Sleek lipstick in cherry - Review.

I've had this lipstick in my collection for a long time now, think I bought it last summer, I know, I know, it's not really a summer colour but this is my idea of a perfect red.

Sleek lipstick in cherry - £4.99


I'm not sure how I feel about this lipstick, I absolutely adore the colour and it feels really lovely and glossy on the lips but it just smudges sooooo easily and drives me crazy! If it's windy then I don't dare go near this lipstick, my hair will get caught in it and smear it all over my face which is not what any girl wants when they're trying to get on with their daily duties, even when my hair is up, if the smallest strand gets stuck to my lips I fear the worst, I end up looking in the mirror when I get home and realise I look like some sort of vicious cat has attacked my face! 
It's such a shame because I really really love the feel of the lipstick and the colour, it feels super light and nourishing when you first put it on. Another problem I have with this lipstick is that it doesn't stay very well and ends up leaving your lips feeling and looking dry and patchy, it's definitely not one of those lipsticks where you can just apply and not have to worry about it.
I thought I could just get away with wearing this at night, say if I'm heading into town but not having a mental night. Boy, was I wrong! I wore this to a lovely club which wasn't too busy and I was only having a few drinks which I thought would be the perfect opportunity for this lipstick to show me how great it is, but within probably half an hour of getting there I thought I'd go to the loo to check and it had leaked out of my lip line and all over my face! I don't even know how I'd got it everywhere but in the morning I woke up with it all over my hands, clothes and face! Basically everywhere but my lips! 

I can tell this is going to be one of those lipsticks which sits in my drawer and I'll pick it out occasionally thinking "it can't be that bad" use it and then be reminded why I never use it!
In general I like the packaging and everything, it's cute and easy just to throw in your bag, it's very classic and non offensive.
I probably won't repurchase this colour lipstick again, however I do want to try some of the other shades of sleek lipsticks as in terms of pigmentation this lipstick is brill especially as it's only one of the sheen formulations. I've got my eye on a few of the other colours and will definitely be reviewing those if they impress me! 

Jess xo

Feeling fringey...

So I have always had a side fringe, I'm just of those people who doesn't suit not having a fringe of some sort, which is strange because I have such a pea head but oh well!
A few months ago I had my side fringe changed into a full fringe because I fancied a fringe for the winter but she cut it so I could wear it as a side fringe as well. At first I really wasn't sure and it was really annoying it being on my face all the time and trying to resist the urge to brush it off my face. So eventually it grew out and I just gave up on it, but it was getting really long and I decided to trim it myself, which I do quite often, I have some actual hairdressing scissors and I'm always very careful! But anyway, so it was that time again when it needed a trim and I always cut into a side fringe and then just wear it as a thick side fringe, but after trimming it, it was clear that it was a good hair day for me, which doesn't happen very often, so I though 'what the hell, I'll whack the full fringe out' and I can't get enough of it! I normally only wear it on the day of washing it, just because it can easily feel gross and stuck to my forehead!  

But here we go...
A full fringe can be very irrigating and and especially in the wind, it's a lot of effort and you've always got to style it and can't just get out the shower and leave it which can be very annoying sometimes. However, I think it's very eye catching and it definitely makes my eyes look bigger and can completely change a look. I do actually love having a fringe it's a lovely change!

Jess xo

So I did some shopping ... - Beauty edition.

So, this is the second part to my shopping spree and just a warning, it isn't the last! I was very naughty! Whoops ...
Firstly, I caved...
Mac bb cream in light plus - £22

Yep, I finally gave up on my search for a cheap alternative and buy the expensive one! I figured that I'm probably spending more money trying to find a dupe so I should just buy this one. Well, that's how I've justified it to myself! Ha...
Mac eyeshadow in hepcat - £12
More Mac, I'm not really sure why I ended up buying this, I was watching Pixiwoo giving Sam from Beauty crush a make over and they used this colour. I completely fell in love with the look and before I knew it I had already purchased it! I have already written a blog post of this here.
Mac paint pots in Rubenesque and Constructivist - £14 each.
I definitely didn't need this, but I was too tempted by the free delivery over a certain amount, I'm sure one of them would of been enough but I couldn't help myself! They are both beautiful colours and great bases, I'll do a review on them soon.
Max factor clump defy mascara, I really needed a new one and I've heard some many good things about this one so I thought I'd give it ago! So far so good, I'm really enjoying using it but I'll also do a review of it when I've used it a bit more!

