Nars Eye Shadow in Mekong - Review...

Yay, I have finally dipped my toes in the world of Nars eye shadows! I have been so obsessed with my Mac palette that I never really thought about trying Nars until I spotted this shade which is right up my street! My fella actually bought me this for our 2 year Anniversary (Best boyfriend award goes to...), and I know he did buy it through Asos so he could get student discount on it! 
Anyway, it's a really deep dark plumy brown with gold shimmer running through it, I have nothing else like this. It's a really buttery powder eye shadow, and a little bit really goes a long way and I would definitely recommend a primer because without one it really doesn't last on me at all, but with Urban Decay's Primer Potion it lasts all day then, I think it just needs something to cling to. Some of the gold shimmer is a little lost in application but it's still really beautiful. The only bad point I can think of is that if you're not gentle with it, it can leave a lot of fall down which can ruin your face make up, so I've just been leaving my concealer til afterwards  just in case. 
The pigmentation and lasting power is amazing and I will be definitely checking out some more of their shades, also it's probably going to last me forever because of the amount you use each time! 

Jess xo

What's on my face #1

Products: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, Collection concealer, Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud, 17 Glow Bronzer, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Nars Mekong eye shadow, Mac Tan Pigment, Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, Soap&Glory Thick & Fast Mascara, Loreal Spuer Liner, Mac Patisserie lipstick, Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss and HD Brows Kit in Foxy.  

I've really been loving all of these products lately, I've really been getting into high end products recently but still been mixing them in with my budget favourites. A few of these products are new so keep an eye out for some up coming reviews of those. Nars Mekong is such a beautiful eye shadow and I've been gravitating towards to every time I do my make up, it's really stunning.  The 17 Glow Bronzer in medium is very similar to Nars Laguna (*GASP*) not identical but similar, I use it when I'm trying to save my Laguna but want a very similar effect, it's a great contour too because it's very buildable. I've been using Mac Patisserie constantly lately, it's just my ideal peachy, pinky nude, it does have some shimmer in but nothing crazy and it doesn't leave glitter on your lips after it's worn off throughout the day. 
I also wore Eylure Fake Lashes in 116.

Jess xo

Wishlist #27 - Hints of Spring...

Wishlist #28 - Hints of Spring...

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - Review

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - £17

I'd never heard of this collection, but just saw how beautiful it is and I just grabbed it without even thinking. On the Mac website it's described as "In Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Blush and Eye Shadow feature our unique liquid-powder hybrid formula, delivering high-resolution colour and prismatic reflections in versatile finishes with up to six hours of colour coverage. It's polished perfection." I don't really know how this differs from any other Mac products but it sounds perfect. 
So anyway, I took it to the checkout and was shocked at the price, but I still got it because I had a voucher. 
How it differs to the normal Mac eye shadows to me is that, it's more shimmery, the glitter in it is much more finely milled and it's really blendable. It's just really really pretty, and still great quality, as all Mac eye shadows I've tried have been, they only have a few colours in this collection and non of them really take my fancy but I definitely want to check out their blushes. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long this collection is out for, so for all I know it could of already been discontinued and in that case I'm sorry, but if it isn't then, I think it's well worth having a look at these and seeing if there's any that take your fancy. 
I've been wearing this everyday at the moment, just all over the lid and underneath to create that slightly Cara smokey eye.

Jess xo

Beauty Wishlist #1

I'm really beginning to crave just going out and buying loads of beauty shopping! I'm starting to run out of a lot of my essentials and thought I'd treat myself to a few extra items and these are at the top of my list. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a definite but I'm going to order it from Asos so I can get student discount and also anything else I can find from their beauty section too. 
The other bits are dependent on whether I can find them in store or depending on what reviews I read, I haven't heard much about the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette because everyone was so hyped up over the Naked 3, but looking at it, it looks beautiful, I like the fact it has matte and shimmery shades, so would be great for traveling but I will definitely be checking out some review before I fork out that much money for it. 
I would love to know if you've got/tried any of these products what what you think of them! 
Jess xo  

Shades of Spring...

At this time of year I really start to get excited for Spring and upcoming trends, I know Spring is still a while away but there's nothing wrong with getting a few things now for the warmer weather. 
To me, Spring is about about incorporating pastel shades into my wintery dull wardrobe, whether it's through pastel nails or something else. I'm a fan of dark nails and have been sporting them all Winter and Autumn but it'll be nice to wear something brighter, first on my list is definitely Models Own's Hedonist (which is the neon coral at the bottom!)

Jess xo

Four Valentines Outfits...

Date Night.

 Dress - In Love With Fashion
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Heels - River Island

Day Date.

Playsuit -In Love With Fashion
Blazer - Oh My Love (via Topshop)
Boots - River Island.

 Girly Date/ Night Out.

Dress - River Island (via Asos)
Necklace - H&M
Boots - Primark

 Casual Friend Date.

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Topshop

Jess xo

Five Faves...

