Late Night Lusting ...

Everyone gets to that point every so often when they have a mental lust list of things they would love to try out or buy. I end up lusting after all this stuff I do not need late at night which stops me from sleeping so I like to release the desire and write it all down. I''m not saying that I'm going to buy all of these products because that would be crazy, but it's nice to have an idea of what you would get if you had a sudden influx of money. I love the whole concept that there isn't a time limit on beauty products normally unlike fashion where it can go out of fashion so easily. Make up brands release permanent products that are forever for the unforeseeable future and there is no pressure to buy something instantly because of the fear that the next you go back it won't be there. As my make up collection is growing I'm investing in different brands with beautiful luxury products as treats to myself. It means I really love each piece more and because I'm investing more money in an item, I feel like I research it in more details and check out a lot of reviews so I know what to expect from it already. In my head that's better than going into boots spending £50+ on tonnes of products that are crap compared to spending the same amount of money on better quality products that I know I love. I'm not bad mouthing cheaper brands because I still love them, I've just gotten slightly to the point where I feel like I already own a lot from Boots and Superdrug that something really gorgeous needs to come out for me to rediscover my love for it. Also, my local Boots is really crap and the products never change there so it's just the same everytime. I go into 'drugstores' with a really specific idea of what I want to see if they have what I'm looking for. Don't think that I don't have a massive list of high street products I want to try too because I do, but I thought this one would be more fun.    

Anyway enough of my late night rambling, have a lovely day/evening. 

Jess xo

September Beauty Favourites...

I'm going to try and get back into doing favourites monthly, I've been picking up a lot of things recently so there is a lot of potential favourites coming up in the next few months. I've been getting back into a few things that I use to love and have forgotten about too which is always fun!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid £21.50 - An old favourite of mine, also my first Mac purchase ever. I went off this for a long time because the lady in Mac matched me wrong and the shade they matched me with was slightly too dark and too pink for me. However, since I have been tanning more I have been able to wear this again and warming up my skin with a bronzer balancing the pink tones out so it doesn't look too miss matched. I will be buying a different tone and shade though next time. Over all the foundation is great, it's a medium coverage ideal for oily skin types. 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer £23.50 - Probably the most perfect bronzer I've actually seen. I love the fact it's completely matte which makes it much more natural than a shimmery bronzer. The only negative I can think of with this bronzer is the packaging, because of the box shape it makes it difficult it get a big brush in there if you want an all over glow. It's quite a warm toned bronzer so it's not as ideal for contouring as cooler ones but I prefer this for an all over tanned look. 

Charlotte Tilbruy Dolce Vita Palette £38 - Another gorgeous product, very expensive and I do think you're paying for the packaging as well but the quality of the eye shadows is insane. They are just beautiful inside and out. If you're in the  market for a very luxurious fail safe eye shadow palette then this is it! I do think it's one of those things that is a perfect treat for yourself and all the shades are perfection. 

Mac Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted £17 - I've gone on and on about this so much so I won't bore you again but you need this. Ideal for everyone and ignore how ugly it looks in the packaging because on the lid it is really unusually gorgeous.  

Chanel Illusion D'ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow in Mirage 95 £25 - I'm loving the eye products this month hey? Another really luxurious product but a really easy one just to apply with a finger tip and run out the door. You can wear this a number of different ways, under shadows, over shadows and it just works somehow always. Cream to powder finish but definitely apply a primer underneath otherwise it doesn't last as well. 

Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon in Motlen Metal £3.99 - Over all I don't think this is a great product but specifically I like to run this along my lower lash line for a pop of gold. I think it just looks really pretty and eye catching without clashing with any other make up btu just makes it more interesting. The cream is really creamy and the crayon makes it really easy to apply to the last line. 

