Clinique chubby sticks for eyes - Review

 Clinique chubby sticks for eyes in Bountiful Beige, Ample Amber and Portly Plum - £17

I have wanted to try these for a while now but never could justify spending the money on them, but there was a deal on at Boots where if you bought 3 Clinique products then you got £7.50 worth of Boots points and that was all the persuading I needed! The lady at the counter was very helpful and tried all of the different shades on me and I then picked my favourite three, a nude for lazy days when you want to make minimal effort, a bronzey gold (which is my favourite) which is also great for a smokier everyday look, and finally a purple for a going out look or I think it's great for maybe going out for dinner and you want to look a little more done up.
 All of these are really great bases for eyeshadow application and honestly last all day, these have actually turned into my everyday eyeshadow base and when applied with another product my eyeshadow does not budge all day (but I'm doing another post on that so it can be a surprise until then!) They also give a hint of colour so if you want to try a bit of colour but you're not sure then apply the coloured base then a goldy colour over the top or something and it gives a slight hint of colour without being too over the top! 
They all have a slight shimmer to them which I really like, but you can also matte them out with a matte eyeshadow over the top and it works just as well. I definitely plan to try more of these, in the beginning I actually asked for the colour fuller fudge (think that's what it's called) but when I got home they'd given me Ample Amber but I really like this one anyway, maybe even more. I would really recommend these to everyone, they're so easy to apply and you can just blend the edges out with your finger or a brush. If I knew I had to apply my make up on the way to somewhere, like on the train or in the car, I'd definitely choose these, definitely currently my favourite eye product and will definitely be in my next favourites. 
 In my opinion I think they're definitely worth the price and I've definitely got my eye on Curvaceous Coal and Fuller Fudge.
Jess xo

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Tredsetter - Review

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Trendsetter - £8.99

For some reason I was instantly drawn to this colour, it's not my usual taste but I just really liked the way it looked. I haven't heard anything about these before and because the Revlon lip butters are such a hit I thought I'd like these too but unfortunately I don't.
I don't really like to do ranty posts but I rather be honest and sometimes they just have to be done. 
They apply very balmy but they are very buildable to do end up a really lovely opaque colour but then they set and then they feel really strange and quite heavy on the lips, like they sit on the lips rather than sink in, although they have a balmy texture at first they then become quite drying on me and become very patchy after an hour or two. It's really really strange, they dry my lips out but then when I rub my lips together they feel sort of greasy. 
I really like the colour of this and the packaging it really cute but I just don't get one with this lipstick, unfortunately I won't be buying anymore of these, I'll just be sticking to other Revlon lip products and for the price I was expecting a lot better, I almost feel a little bit ripped off with this product.

Jess xo

Seventeen Wow! Skin 3 way highlighter - Review

I've not really tried out too many highlighters but on my recent trip to Boots I spied this and thought it looked really lovely and had to try it out!

Seventeen Wow! Skin 3 way highlighter - £5.99

This is described as a 3 way highlighter, it says you can use it to: prime, add to your foundation or apply onto the cheek bones. I have tried out all three ways to see how I feel about it and to be honest I'm not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. 
It is a really lovely pretty colour but it's not the right tone for my skin colour, it's a pink toned white colour but my skin tone is more yellow so it doesn't really look great on me even when my foundation is applied over the top, also it made my skin extra oily and just made my make up melt off even in this cold weather and with a setting spray which was not pleasant, so I won't be using it as a prime or in my foundation again but it might work better with a dry and pinkier skin tone and type. 
However, I do like using it as just a highlighter on my cheek bones over the top of my foundation, it's really subtle but creates a really nice sheen which looks really pretty in this colder weather. 
It comes with a pump which is handy but it's one of those pumps where it squirts out so a lot is wasted when you only want a really small amount and a little bit goes a long way! 

I really want to see this on someone with a pinkier undertone to their skin because I think it will look incredible. For the amount of money it is i think it's a nice little product but will sadly not be repurchasing this again!

Jess xo

Seasonal trends #1 - Berry

Thought I'd start a new feature on my blog where I go through seasonal trends that I'm currently enjoying, sometimes make up and sometimes fashion depending on what Ive been wearing.

This first post is going to be all about the berry trends that are everywhere in Autumn. 

Only one place to start and that's with nails, if you're a little unsure about trying the berry trend through make up, nail varnish is the easiest place to start to inject a little bit of plum into your look. At this time of the year everywhere will have berry toned colours, and a lot of cheaper brands will have released their versions so if you're on a budget I would definitely recommend checking out Barry M or NYC they do great quality polishes for a small amount of money. All of the colours I've picked out here are great quality and I would recommend them to anyone, none of them are too expensive but still great.