 Benefit porefessional - £24
My favourite pore shrinking primer and I had ran out so had to buy a new one, love love love this and couldn't imagine applying my foundation without it, creates such a lovely base.
Barry M coral blush 158 lipstick - £2.99 from Amazon!
I was craving a perfect bright coral lipstick and I found this for such a bargain on Amazon!
I've already done a review of this as well, here's the link.

It isn't a shopping spree without a Boots 3 for 2, so I picking up these nail varnishes, perfect all season colours really, I was really craving a bright blue like Baker Street! So I found this one from Bourjois in the colour Bleu Fabuleux, the next colour from Models own is an amazing petrol purple blue with metallic glitter, I am so completely in love with this colour and I have done a review on it here. Literally just can't stop wearing this colour!
Finally I felt like I needed a really bright red in my collection, I'm normally not really a fan of red  nails, not sure why, but this colour really caught my eye and I love the Barry M Gelly hi shine nail paint range and whenever they bring out some new colours I always seem to buy them. It's an addicted.
Have you tried any of these things? What do you think?
Jess xo 


Mac eyeshadow in Hepcat

I'm not really sure why I bought this colour, it's soo crazy bright and scary. I saw Pixiwoo doing a make over on Sam from Beauty Crush using this eyeshadow and before I knew it I have bought it.
Mac eyeshadow in Hepcat £12
I literally have an addiction to Mac eyeshadows, even if it's the same as one I already have I will still buy it, stupid I know!
I've been trying to work this colour into a look for a while but I've not really been keen until now and I've been using it every day.
For this look I used Mac rubenesque paint pot as a base, then a shimmery nudey white colour all over the lid, I used one from the Mua undressed palette. I then used Hepcat and blended it up the middle part of my lid and along my bottom lash line, at this point it looks a little scary, and unflattering and when I start to panic, but I then used Mac's Beauty marked eye shadow and define my crease and the outer corner of my eye, I blended it all along my lower lash line too. I then applied liner to my top lid and using a angled brush applied black eyeshadow to define my lower lash line. By this point I still wasn't very sure so I took Mac's sketch eyeshadow and applied it to the outer corner of my eye top and bottom which was the perfect finishing touch. I finally applied mascara to top and bottom lashes and I was happy with it.
The eyeshadow in general is really pigmented and blendable as are all of the Mac eyeshadows I have tried. It's a frost eyeshadow and it lasts really well with a base, such as a paint pot.
I think this look would look lovely on blue or brown eyes, but then again I can't imagine it looking crap on any eye colours.
Jess xo

So I did some shopping - Fashion edition.

I have been very naughty shopping wise over the last month or so, so I thought I would share it with you. I fancy a Spring/Summer wardrobe update but I went a little over board! Whoopsie!
Primark pearl collar - £5
Primark black tee - £3.50
Boohoo leopard print wedges - £10 - Sale
Topshop neon orange lace skirt - £40
I've worn this whole outfit a few times and I love it! I feel so good in it! It's definitely my favourite outfit at the moment, I'll often swap the wedges for some ankle boots, whack on some tights and a leather jacket for a daytime look.
Topshop white floral top - £26
Asos skater skirt - £16
I think I got a bit carried away with skater skirts this season, this is the first of three I've purchased, all very similar but I don't think you can have too many! I think skater skirts are one of the most flattering shapes, skimming all the lumps and bumps!
I bought this top the day it came in the Topshop store and my friend made me take her back the next day so she could buy it and they were already sold out, it's a big floaty shape and at first I didn't think it was a very nice fit on me, because I have big boobs I thought it just looked a bit frumpy, but I came out of the changing rooms and bought it anyway but I'm sooooo glad I did in the end, it's looks lush with something super tight on bottom, probably wouldn't wear it with this skirt but they look nice paired together.
Asos sheer black top - £15
Primark belt - £3.50
Asos skater skirt - £16
I saw this outfit on a model on the Asos website and couldn't help myself, so I bought the whole thing! Ooops! But to be fair it was only £31 for the skirt and top and I was going out that week and didn't know what to wear so I can justify it to myself!
Shirt from mono boutique in Lincoln - £21
This was from a little boutique in Lincoln but the tag says it's from Glamorous so they might still have it. I fell completely in love with this shirt the first time I saw it and went back the next day to get it, it's a lovely fit and so eye catching!
 Topshop lace shorts - £22
I thought these were a bargain from Topshop for only £22 and they are soooo cute! I normally stay well away from shorts because I feel super self conscious in them but these look like a skirt anyway and fit really nicely! I don't wear these very much because I can never find the right top to wear with them.
I've ordered a few other pieces but I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep them yet but I'm sure I'll post about them if I end up falling in love with them.
What do you think of these items? How would you wear them?
Jess xo

Revlon lip butter in wild watermelon.

