Few Topshop Newbies...

Topshop palette in Orion - £14
Topshop lipstick in Innocent - £8

I'm never sure how I feel about Topshop make up, I've heard such raves reviews about it but I've never really been impressed with it myself, and I think it's over priced as with most Topshop stuff (which clearly doesn't stop me from over spending in there!). However, I was in there the other day, wondering around aimlessly as I often do and I just really fancied trying a few pieces out, so I picked up a palette and a lipstick. 
I've tried their lipstick in 'beguiled' before and was never really that impressed with it, it wasn't overly long lasting and didn't apply that well and although the packaging is really cute, it would just ware off really quickly and end up looking crap! In spite of all this however, I thought I'd pick up 'innocent' which is a really casual nude pink, that's super easy to wear daily. After trying this shade, I think the formula is really comparable to Mac creme sheen lipsticks and particularly the shade 'creme cup' which I also have, maybe 'innocent' is slightly more pink but there's not really any noticeable different. Overall, I will be trying more of their lipsticks out now, although I think the packaging is crap due to the paint wearing away I will definitely be picking these over Mac lipsticks at the moment, unless there's a specific colour I fancy! 
The palette I really like too, the shadows are buttery and pigmented, and I chose this palette because I thought the colours were rather unique and like nothing I have in my collection. I love the packaging and the mirror is huge which is great for traveling and with a primer they last really well. 
The only down point I can pick out with these besides the lipstick packaging is the price, I do think they are over priced which is why I won't be purchasing much more from them, I think there are much better cheaper products out there!

Jess xo


  1. I really like their lipsticks but yeah, otherwise I'm like "Ehhhh, it's okay." I love Beguiled (colour-wise - I am all about the dark lips damn), but it is a faaaaff of a colour. I hardly wear it unless I'm not having anything touch my lips because the second I try and eat or drink with it, it smudges and stains my skin and blahhhhh.

    However, Innocent's been on my list, actually! But I have enough pinks, I have to keep telling myself that. ;P

    1. Yeahhh I completely agree! I love a dark lip, even in summer, but I've got way better ones than beguiled! Hahaa, maybe I should think that myself but I'm just addicted to lipsticks haha!
      Jess xo