Revlon lip butter in wild watermelon.

I already have a few of these Revlon lip butters and I do really like and enjoy wearing them, so I thought I'd try one from the new range, they have released some new colours for the spring and summer.
Revlon lip butter in wild watermelon - £7.99
This is a lovely coraly pinky red colour which is soo lovely for a pop of colour without being 'in your face'. They are basically a balm in lipstick form, they apply very creamy and moisturising with a small amount of colour, the amount of colour pay off does depend of which one you have though. I have noticed that this new range has no glitter in it where as, most of the old ones do which I actually prefer, I'm not really a fan of glitter/shimmer in lip products.
The only thing I dislike about these lip products is the price, I think they are quite expensive for what they are and 17 do a great dupe in the mirror shine lipstick range. I only ever buy these when they're on special offer, like when Boots have a 3 for 2 or something. Another problem with these Revlon lip butters is the amount of product you actually get, when I first bought these I checked each one to see how much product there actually is and to be honest I was very disappointed. I love Revlon and I love these lip butters but I don't really think they are worth the money, £8 for a lipstick/balm is quite expensive obviously it's not like a high end lipstick but in terms of a highstreet lipstick I wouldn't say it's worth it really, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that are just as good.
I would however recommend these lip butters to lipstick newbies, they are so easy to wear and feel lovely on the lips. The packaging is super cute as well, I love all the Revlon lipstick packaging, I just think it looks so lovely and sweet!
I will only repurchase more of these if there's a deal on, I don't think they are worth £8 really but I do still really like these lip products.
Have you tried any of these? What do you think?
Jess xo

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