Mac CremeSheen Glass in Floating Lotus £17.50 - I've also gone on about this a lot in the summer and it;s definitely coming with me into the Autumn. The reason that I'm so attracted to this lipgloss mostly is because you can apply it over whatever lipstick you want and it creates different looks each time. Even if the gloss doesn't match the lipstick it can still look really pretty. Also this is a great product to wear alone, it makes your lips look really voluminous and juicy because it's shimmery but doesn't make you look like a pornstar!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub - I think this has been the only blush I've put in my favourites, I'm just not a blush girl normally. Anyway, I'm head over heels in love with this product it's just perfect. whether you're a blush newbie or a profess then you need this in your collection, it's super buildable and gives you that natural flush look. 

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (in the eyes starter set) £18 - This is the best eye brush ever. Big claims I know. Anyway it makes eye shadow application really easy. If you're unsure about eye shadow and you want to make it as easy as possible try this brush. It just makes applying an over all base colour so easy and it doesn't apply too much which is the key to eye shadow application. It also blends as you apply but I still blend with a clean blending brush afterwards to make the edges cleaner. 

Seche Vite Top Coat £9 - I lived without this for a few months and didn't think I missed but but I recently repurchased it and I can't live without it again! I know there are some pretty bad health and safety concerns associated with it but I try and be as careful as I can with it, which just include ventilation. It makes polish dry almost instantly and look so amazing glossy, like you've had gels. 

Mac Lipsticks in Diva and Russian Red £15.50 - Finally two lip favourites. I have been gravitating towards these every time I fancy playing with my lip colour. They are a must have for every make up collection. They are both matte finishes which makes them more long lasting and they really stick it the lips. I don't find them drying at all but I know others have done. Russian Red is just the perfect Hollywood red which instantly makes you feel glamorous. Diva is really suitable for Autumn and I predict that we'll be seeing a lot of this around the next few months. 

Jess xo

Illamasqua Complement Palette - Review ...

I'm rather late on the hype for the Illamasqua Generation q Collection but that's usually the way with me. I just miss out on all the exciting new releases and then clock onto them ages later and fall in love when everyone else is over it. This is actually the only item by Illamasqua that I've actually tried out so far, but so far I'm very impressed.  
The palette comes with three power shadows, matte and shimmer then one cream shadow in a really pretty metallic brown with a blue sheen to it. I'm really into plums and berry shades in the Autumn so this is a perfect addition to my Autumn make up family. If you're into purple shades then this is an all singing, all dancing palette. It comes with a highlight shade, a cream base shade and two different shades of purple. All of the shade really compliment each other perfectly and you could wear all four for a beautiful purple smokey eye, My favourite shades are Focus (Top Right) which is the cream brown, it just creates a perfect long lasting base which is pleasantly surprising. Then Queen Of The Night (Bottom Left) which just creates such a smokey dark look to any smokey eye. Over all I really love all the shades, they don't give too  much fall down and when applied over Focus really last all day. 

This has definitely set the bar high Illamasqua, great quality. I cannot wait to try out more of their products. 
Right to Left: Queen Of The Night, Forgiveness, Focus and Slink.

Wearing Focus as a base then Queen Of The Night all over the lid and Slink as an inner corner highlight.

Jess xo

Wishlist #38 - Is The Peplum Dead?

Wishlist #38 Is the Peplum Dead?

Autumn Impression #1 - Purple Peepers ...

Mac Shades in Folie, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Hepcat, Beauty Marked and Sketch - £10 each