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Really lovely foundation, I dare anyone not to like it! Medium coverage and lasts really nicely through the day with a primer which is a miracle for me! Expensive price tag but completely worth it!
Clinique Super Primer - I have oily skin so primers are a must for me and this is one of the only ones where I've honestly really noticed a different to my foundation. The consistency is really nice, feels really nice on the skin. 

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara -  I'm very loyal to my usual waterproof mascaras but sometimes you gotta check what else is out there, and I got this in a gift set for Christmas from the boyf and I really really like it. It's a nice change to not have to tug at your eyes to get your mascara off, it has a massive brush which I really like but not so great for bottom lashes.

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - I was a bit unsure of why I bought this at first but I really love it now, it's really shimmery and pretty and the print is really cool and I kind of don't want to ruin it.
Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment - Don't think I need to go into this much, just look how incredibly beautiful it is! I would recommend getting a mixing medium to use with it though. 

Jess xo

L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - Review...

L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - £9.99

I have been experimenting with a lot of different haircare lately on a bid to improve my hair quality and I can honestly say this has been one of the only products that have dramatically improved my hair condition. I bought this after hearing how much my mum bought it and I'm soooo glad I did. It's basically an oil that you can use in a multiple of different ways, it pretty much a oil version of a conditioning treatment. You can put it on your dry hair either the night before or just a few hours before washing as a treatment and it leaves hair so silky soft and shiney. You can also use it on damp hair, through the ends and mids of your hair, to protect from hair styling. I'm always very wary of using oil on my hair because I don't want them to make my hair greasy or heavy but this is such a light weight oil that my hair just slurps up. I use it probably everyday on my ends whether it's freshly washed or day 2 or 3 hair to condition it when it's looking dryer. 
I think everyone needs this! No matter what hair type you have or length, my mum's hair is short shoulder length hair and she loves it and also my friend's hair is in a bob and she also loves it too. It really leaves my hair dramatically improved and I will definitely continue to repurchase this. I love it!
And it smells amazing!

Jess xo

Cheap Valentine Gift Idea...

This has become a little tradition between me and my fella every Valentines, because our Anniversary is so close to Valentines day we get each other something big for that and something smaller and thoughtful for Valentines. So, along with other things, I like to get a gift bag or box and fill it with yummy love related sweets and cakes, just yummy Valentine themed things. It's a really nice present to give someone without breaking the bank, doesn't even have to go over £10. I would really recommend going to Asda and checking out all of their Valentines stuff because they do some great bits.
This is a great idea for something for your loved ones or your girlfriends and my boyfriend really loves it too.

Jess xo

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation - Review

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation - £34

I'm going to try and keep this short and snappy, everybody raves about this product so I thought it was about time I got my hands on this product. I love it!
I have oily skin so thought it wouldn't be great for me but I read loads of reviews and it seems to work for most people. I think it's the most long lasting foundation I've ever used, even on my oily skin. It has a rather thick consistency but it doesn't feel overly heavy on my skin. It's medium coverage but very buildable and feels very light throughout the day, I can imagine this being perfect in the summer due to how light it feels but still having great coverage. 
My favourite foundation at the moment and if I'm sure I will repurchase it in the future. 
A must have and well worth the price tag.

I just love how this makes my skin look, this is a photo taken from my front Iphone camera.
I'm really getting into high end foundations at the moment so would love to hear if you have any recommendations. 

Jess xo

Photo Diary: The Two Year Anniversary...

The fella and I are celebrating two years of being together this week, we decided to head to Prezzo because we've always enjoyed it, there so I thought I'd share a few snaps.

 Make up used:
Laura Mecier Silk Creme Foundation in Cashew Beige. 
Stay Matte Powder
Nars Laguna 
Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud
Mac Amorous Alloy eye shadow
Mac Beauty Marked (In crease and loser lash line)
Loreal Superliner 
Rimmel Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude
Eylure 116 False Lashes
Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
17 Bronzing Rocks
Mac Patisserie Lipsitck
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgoss
 HD Brows fit in Foxy.

 I had Roasted Duck Leg, with Green Veg, Red Onion and boiled Potatoes in a Tomato and Saffron sauce with a little Chilli. So yummy I'd recommend it to anyone, just beware of the Chilli!

Youssef had Carbanara with Pancetta and Bacon, he loved it too!

My beautiful roses from Youssef!

We had such a lovely night, and although we have celebrated, we haven't exchanged gifts yet because we like to spread it out. I love seeing lifestyle posts as well as beauty and fashion, so I'm going to try and share more posts like this. 

Jess xo

Trying out a foundation before you buy...

