Mac eyeshadow - Beauty Marked.

This is by far my favourite going out eyeshadow at the moment.
Mac eyeshadow in Beauty Marked - £12
It's a beautiful dark black/grey with purple shimmer, it's one of those colour where in one light it looks just black and then in the other light it's a beautiful purple colour.
It's super pigmented and lasts really well on me I do always use a primer though, just in case, but all the Mac eyeshadows I've tried are amazing quality and so they should be for the price!
I am so in love with this colour, it looks incredible for an extreme smokey eye with only this colour, I think it really compliments brown or hazel eyes.
Once I run out of this I will definitely repurchase it but I've already used it a lot and I've used any!
Totally in love with this colour, thank you Mac!
Jess xo

Look Beauty nail pop - sequin effect.

This is one of my favourite glitter polishes I've ever purchased and I haven't even had it very long!
Prepare yourself...
Look beauty nail pop in sequin effect 24 - £5
This is my first beauty product from Look Beauty and I'm definitely impressed so far, I will 100% be picking some more of their products up.
I fricking love this top coat. I think it will look great on soooo many colours and it so perfect for the summer.
It's really cool because in some angels it looks green, other yellow/gold and then other orange. It's great for giving your old colours a bit of a interest, I will definitely be wearing this if I go on holiday this year.
Love love love this and I think £5 is such a good price!
Jess xo

Disappointing product #1 - Rimmel bb cream

Now I hate to 'bash' products and Rimmel is one of my favourite high street brands but I was really disappointed with this bb cream. To be fair I probably had too high expectations after trying a Mac sample of their bb cream, I probably had the attitude that all bb creams must be just as good, but I was wrong.

I do not have dry skin at all, but this bb cream somehow makes my skin like dry and like it's clinging to the dry patches and doesn't blend very well at all.

It claims to be a 'skin perfecting super makeup' which unfortunately couldn't be more wrong, if anything it almost gives me more flaws in my skin than I already have. I know that bb cream's are only suppose to give minimal coverage but I don't think this really gives me any coverage, even when I'm having a good skin day I still like a small amount of coverage. 
I do find mixing it with the Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer does help a little it makes it apply and blend better, but I still find myself applying something over the top for a smidge more coverage. 

I shall not repurchase this and I don't think I'll even use the rest of this one because I just think it's a bit rubbish! Sorry Rimmel! 
I only use it now to mix with a darker foundation to lighten it up a little bit for these colder months.

Jess xo

Mega celeb hair crush of the moment!

I'm bored of my hair, I'm stuck in the ombre phase and I feel like that is 'done' now so I've been on the hunt for something different, I don't really want to change the colour and I would change the style but I don't think anything else suits me!
Eurghh, hair is annoying.
This is my current hair!
Just a bit boring standard long brown ombre hair!
My current hair crush is Khloe Kardashian, her hair always looks amazing anyway, as do the rest of her family's too!
But she posted a photo of instagram of her at the kids choice awards and I fell in love!

I just think it looks sooo lush! Perfect for summer, beachy and highlighted!
I really want it! Haha! I think I'll be having this done when I go to my hairdresser next, I'm just not sure how it would look with my fringe, I'm thinking about growing it out but I'm not sure it would suit me, whenever I've grown it out before I've always cut it back in because I just think my face looks chubbier for some reason!
What do you think of this hair style? What hairstyles are you loving for spring?
Jess xo

Maybelline super stay 14 hour lipstick - review

I've gained a new love for pink lipsticks, not that I need anymore lipsticks at all!
Maybelline super stay 14 hour lipstick in persistantly pink 190 - £6.99
I have heard very mixed reviews on this product but I love them, I only have one so I'm not sure whether it depends on the colour or something, but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying more so I will let you know if there's any difference.
It applies so easily and creamy but doesn't feel heavy at all, it does have flecks of glitter in it which I'm not too keen on but if you don't apply too much it's not noticeable at all. It applies wet but then after an hour or so it dries and turns matte but it still feels wet on the lips which I like because it doesn't dry my lips out at all.
The lasting power of this lipstick is amazing, I will apply it in the morning and won't need to re-apply all day or night, it lasts through eating, drinking and kissing! I'm not sure about the '14 hour' tag line but it certainly lasts a long time, it almost creates a stain and is a buggar to get off fully, but I like a pinky stain so it doesn't bother me that much.
The only thing I don't really like about this product is the packaging, it's a bit rubbish and feels quite cheap, but oh well! You can't win all of them!
Definitely a lipstick I'll be wearing come Spring/Summer!
Jess xo

17 mirror shine lipsticks.