 Hello Autumn! It definitely seems as though Autumn is a beauty/fashion bloggers favourite time of year. I think it's the perfect time of year for experimenting with make up, getting all those jewel tones out. Definitely my favourite time of year anyway. I thought I'd do another seasonal edit, I love doing these and they really inspire me to switch up my make up seasonally. The first colour I gravitate towards when it gets chillier if definitely a deep plumy purple for eyes and lips but I'm starting this off with eyes first.  When hunting through my stash in search for purple peepers I was actaully shocked at how much I actually own. Having brown eyes, I think purple is definitely one of those colours that suit me. I know purple can be a scary colour so I've tried to incorporate a range of shades from easy to wear hints of purple to brighter scary shades. 
Anyway let's start with Mac. As you all know I love Mac so it wasn't a surprise when most of these products turned out to be from Mac. I'll start with easy colours that just incorporate a slight hint of purple into your eye look and get brighter as we go along. So, if the thought of a purple eye terrifies you then go for a neutral shade that has a slight purple undertone. Purple toned browns are definitely the easiest way to create a purple smokey eye, in my Mac quad I have Quarry, which is the lightest shade of the four, its a cream based colour with a stoney purple hint to it. It's really pretty and definitely one of those universal colours. Next up is probably the most famous purple toned shade ever, Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe is another universal colour and I think it looks slightly different on each person, sometimes it looks really warm, others it looks more cool toned. It's almost two toned with a plum tone that catches the sun. Folie is a matte deeper brown shade but there is some kind of purple look to it, which is really pretty, similar to Sketch but more brown toned. Finally in my quad is Twinks which was actually my first Mac eye shadow. It's another plum toned brown but has a subtle shimmer to it which is really pretty. I think this is one of Mac most popular shades. 
Next onto some more exciting Mac shades, I have chosen Hepcat which is a really vibrant lilac shade, I think this can look amazing with quarry as a cut crease shade. Beauty Marked is my all time favourite Mac shade, perfect all over smokey eye shade for an eye catching night out colour. Sketch is a great starting colour if you want to dive into purple. 

The high street also has something amazing plum shades at the moment, so you don't have to splash out. Cream product are quite easy to use, you just apply them with your finger then blend out. Really quick and easy. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate and the Bourjois 24hr Eyeshadow in Prune Nocturnal, which are both very similar. Metallic Pomegranate is much more a of a wet cream product which sets all day and Prune Nocturnal is a cream to powder finish which can look really pretty. In terms of a pressed pigment style of product L'oreal Paris do some beauts and this one in Burning Black which is the budget version of Mac's Beauty Marked so if you don't want to fork out £12 then get this one but be careful of the fall down! Last year Rimmel released their Traffic Stopping Eyeshadows and I obviously picked up the purple one. This eye shadow trio comes with a really pretty gold shade which is a perfect way to make purple more eye catching.    

Next up Clinique. I had completely forgotten I'd got this in my collection, I was so obsessed with the shade Fuller Fudge that I picked up Portly Plum too. This is a much cooler toned purple shade for those ladies who prefer a cooler tone eye look. It has a more blue undertone to it which is quite unusual but very pretty. These Chubby Sticks for Eyes are another really easy product and to be honest they are pretty fool proof. 

Swatches of the cream products.Left to right- Clinqiue Chubby Stick for Eyes in Portly Plum, L'oreal Infallible Eyes in Burning Black, Bourjois 24hr Eyeshadow in Prune Nocturnal and Maybelline Colour Tattoo in  Metallic Pomegranate. 

Finally if you want an all singing all dancing palette with it all get this Illamasqua Complement Palette which comes with two shimmer shades, one matte and one cream shadow. The brown cream shadow creates a perfect base for a neutral smokey eye with a hint of purple. The brown neutralises the purple over top and makes it much more wearable. The lightest shade in this palette is a lot like Nylon from Mac and really is the perfect inner highlight shade. The two purple shades really compliment every other on the shade and blend beautifully. 

Wearing Illamasqua dark purple shade on top of the brown cream shade.

Jess xo

L'oreal Elvive Fibrology Collection - Review ...