I think we've all been guilty of buying an expensive foundation that we think will be great for us but been wrong and here in the UK you can't take beauty products back to exchange. I was talking to my friend Bryany, from BryanyEllen about Nars products and what each of us wanted to buy, etc, when I told her I wanted to buy the Nars Sheer Glow foundation and she said that she was worried she'd buy it and then it would not be great for her skin type and what I had already done was bought some samples of it from eBay, which she thought was a great idea and had never thought of it, so I thought I'd share. 
When I'm wondering about a high end foundation and although I've read reviews, I'm still not sure whether it would suit my skin, I simply go onto eBay and buy a sample from someone. There are some obviously issues with whether what you're buying is fake, etc, but so far I've had really great luck with it. The samples are roughly only £3 and you get enough for a couple of uses which is perfect, (depending on the seller).
It's really great if you also don't know what shade you are and want to try a few out, because sometimes I have personally been matched wrong in shops before so always prefer to do it myself at home with my own brushes and then test it throughout the day!

The lighting has made those samples look a lot darker than they actually are!

Hope this has been helpful for some of you! 

Jess xo

Eylure Lashfix...

Eylure Lashfix - £2.27

Now, sorry but sometimes boring posts just have to be done! I've tried a few different lash glues and this one is my favourite, it's really easy to apply to the lash and lasts really well, I would say all day and all night if needs to be! It does dry clear but I always apply a little eyeliner just to cover the seal of the fake lash. I would want to say it's almost fool proof but I know applying lashes can be tricky and I definitely still struggle sometimes even though I wear them almost everyday. 
The only bad point I can make is that if you are feeling a little tearful then these come off so easily with a tiny bit of water, which I suppose is a good thing because they're not being too tough of your eyes but if you're getting a bit emotional on a night out or whenever, be wary! 
I know the Duo lash glue is really raved about but it's quite hard to get hold of, I know you can get it from Mac but it is £10 with is quite a lot to spend of a lash glue and I prefer the look of this applicator. 
However, I'm sure I'll end up try the Duo Lash Glue eventually and will report back! 

Jess xo

Make up Eye Candy..

I saw The Cameras Lies Beauty (Link here) doing this as a video and it really intrigued me into having a lot through my stash and seeing what I bought because of how beautiful it is. Yes, this is a very shallow post but, oh well, everything loves beautiful products. Everything I've chosen has actually served me well, there's nothing here that I was really disappointed with, in terms of quality.

 Let's start with lip products, two of these were gifts and one I have bought quite recently.
Starting from the top, this is an Estee Lauder Lip Gloss that I was given years and years ago, I know I should probably throw it out but I can't bring myself to! It is just so pretty, when you open the cube half is the lip product and half is a mirror so it's so perfect to throw in your bag and get out to touch up and feel glamorous! I'm not sure if this is actually available anymore because it is so old, I think they have brought out a newer version. 
Next down is the L'oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet, I bought this purely because of the packaging and the fact that I've heard they are a YSL Glossy Stain dupe, they have a lovely applicator and I just love applying this, it's so glossy and again feels really glam. 
The last lip product was also a gift from my best friend for my 21st and just look how gorgeous it is! It feels really luxurious and high end, I really love the gold metal packaging, it's incredible. 

Inka Pigment in Gunmetal.

This product I've only had since Christmas, I got it in the Look Beauty Advent Calender, and I'm not going to lie, was one of the reasons I bought the Advent Calender. Unfortunately, these photos really don't do it justice, it doesn't look like much in the pot but when you swatch it, it's absolutely stunning! It's a silver shimmery pigment that can be used over the top for other colours or it's pigmented enough just to use on it's own.

17 Bronzing Rocks.

 I saw this in the Summer from 17 and just couldn't stop thinking about it so had to go back and buy it. It wasn't too expensive so I didn't feel bad and I knew it would last for ages because you only need a small amount to highlight with. They are Bronzing Rocks, which I think is such a cute name anyway, but I don't use them for bronzer because personally, I don't want my whole face to be shimmery, so I use them as a highlight and they aren't overly shimmery when applied and just really make the skin look glowy. The packaging is annoyingly bulky but the product itself is just so pretty. 

 Topshop Highlight in Sunbeam.

It's just sunshine in a pot!

 Mac Eye Shadow in Beauty Marked.

This was my first Mac purchase and was purely bought for it's looks, Sorry Beauty Marked! It's stunning, if there's one colour everyone needs from Mac it's definitely this! I don't think it get enough hype as it should!

Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy 

 I am a little bit mad with myself for this, I have so many colours like this but it was a complete impulse buy because of it's beauty. It was so much more expensive than Mac's normal eye shadows too. I haven't used it too much but it is really pretty and really shimmery, it's just gorgeous. 

Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle and Mac Reflects Glitter in Antique Gold.
Don't think I really need to go into these, you can see how stunning they are! Just perfection.

I'm really bad when it comes to beautiful products, I just can't help myself, it's such an addiction. 
 I'm generally quite good with buying expensive products because I always read loads and loads of reviews before I make a decision. 
Sorry I've been a bit distant recently uni is very intense at the moment!
I'd love to see your picks for this so if you've done it please let me know.

Jess xo