Thought it was about time I reviewed these lipsticks as they are some of my faves!
Firstly, I really like the new packaging, it's classic black and sleek, can't go wrong with it really.
17 mirror shine lipstick from Boots - £4.59
I am absolutely completely in love with these lipsticks! They look really scary bright but they give a lovely sheer pop of colour, they are great if you're just dipping your toe in the world of bright lipsticks! They are almost like a coloured lipgloss but in a lipstick form.
Boots have recently bought them out in new packaging and I think they've changed the formula as well, they feel sort of thicker now more like a lipstick than a gloss. The three I have are L.A, Bolshie and Beehive. Beehive is soo loved in the blogging world, I've heard it's a dupe for Mac's crème cup, which I'm gagging to try! It's the sort of 'your lips but better' colour that every girl needs.
Bolshie is a vibrant pink colour, perfect for spring and summer, sheer but still leaves a bright pink gloss. It's the newest in my collection but I've been using it the most at the moment.
Finally L.A is a lovely orangey red, great for those times when you want a bit of colour but nothing too shocking, I always seems to grab this when I'm wearing heavier eye shadow.
I cannot recommend these enough, I ended up buying my mum some after she was trying to steal mine and she's not a lipstick person at all. They last fairly well, the gloss wears off in a few hours but it leaves almost a stain which is quite nice, but I enjoy reapplying lipstick in the day anyway, especially if it's a sheer colour or a nude. Also they have the handiest little mirrors that pull out when you pull the lid off which is a massive bonus not having to search through your bag to find a mirror!
The only bad thing I would say about these is that they can sometimes highlight the dryer patches on your lips but I've come to the conclusion that I only notice it because I'm looking so closely at my lips and that in a bathroom mirror, for example, it doesn't highlight the dryness, but I just make sure to exfoliate my lips before applying lipstick anyway.
Jess xo

Barry M nail paint - Red wine

I am such a sucker for a burgundy, whether it's nails, clothes or lips! I probably already have this colour in a different brand but I coudln't resist.
I love Barry M, they're my favourite colour varnishes although sometimes the quality isn't always the best, they have a great colour range and everytime I see a new shade I can't help myself and before I know it, it's in my collection.
Barry M nail paint doesn't have the best reputation for lasting very long which I do agree with but their reds always last so much longer on me, I don't what it is, maybe the formula is slightly different or something.
Red wine is such a beautiful colour especially for this 'in between' season, it's really pigmented and sometimes I can get away with wearing just one coat which leaves it more of a bright red but not a scarlett. However, normally I just apply two coats and a quick dry top coat of some sort and I'm good to go, I would wear this colour all year long, I think it's quite a classy colour but it's not too 'in your face', it still looks like you've put the effort in. I really enjoy wearing it with short square nails, you know, that annoying time when some of your nails are long and some have broken so you make the decision to cut them all short and some colours can look a bit rubbish, this colour definitely compliments them.

I can imagine this colour looking amazing in the summer with a tan but I think it looks great with all skin colours.

Jess xo

Wishlist #1 - Monochrome.

Topshop stripe dress - £38
River island brogues - £35
River island red blazer - £45
New look chain - £9.99
Topshop frilly socks - £3.50
Topshop studded belt - £20
Essie polish in licorice - £7.99

I love monochrome with a pop of colour especially for spring, such a classic, chic look. Looks like a lot of effort but so easy!

Jess xo

Revlon - quick dry top coat.

Apologies for the state of the bottle, it's been a very well used product.

This is the first quick dry top coat i've ever tried so I don't have to compare it to but I can't imagine painting my nails without one! I always like to apply quite a few coats of nail varnish so that colour looks really pigmented and even, I hate nail varnish that goes patchy!
Anyway, this top coat isn't like an instant dry thing but is does make your nail varnish dry dramatically quicker than normal which is great. Normally I wait until I have atleast an hour to paint my nails so I can make a really good job of them and make sure they don't smudge because I cannot stand it when they do! Literally hate it! Now I can just paint them before I go out, whack a coat of this on wait a few minutes and then I'm good to go!
This is £8 which I think is rather expensive for a nail varnish, I would only really pay up to £8 for nail varnish unless it was one I was dying to own! I think that obviously the quality of nail varnish is different but I change my nail varnish so often that buying an expensive one isn't really worth it for me.

I did really enjoy buying this but I'm not sure whether I'll repurchase, purely because I want to try out some other quick dry top coats but I shall review those as well!
If you're a quick dry top coat newbe like me then I would recommend this, it's doesn't smudge your varnish underneathe as you apply it, however as you can see it has stained a weird pinky colour from the reds i've used it on, the colour doesn't transfer to the coloured nail varnish underneathe but it probably would do on a really clean colour like a white or a mint.

Jess xo

Mac - Mulch eyeshadow

This was one of my first Mac purchase's and I've really been loving it lately so I'd thought I'd do a review!