If you haven't tried any of the L'oreal Elvive shampoos and conditioners you need to. I really love them! I've used expensive ones before and nothing compares to these in my opinion. They are cheap, cheerful and do a great job. If you like your hair being silky soft and cleaned thoroughly then give these ago. Anyway, this is the newest range for Elvive to bring out and since they were on a 3 for 2 deal I thought I'd give them ago. I have a hell of a lot of hair but sometimes I feel as though it can be a little limp and lifeless, I love a good back comb but due to the heaviness of my mane it often doesn't last too long. I bought these with the idea that they would be a bit crap and be too heavy for my hair but I'm pleasantly surprised. It's not a once use miracle product but the more you use them the more of a different they make. Obviously you use the shampoo and conditioner in the shower on wet hair and I feel as though they give a really deep cleansing wash that gets rid of any unwanted left over product in your hair. The conditioner is moisturising but not to the point where you really have to rinse and you're worried it's going to leave your hair feeling greasy and heavy. If you use the shampoo and conditioner alone then they work much more subtly. They give your hair much more texture and grip which ultimately leaves it looking thicker especially when blow dried. However if you then straighten your hair the result isn't as thickening but that's to be expected when using straighteners. The Fibrology Double Serum gives much more of a one use result, it plumps the hair strands up and give a thicker looking result. This serum works if you don't use it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner too, so if you have a routine that you really love already then this is a great add on to that. The range contains L'Oreal's new innovative ingredient: Filloxane, which penetrates the hair fibre in each strand and increases the diameter. The result is increasingly thicker hair the more the products are used. 

Jess xo

What's on my face #4 - Autumn Edition

Mac Studio Fix Fluid - £20 
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19 
Clinique Super Primer - £19 - Review 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - £3.99 -
 Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - £13 - Review
Maybelline Brow Drama - £3.99 - Review
 Eylure 020 Flase Lashes - £5.99 -
Sleek Brow Stylist - £4.99 - Review
Seventeen HD Liquid Liner - £4.79 -
Benefit They're Real Mascara - £9.95 (sample) - Review
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub - Review
Benefit's Hoola - £20 - Review
Mac Lipsticks in Diva and Rebel - £15.50 each - Review 
Mac Pro Longwear Shadow in Uninterrupted - £17 - Review 

I'm really getting into Autumn looks, as I'm sure most of the blogging world is too! I'm trying to keep everything else fairly simple but flawless. I've chosen a lot of perfecting products that provide great coverage but without being too OTT. I've regained my love for the Mac Studio Fix Fluid which is great for oily skin and provides a heavier coverage which is great for me at the moment. Obviously the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is a must have and I won't bore you with all that spiel. I've also gone back to my Clinique Super Primer which is so nearly dead. I find that it does make my make up last a little longer than my beloved Mac one. Some casuals in there like the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, my favourite brow combo of the Sleek Brow Stylist and Maybelline Brow Drama, Eylure 020 Flase Lashes and the Seventeen HD Liquid Liner. All great products, that I've rambled on and on about before. As well as some old faves in there I've also thrown in some newbies. I've recently reviewed the Benefit They're Real Mascara and explained how unfortunately it doesnt work for me, but I've been using it anyway because I like the brush, just been keeping on top of the smudges. I've then been using the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub which I've really fallen for. It's the type of shade that looks like a really natural flush of colour and it sits on make up beautifully. Then my new favourite bronzer is definitely Benefit's Hoola, I actually prefer this over Nars Laguna (shock horror) but that's simply because it's completely matte and I can get a little bronzer happy which looks unnatural with a shimmery one. On my eyes I've been going for something pretty but completely neutral, something that doesn't look too much with a bold lip but it really easy to wear and that product is the Mac Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted, which is a really stunning caramel colour that would really suit anyone. 
Then finally I've been opting for one of two vampy lip shades, both by Mac and favourites. Diva is a matte shade, it's a dark plummy red but really autumn appropriate. It's super long lasting, drink and food proof. Secondly I've been going for Rebel which is a slightly prettier colour with a pinker tone to it. It's satin finish which means it's still glossy but the pigmentation remains equally as good, it's not as long lasting as a matte finish but I wear this more in the day time.  

Mac Diva 

Mac Rebel 

Jess xo

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Review...

