Disappointing product #1 - Rimmel bb cream

Now I hate to 'bash' products and Rimmel is one of my favourite high street brands but I was really disappointed with this bb cream. To be fair I probably had too high expectations after trying a Mac sample of their bb cream, I probably had the attitude that all bb creams must be just as good, but I was wrong.

I do not have dry skin at all, but this bb cream somehow makes my skin like dry and like it's clinging to the dry patches and doesn't blend very well at all.

It claims to be a 'skin perfecting super makeup' which unfortunately couldn't be more wrong, if anything it almost gives me more flaws in my skin than I already have. I know that bb cream's are only suppose to give minimal coverage but I don't think this really gives me any coverage, even when I'm having a good skin day I still like a small amount of coverage. 
I do find mixing it with the Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer does help a little it makes it apply and blend better, but I still find myself applying something over the top for a smidge more coverage. 

I shall not repurchase this and I don't think I'll even use the rest of this one because I just think it's a bit rubbish! Sorry Rimmel! 
I only use it now to mix with a darker foundation to lighten it up a little bit for these colder months.

Jess xo

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