Few Topshop Newbies...

Topshop palette in Orion - £14
Topshop lipstick in Innocent - £8

I'm never sure how I feel about Topshop make up, I've heard such raves reviews about it but I've never really been impressed with it myself, and I think it's over priced as with most Topshop stuff (which clearly doesn't stop me from over spending in there!). However, I was in there the other day, wondering around aimlessly as I often do and I just really fancied trying a few pieces out, so I picked up a palette and a lipstick. 
I've tried their lipstick in 'beguiled' before and was never really that impressed with it, it wasn't overly long lasting and didn't apply that well and although the packaging is really cute, it would just ware off really quickly and end up looking crap! In spite of all this however, I thought I'd pick up 'innocent' which is a really casual nude pink, that's super easy to wear daily. After trying this shade, I think the formula is really comparable to Mac creme sheen lipsticks and particularly the shade 'creme cup' which I also have, maybe 'innocent' is slightly more pink but there's not really any noticeable different. Overall, I will be trying more of their lipsticks out now, although I think the packaging is crap due to the paint wearing away I will definitely be picking these over Mac lipsticks at the moment, unless there's a specific colour I fancy! 
The palette I really like too, the shadows are buttery and pigmented, and I chose this palette because I thought the colours were rather unique and like nothing I have in my collection. I love the packaging and the mirror is huge which is great for traveling and with a primer they last really well. 
The only down point I can pick out with these besides the lipstick packaging is the price, I do think they are over priced which is why I won't be purchasing much more from them, I think there are much better cheaper products out there!

Jess xo

Traveling Skincare Routine ...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.99 
Simple Light Moisturiser - £3.99

I have been all over the place lately, traveling between my several different homes, as students do! I often felt as though my daily skincare routine was quite bulky and often too much to carry around with me when I have been spending weekends away, so I reduced down to only two items that work really well for me. 
Instead of cleansing and toning as normal, I have been using this Micellar Water by Garnier which is designed to do both in one step. I've really been enjoying using this, it's cheap, cheerful and gets the job done, what more could you ask for? I don't find it overly stripping and has a slight scent but nothing offensive. It personally doesn't sting my eyes, unless I actually get it in one! But I have heard people complain about it stinging before. It does remove waterproof make up but not as easily as an oil based make up remover and there is a lot of tugging involved, but I've been avoiding waterproof mascara lately and it removes everything else fine! 
Finally for a moisturiser I've been using this Simple Light Moisturiser, which is really kind to skin, without any scent or any harmful ingredients. I think this is a perfect moisturiser for fellow oily skinned gals! It doesn't feel heavy whatsoever or suffocating on my skin, it hydrates my skin enough without creating any excess oils. I will continue to use both of these products as my traveling skincare routine, they're easy to throw in your bag or suitcase and get the job done. I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to trying skincare and both these products keep it happy and healthy! 

Jess xo

Photo diary - I'm back!

I would just like to start by saying sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been really taking advantage of having finished uni and traveling between both Nottingham and my hometown. Anyway, I thought I'd share my instagram pics of recently, because I personally love being nosey through everyone's instagrams! I've treated myself to a couple of new things recently and I'm going to share them with you all soon, in reviews and such. 
From now on I should be back to my old self with posting daily and reviewing products and other posts just need to take loads of photos of things and get back on it! 

Jess xo

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shadow Shaper - Review

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shadow Shaper - £10

I am lucky to be blessed with super blonde hair, naturally my hair is really blonde and therefore so is my body hair *too much info*, so my eyebrows don't really grow much, they only need tidying up every so often just at the arch of my brow, the rest is really tame and I don't need to touch it. However, because I rarely need to pluck my eyebrows, it means I'm really lazy and can never be bothered so I thought I'd try out wax instead to quickly tidy them up! I borrowed my flatmates Nad's facial wand to begin with and really liked it so then bought it for myself! At first I didn't really understand why it wasn't working but I quickly realised that you do need to apply a thick layer of the wax, otherwise it dries too quickly to stick to the fabric strip properly. But you apply a really thick layer then quickly apply the fabric and just rip off in the direction of the hair and there you go, nicely waxed eyebrows. I would recommend this, but I'm not sure how good it would be for people who really need their brows shaping because the wax is quite hard to smudge and move into the shape you want. I don't think it will be great with someone with thick brows that need a lot of work. Although, it might be quite good for inbetween professional appointments just to tidy them up a bit. Yes, of course it hurts but I think it's a lot less painful than tweezering over and over again! You can also wash the strips and reuse them which is perrrrf. 

