Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick - Review...

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks in Bad Bronze and Blackmail - £4.49

I've heard a few really good reviews about this product but, I'm not massively impressed by them to be honest. I bought these of a boots three for two whim a few weeks/months ago and thought they'd be perfect for a fast shadow application. 
Anyway, I'm in two minds about this product, so basically it's a shadow stick which you can directly apply to the lid, blend out and you're done, which Rimmel claim to be long lasting and waterproof. The application is great and they are super pigmented, but the problem is that they aren't easily blendable. They set after a few seconds so you have to work quickly with it, applying eye by eye which is fine, but when using a blending brush it just seems to remove the colour instead of blending it. They just seem to be unblendable, I've tried a multiple of different blending techniques and they just don't seem to blend smoothly at all. Aside from that issue, they are quite good products, I think the overall jist and concept of the product is great and once they are locked in place they do last a really long time even without a primer. However, they cannot be used as a base colour underneath, they end up creasing within minutes and ruin the rest of your eye make up. 
I find the black one great for a smudgy eye liner look, due to it locking in place means no transfer especially if you have hooded eyes like me. I am thinking about getting these in a lighter colour, maybe a gold, to see whether the lighter colour is better due to needing less blending! 

Sorry for the confusing rambley post, I'm not sure how I really feel about these shadow sticks, they're not terrible but the blending situation makes them almost unusable for me. 

Jess xo

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