Mega celeb hair crush of the moment!

I'm bored of my hair, I'm stuck in the ombre phase and I feel like that is 'done' now so I've been on the hunt for something different, I don't really want to change the colour and I would change the style but I don't think anything else suits me!
Eurghh, hair is annoying.
This is my current hair!
Just a bit boring standard long brown ombre hair!
My current hair crush is Khloe Kardashian, her hair always looks amazing anyway, as do the rest of her family's too!
But she posted a photo of instagram of her at the kids choice awards and I fell in love!

I just think it looks sooo lush! Perfect for summer, beachy and highlighted!
I really want it! Haha! I think I'll be having this done when I go to my hairdresser next, I'm just not sure how it would look with my fringe, I'm thinking about growing it out but I'm not sure it would suit me, whenever I've grown it out before I've always cut it back in because I just think my face looks chubbier for some reason!
What do you think of this hair style? What hairstyles are you loving for spring?
Jess xo

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