Next up is eyes, I love purple on the eyes if it's done in the right way. I definitely believe that less is more with purple especially if you're a newbie to eyeshadow, just a hint of purple can be an effective twist to a boring smokey eye. If you're a little worried about this trend but still want to try it I would recommend applying a purpley brown base of maybe a cream eyeshadow like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate then applying a browny gold over the top so only a hint of the purple shows through. 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Porty Plum. 
Loreal Infallible Eyes in Burning Black.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate.
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Purple.

 Mac eyeshadows from left to right
Star violet

 Top left going clockwise -
Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush - Glossy
Sleek Lipstick in Smother - Glossy
Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry - Glossy
Barry M in Black Cherry - Matte
Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled - Matte

Finally berry lips, my personal favourite! I love wearing a berry lip with a tanned complexion and simple eye look, this definitely my favourite look for a night out and I wear it all year round. 
If a berry lip is a scary thing for you then I would recommend going for a sheer balm stain with just a hint of colour like the Revlon kissable balm stain in Crush, it's really easy to apply and no worrying about whether it's smudged throughout the day, I love wearing this colour in the day it's quite a sheer colour and stains your lips with a berry tint. The others I've picked out are quite full on and definitely eye catching, I've chosen some matte finishes and some glossy finishes.  

Hope you like my take on this trend and I'd love and recommendations if you think I'd like a certain product. I've chosen all products that aren't too expensive but still great quality for all those fellow skint students out there!

Jess xo

B. Pure Micellar Water - Review

I know, I know I'm very late on the band wagon for Micellar Waters but I was happy with my original cleansing routine so didn't feel like I needed to try anything new. However, I was paying for a few things from Superdrug and they had this on offer at the til and I just thought I'd give it ago!

B. Pure Micellar Water - £4.99 (Currently £3.32 in Superdrug)

Now, if you don't know what a Micellar Water is it's basically known as a 'super water' it's suppose to be a cleanser and toner in one and removes all make up including waterproof. 
As I have never tried another Micellar Water before I have nothing to compare it to so I don't know how it's compares to the cult product Bioderma but so far so good. It's tough enough to remove make up but gentle enough for your skin and isn't too drying or striping, it does remove waterproof make up, although you do still have to rub your eyelashes quite a lot for it to be removed which is not ideal but sometimes you just have to make do. 
As you may already know, I have oily skin so use an oil based eye make up remover and then a different cleanser without oil so it has been nice to just be able to use one product to remove all my make up in one go especially if I've had a busy day at uni. I think it would probably be quite good for dry skin too but I haven't got dry skin so don't take my word for it. 
The only bad point I have with this product is that it does go quite quickly for if you're using something everyday it's bound to, I definitely will repurchase this when I run out to have in my drawer for those days where I can't be bothered to take off my make up or I've been on a night out! 
I would recommend this to anyone who fancies trying some new and easy, also it's really cheap! 
This is the first product I've tried from the B. brand but I'm definitely up for trying more things so if you would recommend anything I would really appreciate it. 

 I do also just want apoligise for the lack of posts lately, I have just started my third year at uni and it's currently really insane but I've hopefully got a good little routine going and should be back to normal with everyday posts, thanks everyone.

Jess xo

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - Review

The packaging is soooooo cute too!
 Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - £12

 As you all probably know this is a raved about cult beauty product and I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about and recently purchased it. It's basically a mascara designed for only your bottom lashes, the brush is dramatically smaller and the formula is supposed to be smudge proof as well. 
I have only really gotten into wearing mascara on my bottom lashes recently (well within the last few months) and always ended up smudging it into my lash line which is really annoying and can mess up your eye make up, so when I heard about this I knew it would be something I'd really like! So I ended up purchasing it a few weeks ago and I've really been loving it, I find the most effective way to apply this is to apply one thin coat then it dry, then apply a second thin coat, this doesn't make it look clumpy. Though this is not a waterproof mascara it fairs really well in the shower and I actually have to use a oil based make up remover to get this off. 
I really really like this! It's great for getting in the corner of your eyes and getting all those bottom lashes without ruining any make up in your lash line and it doesn't smudge at all throughout the day!

This just shows the size of the brush compared to a normal mascara brush! Cute! 

Jess xo

Revlon moon candy nail art in milky way - Review

I've been after this for so long because it looks insanely beautiful! 

