Brow Drama Solved...

Until this year I wasn't really too bothered about my brows. I'm naturally super blonde so that means my brows are and I'm not particularly hairy at all. Sounds a like a decent trate but that means crappy brows. I rarely have to pluck them because they just don't grow but I do have to dye them and colour them in otherwise I look I have none, like one of those weird photos of celebrities with no brows. Strange. 
Anyway, I was using the HD brows kit for years but eventually I got bored of it and fancied something quicker. I was really interested in the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor but I couldn't justify the price, but then Sleek brought out one that was almost identical. 
The Sleek Brow Stylist has a brush on one end and the wax crayon on the other. This makes it so so handy for travelling and reduces the amount of brushes you need to take with you. The wax crayon is angled which makes it so easy to get a great brow arch. The formula of the wax crayon is really long lasting and really clings to the brow hairs, making it last all day. Although they only have three shades, which are quite warm which doesn't cater for everyone's brows.
Along with this the Maybelline Brow Drama is a great setting gel for your brows. It's coloured but without being crispy or messy. If you're in a massive rush and literally just want something to run through your brows for a little colour, definition and hold this is your product. It's a cheap and cheerful brow gel with a really handy brow size brush. 

Jess xo

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