Traveling Skincare Routine ...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.99 
Simple Light Moisturiser - £3.99

I have been all over the place lately, traveling between my several different homes, as students do! I often felt as though my daily skincare routine was quite bulky and often too much to carry around with me when I have been spending weekends away, so I reduced down to only two items that work really well for me. 
Instead of cleansing and toning as normal, I have been using this Micellar Water by Garnier which is designed to do both in one step. I've really been enjoying using this, it's cheap, cheerful and gets the job done, what more could you ask for? I don't find it overly stripping and has a slight scent but nothing offensive. It personally doesn't sting my eyes, unless I actually get it in one! But I have heard people complain about it stinging before. It does remove waterproof make up but not as easily as an oil based make up remover and there is a lot of tugging involved, but I've been avoiding waterproof mascara lately and it removes everything else fine! 
Finally for a moisturiser I've been using this Simple Light Moisturiser, which is really kind to skin, without any scent or any harmful ingredients. I think this is a perfect moisturiser for fellow oily skinned gals! It doesn't feel heavy whatsoever or suffocating on my skin, it hydrates my skin enough without creating any excess oils. I will continue to use both of these products as my traveling skincare routine, they're easy to throw in your bag or suitcase and get the job done. I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to trying skincare and both these products keep it happy and healthy! 

Jess xo


  1. ooh i love the simple moisturiser! i haven't tried the garnier micellar water but ive tried the loreal one and i wasn't too impressed. I've heard the garnier one is a dupe for bioderma though! X

    Olivia / Olivia Roses

    1. It's really good :) I haven't tried the bioderma though because it's difficult to get hold of!
      Jess xo