy brow size brush. 

Jess xo

Small Beauty Haul - Mac, Clinique, etc...

Mac Lipsticks in 'Diva' and 'Patisserie' - £15.50

 Every so often I get a weird needy obsession with Mac, and I don't just mean a slight wanting, I mean a true addiction like I'm having withdrawal symptoms and I need a Mac hit. I start watching like a thousand Mac collection videos and best Mac lispticks and must haves and all that crap. Then I get a little list in my head and go on a spree. I love the whole process of going to the Mac store and picking out things you want and if you're paired with a nice member of staff the experience is really really enjoyable. Anyway, a couple of months ago my boyfriend claimed a free Mac sample of the Prep and Prime Skin Visage Lotion and I fell in love. I was running out of my loved Clinique Super Primer and thought I get a full size of the Mac one instead to try out and use on my graduation day. Ever since I saw Tanya Burr's video called Nicole x Missguided Make up tutorial I was desperate to get a pressed pigment, to create an almost wet eye shadow look. The one she used was 'Deeply Dashing' but I couldn't find that one so I picked up the one in 'Day Gleam' which still creates the same effect. I think these pressed pigments are really pretty and unique. Instead of being gold glitter, they have silver glitter running through them which isn't something that brands usually do for some reason. I'm not sure if all the shades are injected with silver glitter but I know 'Deeply Dashing' and 'Day Gleam' definitely do which is what creates that glossy wet look. 
I then picked up two lipsticks, 'Patisserie' is just a repurchase and my all time favourite nude on me. Then I fancied trying something new and after doing much research I decided 'Diva' was the right one for me. It's not like any of the vampy dark lipsticks I've already got. It's a really deep warm red rather than a purple or a plum. It's a stunning colour and I've seen it look amazing on so many different people. If you're wanting a vampy colour but you're not sure which colour would suit you I'd recommend this. 

Then I decided to treat myself to a few essentials for my graduation. I repurchased the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara because it's just perfection, couldn't live without it. Then I decided I wanted to go for some lashes with a little more wow factor or I picked up the Eylure 116 lashes which I used to use all the time but then decided they were a little intense for everyday make up but perfect for graduation. I apply a couple of layers of mascara to them and they look really voluminous but still quite realistic. I then finally decided I joined the whole new eye liner craze. I wanted to try the new Benefit one that everyone's talking about at the moment but I couldn't justify spending that much money on an eye liner that I might hate. However, I then hear a lot of people talking about this one, saying it's a perfect dupe for it. So I thought I'd try this one out instead and if I loved it then I could always get the Benefit one later. 
I was then given another primer to try from Mac but I'm not sure how this differs from the one I bought so we shall see!

Keep an eye out for up and coming reviews on all of these products. I'd love to know your veiws on any of these products if you've tried them so send me links to any of your reviews or comment with your thoughts!

Jess xo

A Few Faves ...

As I've mentioned before, I'm a (soon to be not) student, therefore money is tight. I would love to try out new and different products each month but my bank balance just cannot stretch that far. Due to this I don't do monthly favourites, but every so often I like to share what I've really been loving with 'A Few Faves' and 'Five Faves' post.

Eylure 020 False Lashes £5.99 - My ultimate favourite daytime lashes, they give you a little more length and volume but without looking really fake. I like to apply these and then apply a couple of layers of mascara because it makes the false lashes blend in with your natural ones and it also makes the fake ones look for realistic.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow in 54 and L'oreal Color Riche Mono Eye Shadow in 205 - Probably the best daytime eye shadow combination. The Bourjois 54 shade, is a really warm pretty brown, which I think is really complimentary on all eye colours. With that all over the lid and then the L'oreal 205 shade pressed over the top just really finishes it off. It's super shimmery and pretty, the eye shadow is really buttery and soft to apply, so a little really goes a long way. A really perfect inner eye highlight but with a little more wow factor than a more neutral one.

Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Powder £9 - I've tried my fair share of setting powders in my time. I have oily skin so it's must for me if I want my foundation to last even five minutes. It's really light weight and because it's a yellow tone it helps even out any red tones and areas that you have on your face. I think sometimes pink toned powders can highlight the red a little. It's also really great for touch ups throughout the day and doesn't end up cakey or look layered.

Sleek Brow Stylist and Maybelline Brow Drama  - Currently my favourite brow combo, literally fail safe. The tip of the Sleek Brow Stylist is angled so it's brilliant for creating the perfect arch and it makes filling in your eye brows really easy and effortless. Now pair that with a non crispy coloured brow setting gel and say hello to perfect brows.

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation £8.99 - I'm a massive fan of Maybelline's foundations. I think they're really under rated and deserve more attention. I think they have a great shade range and they're medium to full coverage but without being heavy whatsoever. I haven't given this one enough time to test it out probably yet so I'm not specifically saying this one is one of my favourites yet but keep an eye out for that. I've recently had a pretty bad break out and I'm really hoping it's not this, but I'll definitely report back.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £13 - I cannot live without this anymore, (well I can but I don't want to!) I've recently just repurchased this and regained my love for it. It's the only mascara that I've liked on my bottom lashes and it makes me see and do my eye make up differently. It's smudge proof and super long lasting but it isn't painfully waterproof but definitely sweat and heat proof.

I would love to know your thoughts on these products if you've tried them so let me know!