I already have a few of these Revlon lip butters and I do really like and enjoy wearing them, so I thought I'd try one from the new range, they have released some new colours for the spring and summer.
Revlon lip butter in wild watermelon - £7.99
This is a lovely coraly pinky red colour which is soo lovely for a pop of colour without being 'in your face'. They are basically a balm in lipstick form, they apply very creamy and moisturising with a small amount of colour, the amount of colour pay off does depend of which one you have though. I have noticed that this new range has no glitter in it where as, most of the old ones do which I actually prefer, I'm not really a fan of glitter/shimmer in lip products.
The only thing I dislike about these lip products is the price, I think they are quite expensive for what they are and 17 do a great dupe in the mirror shine lipstick range. I only ever buy these when they're on special offer, like when Boots have a 3 for 2 or something. Another problem with these Revlon lip butters is the amount of product you actually get, when I first bought these I checked each one to see how much product there actually is and to be honest I was very disappointed. I love Revlon and I love these lip butters but I don't really think they are worth the money, £8 for a lipstick/balm is quite expensive obviously it's not like a high end lipstick but in terms of a highstreet lipstick I wouldn't say it's worth it really, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that are just as good.
I would however recommend these lip butters to lipstick newbies, they are so easy to wear and feel lovely on the lips. The packaging is super cute as well, I love all the Revlon lipstick packaging, I just think it looks so lovely and sweet!
I will only repurchase more of these if there's a deal on, I don't think they are worth £8 really but I do still really like these lip products.
Have you tried any of these? What do you think?
Jess xo

Mua - undressed palette

Mua undressed palette - £4
First off I got this bad boy for £1, in Superdrug it was only £3 and then I used my Superdrug points to get £2 off! Such a bargain!
I was contemplating getting the Naked palette but as I'm a student, I wasn't sure I really wanted to spend that much money on a palette, I had heard that this palette was a dupe but I still wanted the naked palette until I read this blog post by Miss Budget Beauty and I just thought well, I'll just get the cheaper one! I'm so happy I did, I thought if I was to really fall in love with it in a few months I could get the naked palette, but to be honest I think I'll just keep repurchasing this Mua palette, it's such a great everyday or night time palette! My favourite shades are the golds and browns, every eyeshadow is really pigmented and easy to blend, the fall down isn't too bad either. I have been using this palette everyday since I bought it and will continue to do so! They also last really well on me too, I still always use a primer or a base but I don't have to worry about them creasing at all, while I'm out at uni or anything. Big love for this palette!
So, to anyone who is contemplating buying the Naked palette, I would recommend getting this first, because £36 is a lot of money to spend on something that you might not like, where as £4 is nothing really, you can't even buy a single eyeshadow for that from most companies.
I know I'm late jumping on the band wagon for this but I wasn't really very interested in the Naked palette until I saw it in real life!
Jess xo

Models own nail polish in purple blue.

Models own in purple blue - £5
This is a beautiful almost petrol bluey purple, it's absolutely beautiful. From a far it looks like a gunmetal colour but when it catches the light it looks incredible! It's really shimmery and I think it really suits my skin tone.
Models own is quickly becoming my favourite nail varnish brand, I think the colours are really unique and I always go there if I don't know what colour I fancy but still want a nail varnish. This colour lasts really well, it hasn't chipped yet and I've been wearing it for three days, which I know isn't very long but I'm the worst person for chipping nail varnish in the world!
My Models own nail varnish collection is slowly growing which pleases me, love the staying power of this nail varnish, it needs two coats to be opaque which is normal really but I always apply three just to make sure. Such a beautiful colour and I think it would look lovely in any season.
Jess xo

Barry M lipstick in 158.