Jess xo

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks - Review

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks - £6.49

I know I'm super late on the band wagon for these lipsticks but I thought I'd share my thoughts on this anyway! As many of my fellow bloggers have said before these are great! Amazing formula, super creamy and pigmented. I find that if I apply a lip liner under these, they will stay on the lips all day, even though the moisture slowly disappears throughout the day, the strength of the colour is still really great and pigmented, without looking patchy whatsoever! I wouldn't say these are super smudgey, I thought they would be but they are actually very low maintenance considering how creamy they are. They lasted on me through eating and drinking and still looked perfect, although I would definitely recommend a lip liner the same colour underneath because it gives the lipstick something to really cling to. They have brought out some really amazing shades in this range and I think there will be a colour for everyone in the range, they are so lovely. 

 Here are a few photos of the old packaging, I definitely do prefer the new packaging, feels much more expensive and less tacky! 
I'm definitely going to get a few more of these, so I'd love to here you recommendations!

Playing With Spring Staples...

I think in between seasons is the perfect time to get creative with your style. Spring is the perfect time for layering to keep warm but then removing tights for that whole festivally look, which I love. As I'm trying to include more fashion in my blog I thought I'd share the ways I've been switching up my style a bit for Spring and Summer. 
1. Great pair of ankle boots - I love wearing boots all year round, I am a complete boot black addict! I really love pairing black ankle boots with a pretty Summer dress to toughen it up a little and then throwing on a leather jacket as well. It's still rather cold in the UK so also throw on some black tights or over knee thick socks. 

2. Getting creative with jewellery - I love jewellery because sizes do not matter, if you're having a fat day then jewellery still looks great along with shoes! I've been taking a step back from the statement chunky necklaces and getting into layering simpler smaller necklaces for a more effortless look. I've been doing this with long and short necklaces to create a little more dimension, I like it because it's not massively noticeable, so you have to second glance to see them. However, I am definitely still loving statement necklaces.

3.Playing with prints - Spring and Summer is the perfect time to start getting creative with prints  I love clashing prints with a crazy bright/dark lipstick to either toughen up a girly print or brighten up a monochrome print. I really love clashing prints with other prints too, it really adds dimension to an outfit and can be really interesting. I still play it quite play with clashing a monochrome print with a coloured one, I'm not brave enough to try two bright prints yet!

4. Heels - I think more people need to wear heels! I wear heels whatever chance I get, I'm really short so I need the height. If I know I'm driving somewhere and I'm not going to be walking any crazy lengths, I'll always whack on a pair of heels. Instant sexiness. 

5. Layering - Changing seasons is the perfect time to layer, thin knit jumpers and t shirts are great for layering over cami dresses that are a bit too skimpy to be wearing alone at the moment. The whack on some over knee socks or tights and it instantly looks chic. I think layering is the perfect way to look effortless without trying too hard. Also if you're a bit self conscious about your middle area layer over a dress hides that part but then shows off the slimness of your legs which is a trick I always use. Then if you need to go out at night and don't have time to change your outfit just swap your flats for heels and swap your thin knit for a leather jacket or a checked shirt. 

6. Get a kimono - Kimonos are great for spring and summer, really effortless and chic. They are everywhere at the moment and there are some amazing prints out there at the moment. They're perfect just to throw on if you don't like your arms or if it's a little chilly but too warm for a jacket. Absolutely perfect for any holidays as well, over bikinis or dresses. I have a completely lace one from New Look via Asos and it's so sexy, I can't wait to wear it with a simply strappy black dress underneath. 

Jess xo

They see me haulin' ...

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent - £8
Topshop eye shadow palette in Orion - £12
Eyeko eye liner - £ 15

Again I have picked up a few bits because I have an addiction! I am still on the hunt for the perfect long lasting eye liner and that is super black and perfect, so I thought I'd go outside of the UK 'drugstores' and try Eyeko because I've read great reviews on this eye liner so I thought I'd give it ago. It's the first item I've ever bought from Eyeko and the post was decent only took 4ish days and they through in a freebie of an Hydrogel eye patch which I'm looking forward to trying. 
I then went to Topshop and just had a craving to pick up some of their make up for some reason. I've tried their lipsticks before and I just didn't really like them but I don't know whether it was the colour or what but I just thought it was a bit crap but this one in 'Innocent' seems really creamy and nice. 
Finally I couldn't help myself and had to pick up them eye shadow palette, everytime I go in Topshop I look at this and swatch it but never get it where as I decided to randomly! It doesn't look that attractive right now, but the colours are really pretty and buttery, they look better when they're a bit worn down.
I will be reviewing all of these products soon so look out for that! 