Jess xo

Clothing Haul and Looks...

I felt like injecting a little more fashion into my blog and because I buy quite a lot of clothes, I thought it was about time I started sharing it with you all. I really like posts like this, I love to see how different people style different pieces up. I haven't bought all of these items at once, this is over quite a few months. Also, I will link anything that I can find and try and find the prices. This is my personal style and I know it won't be to everyone's taste but I hope you enjoy. 

Topshop Boots - Old
Necklace - Old

I saw this and fell in love instantly. I've really been into leaves and Hawaiian print recently for some reason. I love rocking it up with some chunky black boots from Topshop and a leather jacket on those chilly nights. It also looks great with tights and dolly shoes. The back is actually really pretty too, it's quite low and strappy which I think would be perfect to throw over a bikini too. I'm actually going on holiday soon and will definitely be taking this with me!  

Chunky Boots from Depop - £10
Burgundy Skull Scarf from Ebay - £3

I actually saw this dress on one of my friends and the print looked amazing. I thought it was quite unusual and really eye catching. I paired this dress with a burgundy skull scarf because I thought the burgundy and the chain print looked really nice together. I then threw some chunky black boots on which are new too. I really fancied some which were a bit like the Jeffrey Campbell Forks Boots but a lot cheaper. I like a heeled boot for everyday, they're comfy and give me a little extra height which I need. They have a zip up the side so never need to undo the laces which is a massive bonus. However, they are slighty too heavy for the weather at the moment so I've just been saving from for rainy days. I think this dress would actually look really cute with some strappy simple heels too for a more feminine take.  

I always like to pair up grungey pieces with something much more feminine as a really interesting contrast. If you're a little worried about mixing textures then go for pieces that are the same colour. It makes it more much subtle but gives a little more dimension to an all black outfit. This bralet is from Topshop, I love the way the lace just peaks out from under the fishnet details on the swing dress. The swing dress is quite short so I always wear something underneath it like a little skirt just so I'm not flashing my bum to the world.  

Topshop Necklace. 

Next up is my graduation outfit! I wanted something classy and flattering, something that I feel really comfortable in and not that I have to keep adjusting and rearranging. I picked up this Asos wrap dress which I thought was perfect, I've already worn it once to try it out and I felt really good in it. I've paired it with some leopard print heels to give the dress a little bit of edge and interest. I plan on getting a leopard print clutch bag too to tie it all together. 

River Island T Shirt Dress - £20 (old)
Camo Jacket from Depop - £10
Gold Chain from Boohoo - £5
Topshop Studded Flats - £22 (old)

I really fancied a camo jacket for some reason, I really like the way they look and think they can be quite edgy. I've really been loving wearing t shirt dresses and plain cami dresses in this heat and I think a camo jacket is the perfect thing to just throw on over the top. This one is a thick shirt, so it's great for this weather, it's still quite breezy but can be easily layered with warmer pieces if need be. I don't think it's the most flattering fit but with bare legs I just love the way it looks. I threw some studded Topshop flats that I think everyone and their mum has owed at some point, and this is my second pair. I just love them so much and I've worn them to death. They fit in perfectly with this look I think. Finally a gold chain is a must have with this outfit but feel free to ditch this is you feel like it's too much. 

Dorothy Perkins Cami Top - £14
Topshop Lace Shorts - £22 (old)
Pearl Necklace Passed Down From My Mum. 

Finally, I could not resist when I saw this cami in Dorothy Perkins. I initially saw it on a sales assistant just with black jeans and the Topshop boots that are featured in the first look and I fell in love. However, I left the shop without it and just could not stop thinking about it. I ended it ordering it on a 20% off deal so it was only like £12 or something like that so it was perfect. You probably can't tell from the photo but the hem and the neck line are lined with lace which I think makes it slightly sexier. I paired it with these lace shorts that I got last year from Topshop. I think matching the laces together almost create a co-ord but without matching the prints. I think it's a great way to co-ordinate without looking too over the top. Throw on a leather jacket to rock it up or a cardigan for a girlier look. I threw on a pearl necklace too because I love the way it looks with the lace.

Jess xo 

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow - Review...

I never thought I'd try these out again to be honest. I remember my mum having one of these when I was younger and she probably still does have it. I remember them being ridiculously glittery with not much colour pay off and just chunky glitter pieces. However, I saw this in  my local Boots and I fell in love with the shade. I actually swatched it, left and then had to go back later because I couldn't stop staring at the left over swatch on my hand. It's not glittery like some of the other shades in this collection but it's just really pretty, it's a really bronzey gold. Perfect all year round, especially for a bronzed summer eye, which is my favourite look at the moment. It's not massively pigmented, like it takes a couple of applications to get a good colour pay off, but then that also means that you don't end up with any fall down because the eye shadow isn't crumbly at all. I really like the packaging, I think the little pot is really cute and it comes with a little sponge applicator inside which I think is really cute, not that I ever use them. I think it's quite an expensive product for one eye shadow, but you do actually get a lot in the pot and personally I think I'll probably never use the whole thing, so I'll never need to repurchase but we shall see. 
There's nothing better than something that you thinking is going to be crap, being the opposite. I'm actually really tempted to try ou more of the glittery ones in this collection now, I just wish they had some more shades in this range, but I shall let you know. 

Jess xo