Perfect spring/summer lipstick!
This is the first Barry M lipstick I've tried and so far I'm impressed, the colour is very pigmented and looks really lovely in the sunshine!
Barry M lipstick in 158 - £2.99 from Amazon!
It has a nice finish, it looks matte but is still feels quite glossy on the lips. The lasting power isn't amazing but I was happy with it, I did have to re-apply it a couple of times throughout the day but it wears evenly so it does eventually just look like a nice pinky stain. The colour is a beautiful bright coral, the photos really don't do it justice, it will definitely be a favourite of mine for the summer!
I will definitely be purchasing more of the Barry M lipsticks in other colours to try them out, they have a lovely colour range and I'll be interested in seeing whether the formulas differ.
I would recommend this colour for most skin colour, I can't imagine it looking bad on anyone to be honest, I think it will look amazing with a bit of a tan!
Jess xo

Garnier - Fresh essentials eye make-up remover.

I have been in the market for a new eye make-up remover ever since my beloved clinque one ran out. Boooo! I picked up this one because it claims to remove even waterproof make-up and everyone knows the loreal telescopic waterproof mascara is a bugger to get off!
Garnier fresh essentials eye make-up remover -  £3.15
In general it's quite a nice, gentle make up remover, I only use it for my eyes and it removes most product with ease, however it really doesn't remover waterproof mascara and that's what I mainly wanted it for. I had high hopes for this but sadly I shall not be repurchasing it, it smells nice and is quite refreshing around the eyes but there's no point in me repurchasing it because I only wear waterproof mascara. I'm not sure how well it removes normal mascara because I never wear it but I assume it would be nice and gentle for that too.
Unfortunately I will not be repurchasing this product and I'm back in the market for a new waterproof make-up remover, I know that I should of bought one with oil in it but I really wanted this to work. I won't be making this mistake again.
Jess xo

Aussie - Dual personality texturising + conditioning gel spray

I think everyone loves the brand Aussie for their shampoos and conditioners but I haven't really heard much about their other products and I was in the market for a texturizing spray so I thought I'd give this ago.
Aussie dual personality aussome texturising + conditioning gel spray - £4.89 
It claims to give 'dimensional texture' and 'lightweight conditioning'.
My hair is naturally quite wavey but it sometime ends up looking a bit rubbish and frizzy so I thought this might help improve my waves.
I just sprits this into damp hair from roots to ends then leave it to dry naturally or style depending on my mood, I try to avoid my fringe because it makes it tends to make it harder to style and my fringe is annoying anyway so don't need any help with that! Ha! 
It definitely gives my hair more volume when I blow dry it but doesn't really do much when I leave it natural, I don't think it really gives my hair any extra texture but it does hold my waves a bit better which I normally scrunch in, however while my hair is drying it does make it quite crunchy which I hate! But when it dries properly it doesn't remain crunchy but that's probably because it's a gel spray and you can definitely tell when you shake the bottle.
Would I repurchase it? Ermm, probably not this is the first texturizing sprays I've tried and I'm not really keen on it, so when I run out I'll be trying something else.
I've heard the Bumble and Bumble texturizing spray to amazing so I might splash out on that but I want to see if there are any good highstreet ones, so if you know any please let me know and I'll give them ago!
Jess xo 

Topshop make up - Highlight in Sunbeam

This beauty took my highlighter V!
Topshop highlight in sunbeam - £10
I've had this since November 2012 and have never felt the need to buy any other highlighter, that just proves my love for this beaut.
I would say it's definitely for people with a yellow undertone in their skin, but Topshop also do a more pinkier one too which I have also heard great things about.
I would normally think that £10 is a lot for a product like this but this is massive and will lasts years!
 You only need the tiniest amount and it looks so lush on! It really catches the sun and I always get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this.
I have quite oily skin so always use a matte foundation, so I often feel like my skin looks a bit dull, but this gives me just the right amount of highlight that I crave.
As you can see above it just looks so lovely. I apply it in a line with my finger and then blend it out with a real techniques contouring brush. I literally use this everyday.
I really enjoy using this product it completely satisfies my needs in terms of a highlighter and if this ever runs out I will most likely repurchase this. However, I haven't tried any other highlighters so can't actually compare it to any other ones and I am sure there are probably better ones but I just think this is perfection.
Plus, the packaging is soo cute, I always love the Topshop packaging.
Thanks for reading.
Jess xo