Beauty haul - Makeup

I've been extremely naughty recently and bought a lot of beauty products! 

 Rimmel salon pro with lycra nail varnish in Navy seal - £4.49
Barry M matte nail paint in Crush - £3.99
Revlon nail art Moon candy in milky way -£7.99

To me a change in season means a change in nail varnishes! I think Autumn is one of my favourite seasons due to the colours of everything! 
I've really been loving the Rimmel salon pro with lycra nail varnishes and I spotted this colour and had to have it, it a lovely bluey grey colour perfect for Autumn but without being too dark, I'll be wearing this all year though. As you may already know Barry M is one of my favourite nail varnish brands and I saw that they'd brought out these Matte nail paints and definitely had to try one and it had to be the burgundy one! I've been wanting to try one of the Revlon moon candy double polishes for ages and ages but would always forget when I've been in Boots so I recently picked up this on in milky way which is absolutely stunning, although it was rather expensive for the amount of polish you actually get.

Ardell 110 black lashes - £5.49
Eylure Nadine lashes - £5.49

My favourite fake eye lashes of the momemt! The Ardell 110 black lashes are amazing for the day, they're really natural, they make you look like you naturally have really great lashes and are 100% human hair apparently.
The eylure Nadine lashes are my favourite going out lashes, they aren't too full on but still give that fake lash look! They're thicker and fuller than the Ardell lashes but both feel really light and comfortable
Travel essentials kit - £20.99
Shading brush - £6.99

I think everyone knows how great the Real Techniques brushes are amazing and I wanted to add they few to my collection, I bought the travel essentials kit which comes with the multitask brush, the doomed shadow brush and the essential foundation brush. Then separately I bought the shading brush which I have been loving too! I do think they are good value for money and they are amazing quality.
 Max factor false lash effect mascara - £10
L'oreal super liner - £6.49
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick - £8.99
17 skin wow 3 way highlighter - £5.99
17 wild metallic eyes cream eyeshadow - £3.99

Two repurchases which are the Max factor false lash effect mascara and the L'oreal super liner, really love both of these and will continue to repurchase these until I find something better (if that's possible!)
I haven't really heard much about the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks but I spotted this colour and thought it looked really pretty. I have a few issues with this lipstick but I'm going to be doing a review on it so I won't go into it now. 
Two 17 products, I've got to admit I'm always really drawn to 17 products, they're always cheap and most of the time quite good so I thought I'd give these a go. I bought the skin wow 3 way highlighter which I thought sounded quite interesting, basically you can put this on underneath your foundation as a primer and it gives you a dewy hightlighting effect or you can also just use it as a highlighter on where ever you want. Haven't tried this yet but I will be do a review when I've tried it a lot.
Then I thought I'd try one of the 17 wild metallic eyes cream eyeshadows in a lovely gold colour I've tried this a few times but would like to try it more before writing a review.

Super Primer - £20
Bottom lash mascara - £11
Chubby sticks for eyes - £17

Spent way too much money in Clinique but couldn't help myself!
I wanted to try one of the Super primers so I bought the universal one and so far so good!
I've heard so many great things about the bottom lash mascara so I clearly needed it in my life, it's so so cute and I can imagine it really lasting for a long time!
Then three chubby sticks which I didn't really need but the offers pressured me into it! I got one in Bountiful Beige which is a gorgeou shimmery nude colour which is lovely for in the day, then Ample Amber which is a lovely goldy brown colour also amazing for in the day and finally Portly Plum which is a shimmery purple. They're all really pigmented and lovely under shadow or just on their own!

I'll be doing reviews of most of these products so definitely keep an eye out! Also there will be a few more hauls coming in the next few days so if you like hauls then this is the place to be!
Hope you enjoy!

Jess xo


  1. Looking forward to a review on the chubby sticks! I love that you haven't stuck to boring colours.

    KR x

    1. Thanks! :) Yeahhh I was in a very experimental mood at the time!
      Jess xo