Mac mulch eyeshadow - £12

This is my 'go to' everyday eyeshadow, it's perfect if you want a bit of colour and shimmer without being too over the top. It's a beautiful bronzy brown with a bit of shimmer. It's great to use in the crease for subtle definition or all over the lid and under the lash line for a bit more of a smokey eye.
I love Mac eyeshadow's they last well on me, are really pigmented and are really easy to blend, sometimes when I'm on the go I blend Mulch in with my finger and it still looks great.
Mulch with a a darker colour round the lash line looks so effortless but chic. I can imagine it looking great on all eye colours and skin tones, it's the type of colour you can wear with a nude lip or a coloured lip because it's a neutral and won't clash with the lip colour.

If I was going on holiday somewhere hot and just wanted something to take for the evenings, this would be my first choice! 
I think this colour would suit everyone and everyone should get it!

Jess xo

No7 - Beautifully Matte make up base.

No7 - Beautifully Matte make up base - £10.50

This is a make up base which aims to control shine for a matte look. This was one of the first sort of product I tried to control extra oil and I had forgotten about it for a while but recently re-discovered it thought I'd give it a go! It's definitely not a primer, but it doesn't claim anywhere to be, it doesn't make my make up last any longer than normal but it does create a nice base to apply make up onto. It mattifies my skin without drying it out, I really enjoy using this product as a base and with a spritz of the Urban Decay de slick oil controlling spray my make up lasts all day and night!

Will more than likely repurchase it again, The texture is like toothpaste, kinda feels weird when it looks like your rubbing toothpaste on your face but it soaks into my skin and feels lovely. However do not over rub because it sort just rolls into balls, just gently pat it into your skin and leave to soak for a few minutes.

Jess xo

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer - apocalyptic

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer - apocalyptic -£5.99

These are probably the most raved about lip products at the moment, they're basically the intense colour of a lipstick but almost in lipgloss form. They are very glossy and shiny but extremely pigmented!
I love everything about these lip lacquers; the colours, the packaging, the feel, everything! When they were first released I wasn't really excited by them at all, I just thought they were bright coloured lipglosses but on a recent trip to the highstreet to find a perfect bright pink I came across this and thought I'd give it ago. As soon as I tried it on my lips I knew it was just meant to be! The colour pay off is incredible, and they are definitely show stopping. They feel as though you don't even have anything on your lips, they are not heavy at all like some lipsticks can be and they are not sticky or tacky at all either. It lasted on me for the whole day, the colour stayed as bright and it didn't actually smudge as much as I was expecting, however I did have to avoid any kissing the boyf otherwise he would definitely not be happy with stained bright pink lips for the rest of the day!

Anyone who wants a subtle lip should stay well anyway from this shade of lip lacquer, it's definitely not for the faint hearted!
Overall, I am very impressed with these and shall definitely be repurchasing more in other shades!

Jess xo

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - £13
There is so much hype around this product but I can 100% understand why, I would definitely say this is one of my holy grail products and I don't have many because I like to try out lots of products but this is actually amazing!
Before I started using this I was getting really down about my skin, it was lumpy, sore and was in a constant battle with break outs! So I ended up trying this out due to all the hype about it and wishing for a miracle solution, after the first few times of using it I didn't think much of it and was disappointed but then it was almost like I woke up one day and my skin was perfect! It claims to correct imperfections and unclog pores which I would definitely agree it does, it helps heal spots and keep them at bay.
I often finding myself wearing a very light coverage foundation which I never thought was possible for me, I am so so so impressed with this product, I literally cannot get enough of it.
I use this as a daily moisturizer in the morning, I was using it at night as well but I'm running low and I'm too skint to repurchase it at the moment so I'm trying to ration it but it works just as well only using it once a day.
It works as a perfect base for make up as well, it helps foundation to apply much smoother and easier. I have oily skin and I don't feel like it makes me anymore oily throughout the day.
At the end of the day when you've cleansed and your skin feels like it needs a little bit of tlc, you can almost feel it soaking into your skin and healing it!

I literally love this product and shall never go without it again!
I would 100000000% recommend this to everyone, even if you only use it as a make up base.
Boots are doing an offer where you can get two La Roche Posay products for £15 at the moment which is a bargain!

Jess xo

Model's own - Hedonist

Model's own - Hedonist - £5

This is my first Model's own and neon nail varnish purchase and so far I'm impressed! This colour is the perfect combination of orange and pink neon, normally I am a bit scared of neons but as it's going to be a strong trend again this Spring so I thought I'd start off subtle. I saw this colour on a girl in Mac and before I knew it i was asking her what it was, it's so eye catching!
I wore it with a black dress on a night out and I just thought it brought an usual edge to an otherwise casual outfit. It's soo bright that it was even glowing it the dark in the club!
In terms of quality I was happy, not wowed but not disappointed, the colour is very pigmented and with two coats but it goes a strange matt sort of texture which is strange, but I always add a top coat which makes it ultra shiney. It didn't last as long as I'd hoped before chipping but I don't know whether it's just this colour or the Model's own nail varnishes in general.
I shall definitely be purchasing more of the Model's Own nail varnishes, definitely more neon colours too and I'll let you know how I get on with those!

Thanks for reading!

Jess xo