Revlon moon candy nail art in milky way - £7.99

Firstly, I think this product is fairly expensive for the amount of product you actually get but I still couldn't resist getting it. I don't think it's actually going to last that long to be honest, I've only used it twice and the glitter side is dramatically lower so I personally won't be repurchasing it because I think you can buy better value for money glitter top coats.
I did find this product quite strange because it never seemed to dry even with a quick dry top coat, obviously you apply a coat or two of the base colour and then a coat of the glitter then I applied a quick dry top coat and even left it for over an hour while I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop and then I got dressed and all of my nails ended up smudging which was really annoying. I then reapplied it again a few days later because the smudges were really annoying me and I made sure to leave it at least two hours and used a quick dry top coat and it still smudged but I managed to save it a little by flattening the smudges down with my thumb, it's still really annoying though because I'm a perfectionist with my nails.
In terms of chipping, mine didn't chip at all for at least five days and then slowly started chipping a little bit but as soon as it started chipping I just took it off because the smudges were driving me crazy.
To be honest, I wouldn't buy this again, although it looks amazing on the nails and really pretty it just doesn't seem worth it to me, I'm going to go on the hunt for a glitter top coat just as beautiful as this one but cheaper and better quality. 

Jess xo

Skincare haul #1

 I noticed I was running low on a lot of my skincare products so I went out and treated myself to a few bits and pieces. Mostly repurchases but one or two newbies.
B Pure Micellar Water - £3.32

Personally I have never actually tried a Micellar water, but spotted this in superdrug and thought I'd give it ago. I've always been happy with my skincare routine so never felt the need to try any of the cult Micellar waters but thought it was about time I saw what all the fuse was about. 
I've used this a few times but I definitely want to use it more before I actually write a review on it. 
 I got this from Superdrug and it was on offer because of an introductory deal.
No 7 Hot cloth cleanser - £9.95

 I was really craving a hot cloth cleanser for the Autumn/Winter time especially when I've been too drunk to take my make up off before passing out and feeling like I need a good cleanse in the morning and leaves skin feeling healthy. I have tried this before and really liked it so thought I'd try it again because I enjoyed it a lot last Winter time (and I had a £5 off no7 voucher!)

 Neutrogena 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion - £3.99
Garnier simply essentials make up remover - £2.99

These are my 'go to' make up removers that I've used for years and I know they're great for my skin. 
Garnier simply essentials make up remover, really effective make up remover even removes water proof make up. It's an oil based remover where you shake it up to mix the two layers so I would recommend using it on your eyes especially if you have oily skin like me! 
Neutrogena 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion which is also really effective, it is quite stripping though so definitely need to use a good moisturiser afterwards to make your skin doesn't become dry and sore. It's a really effective spot control and oil control product and feels really deeply cleansing, really enjoy using this especially if you feel as if you've got too much make up on and just want to get it off. 
Both of these products are really cheap and really worth it, I shall carry on repurchasing this until I find something that beats it.   
La Roche Porsay Effaclar Duo - £13

I literally could not live without this product, definitely a holy grail product. There is a lot of science behind this products but it's designed for corrective and unclogging anti-perfection care gel. I started using this when I was suffering from loads of little bumps all over my face and I had no idea what they were or how to get rid of them and this cleared them up really well and I literally can't imagine living without this now. It's really really effective and I still use it every day and night, it's a perfect foundation base (it doesn't effect the application or wear of your foundation), if your skin is feeling a little sore then this really feels soothing and like it's actually doing your skin some good! Boots always seem to have a deal on the La Roche Porsay range so if the £13 pricetag is a little too high for you then keep checking because they always seem to have money off or 2 for 1. I would really recommend this to everyone!
Cutex moisture gurard nail polish remover - £2.15

Finally a nail varnish remover, I have never repurchased a nail varnish remover before because I've never really been that fussed but I got this in a gift box from a friend and finally found it in my stash and was blown away! It doesn't say anything about acetones on the bottle but it removes nail varnish of all types sooo easily and without any effort! I think I'll definitely be getting this again because it's really inexpensive and effective.

I will be reviewing most of these products in the next few weeks so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Jess xo

Beauty haul - Makeup

I've been extremely naughty recently and bought a lot of beauty products! 