Jess xo

L'oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense - Review...

L'oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense - £6.99

**Warning disappointing product alert **
I have been on the hunt for the perfect liquid liner for ageeessssss and I thought I'd try this one out on a 3 for 2. It was a very impulse buy and I was just desperate for a perfect liner with great lasting power. 
This liner has a super fine tip which is really great for getting close to the lash liner for a subtle definition, but once on the lid it doesn't look black or distinguished in any way. I don't think the colour and formula work well over eye shadow at all so it just doesn't really work. Within an hour or two of applying it just doesn't look great, the lasting power of this eye liner is a bit crap even with a primer! It imprints onto the lid and under if you use it on your bottom lash line too, I'm just really disappointed with this in general. The slightest bit of moisture that is on your lid just smudges it and it ends up all over your face. The nib is so thin and long that it's quite annoying to apply if you want a thicker line or a wing. I would tell everyone just to stay away from this, I just think it's crap all over really to be honest. I was expecting more from this L'oreal, try again! Also it's rather expensive for an eye liner I think, there's a better Collection pen liner and for cheaper! 
I'm tempted just to throw this anyway.
  Definitely not repurchasing or trying anymore! 

Jess xo

Another haul ...

Yet again I've been shopping, whooooops.. Anyway I've been really getting into hair and trying not to use as much heat, so I bought the Bed Head TIGI On The Rebound Curl Enhancing cream and Bed Head TIGI Totally Baked Meringue to enhance my naturally beach waves! I been totally in love with Claire Marshall's hair recently and I know she uses those products. I also thought it was about time I tried the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray, everyone raves about this, comparing it the high end version (which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of!) which is super duper expensive and I could never justify spending that much money on one product! I was really craving trying a beauty blender type make up sponge for some reason, so I decided to pick up the real techniques version of it and I also got the expert face brush too because I fancied an alternative from my buffing brush, especially because I feel a bit lost when I have to wash it and don't have anything equally as good! 
I went a little crazy on the nail varnish front as well, I really fancied some gold glitter because I don't have any, so I picked up two! Then just a decent black because mine other one was getting a bit shit. Then just a repurchase of the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, cannot live without it! 
Finally I picked up the L'oreal super slim liner, I'm on the hunt for a better liner, the ones I own just don't seem to last very well at the moment and I don't know why, so I thought I'd try this because it was on a three for two! 
I'd love to know what you think to any of these products, reviews will be coming soon, along with a hair care  and skin care routine and other fun stuff! 
Speak soon!

Jess xo

Simple easy grungey nail look...

 Maybelline color show in Blackout. 
L'oreal glitter top coat in Gold Leaf.
Barry M nail paint in Treasure Chest.
Seche Vite quick drying top coat. 

I've had so many compliments on these nails, from my friends and strangers, I've never had so much attention on my nail look before and it's the easiest most simple nail art! 
Just start with a black base coat, only one coat is enough if it's opaque enough. Once dried apply a glitter top coat up until half of your nail, starting from the cuticle. Keep applying that until you can the thickness of the gold glitter that you desire, try and flick the brush over the end of your nail a little bit to create a ombre effect. I used two different colours of gold glitter to apply more dimension. Finally, once relatively dry, apply your favourite top coat, I applied two coats of this just to hold all the glitter in place and to make it feel smoother. I would definitely recommend using these two glitter top coats, they're great and the clear polish to glitter ratio is good! Nothing worse than having no glitter and tons of clear polish! 

Sorry I've been away for a while, I've now completed my dissertation, which is insane! Now I only have three more not-so-intense deadlines left and I'll have finished my degree. I'm trying to get back into a routine of blogging everyday again now my schedule isn't so crazy! I'm going to try and head into making videos maybe?! I also want to incorporate more fashion into my blog too, I've really been getting into styling and grungey fashion lately! 

Speak soon! 

  Jess xo