 Rimmel salon pro with lycra nail varnish in Navy seal - £4.49
Barry M matte nail paint in Crush - £3.99
Revlon nail art Moon candy in milky way -£7.99

To me a change in season means a change in nail varnishes! I think Autumn is one of my favourite seasons due to the colours of everything! 
I've really been loving the Rimmel salon pro with lycra nail varnishes and I spotted this colour and had to have it, it a lovely bluey grey colour perfect for Autumn but without being too dark, I'll be wearing this all year though. As you may already know Barry M is one of my favourite nail varnish brands and I saw that they'd brought out these Matte nail paints and definitely had to try one and it had to be the burgundy one! I've been wanting to try one of the Revlon moon candy double polishes for ages and ages but would always forget when I've been in Boots so I recently picked up this on in milky way which is absolutely stunning, although it was rather expensive for the amount of polish you actually get.

Ardell 110 black lashes - £5.49
Eylure Nadine lashes - £5.49

My favourite fake eye lashes of the momemt! The Ardell 110 black lashes are amazing for the day, they're really natural, they make you look like you naturally have really great lashes and are 100% human hair apparently.
The eylure Nadine lashes are my favourite going out lashes, they aren't too full on but still give that fake lash look! They're thicker and fuller than the Ardell lashes but both feel really light and comfortable
Travel essentials kit - £20.99
Shading brush - £6.99

I think everyone knows how great the Real Techniques brushes are amazing and I wanted to add they few to my collection, I bought the travel essentials kit which comes with the multitask brush, the doomed shadow brush and the essential foundation brush. Then separately I bought the shading brush which I have been loving too! I do think they are good value for money and they are amazing quality.
 Max factor false lash effect mascara - £10
L'oreal super liner - £6.49
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick - £8.99
17 skin wow 3 way highlighter - £5.99
17 wild metallic eyes cream eyeshadow - £3.99

Two repurchases which are the Max factor false lash effect mascara and the L'oreal super liner, really love both of these and will continue to repurchase these until I find something better (if that's possible!)
I haven't really heard much about the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks but I spotted this colour and thought it looked really pretty. I have a few issues with this lipstick but I'm going to be doing a review on it so I won't go into it now. 
Two 17 products, I've got to admit I'm always really drawn to 17 products, they're always cheap and most of the time quite good so I thought I'd give these a go. I bought the skin wow 3 way highlighter which I thought sounded quite interesting, basically you can put this on underneath your foundation as a primer and it gives you a dewy hightlighting effect or you can also just use it as a highlighter on where ever you want. Haven't tried this yet but I will be do a review when I've tried it a lot.
Then I thought I'd try one of the 17 wild metallic eyes cream eyeshadows in a lovely gold colour I've tried this a few times but would like to try it more before writing a review.

Super Primer - £20
Bottom lash mascara - £11
Chubby sticks for eyes - £17

Spent way too much money in Clinique but couldn't help myself!
I wanted to try one of the Super primers so I bought the universal one and so far so good!
I've heard so many great things about the bottom lash mascara so I clearly needed it in my life, it's so so cute and I can imagine it really lasting for a long time!
Then three chubby sticks which I didn't really need but the offers pressured me into it! I got one in Bountiful Beige which is a gorgeou shimmery nude colour which is lovely for in the day, then Ample Amber which is a lovely goldy brown colour also amazing for in the day and finally Portly Plum which is a shimmery purple. They're all really pigmented and lovely under shadow or just on their own!

I'll be doing reviews of most of these products so definitely keep an eye out! Also there will be a few more hauls coming in the next few days so if you like hauls then this is the place to be!
Hope you enjoy!

Jess xo

Clinique Stay matte foundation - Review

Clinique Stay matte foundation  - £22

I was given a 5 day sample of this to try out a few weeks ago and thought I wouldn't end up buying it because I really love my Mac studio fix fluid but it was a free sample so I thought I'd try it out and I fell in love! I've tried other Clinique foundations and really liked them but I never really repurchased any, I like to try a lot of different ones. This is aimed for women with oily skin, it's oil-free and designed to stay matte throughout the day. I got matched to the shade number 5 which is perfect for me and she actually gave me the choice of two different shades, a warmer one and a lighter one, I went to the warmer one because I tan sometimes and want my face to match my body. 
I really like this foundation, it keeps my skin oil free throughout the day and stays all day with a primer and powder. It's really lovely to apply and blends so easily, which is something I sometimes dislike about the Mac studio fix fluid, I feel it takes a little while to settle into the skin and look good which is not great if you're in a rush. 
The coverage of this foundation in medium but very buildable without feeling heavy at all, I haven't felt at all like it's felt uncomfortable throughout the day or like my face was melting at all which is a massive reason for me to buy a foundation. 

I really like Clinique and have had a bit of a spree in there recently and will be reviewing a lot more of their products so keep an eye out for that! All of their products are fragrance free so are great for most skin types. 

Jess xo