I do not know why I haven't tried this sooner, it's perfection. It's just the most ideal bronzer for me and at the moment I could not imagine my life without it. I've been in love with Nars' Laguna bronzer for a long time but sometimes I just find it a little too shimmery and sometimes that can end up highlighting my pores and not looking as natural as I would want. I can imagine this shade really suiting a lot of skin tones, it's a light shade but it is very buildable if you want a more intense bronzed look. A little really goes a long way with this bronzer so apply sparingly otherwise you'll find it hard to blend it out. It's a great contour shade because it's not super orange based but it's still warm enough to look like you've been in the sun for an over all warmth. I really like the packaging this comes in, it's sturdy even though it's cardboard, you don't have to worry that if you drop this it's going to break immediately. The brush is a bit crappy to be honest but better than ones from cheaper brands and I've seen that these shape brushes are great for contouring which I agree. It's not super expensive but still a bit ridiculous, but a little really goes a long way so I think it'll last for a long time which makes the price more bearable. 

Jess xo

Benefit They're Real Mascara - Review ...

Benefit They're Real Mascara - £9.95

I'm sure you've all heard about the hype surrounding this product, so I thought it was about time I got my hands on it. I bought a sample, because it's a lot of money to spend on a product you could hate. This one was £.95 from Boots and I didn't even realise you could buy Benefit Samples until I spotted this cutie. Anyway, onto the review. I hate to say it but I don't like this product. I do like the brush I think it's really handy to get those tiny lashes with the spikey ball on the end. The main reason I don't like this product is the formula, it just smudges like crazy on me, more than any other mascara has ever done. I think it does hold a curl quite well and although it's not waterproof it really is a toughie to get off. Unfortunately I will not be buying the full size, I wished it worked for me but it hasn't. I was hoping that it would be the product to rekindle my love for mascaras but hey ho. Sorry Benefit. 

Jess xo

Easy Peasy Eye Catching Nails ...

 Barry M shades in Rose Quarts and  Lychee - £2.99

As you maybe already be able to tell from previous posts I love experimenting with my nails. I change my nail varnish A LOT, I just love it so much. Sometimes there is just no time for nail art but you still want something really eye catching which neutral and will go with everything for those occasions I go for this combo. Both Barry M shades one in Rose Quarts and the other in Lychee. Lychee creates a nude blank canvas and then Rose Quarts is just a stunning rose gold holographic glitter polish. I just feel like it's one of those designs that looks like you've had it professionally done but just cheated! As you can see my nails are quite long at the moment but I've done the same look on my mums nails whose are quite short at the moment because she's just pulled all her acrylics off, naughty! But it looks just as good on short nails. Grab these shades if you see them at your local Barry M stand! 

Jess xo

Daniel Sandler Combo Exclusive To Asos - Review ...

Honestly, I've never really been that interested in buying Daniel Sandler products for some reason. I mean, they look amazing and I wouldn't say no but maybe to me they don't hold the same sort of reputation as other high end products. Anyway, I spotted this deal on Asos and just thought "why the hell not?!" because they were a bargain. The combo comes with a lipstick in Casablanc and a watercolour blush in Cherub. I've amazing things about these blushes, but I'm not normally a blush person which is why I didn't gravitate to it naturally but I love it. I apply it to the back of my hand and then use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, dab my brush into it a tiny bit then pat the excess off on the back on my hand and apply little bits at a time until I receive the colour pay off I desire. It dries really quickly and it's a really thin consistency which makes it sit really nicely on top of foundation and dry super duper quickly. The colour is stunning, it's a perfect natural winter flush colour with a tiny hint of shimmer which is really pretty. Secondly the lipstick in Casablanc which is a classic glossy red shade. It's glossy enough to make your lips look juicy but without being glossy enough that it ends smeared all around your face! With a lip liner underneath it is really long lasting and stays almost perfect throughout the day. Also the packaging feels amazing to hold. It's an all metal container with a magnet close which is so satisfying. Both the products come in a clear plastic make up bag which is perfect for traveling! 
 If you haven't tried anything from Daniel Sandler go for it! They are really great quality and I get the impression from watching him that he really cares after the consumer and his products.   

Jess xo

A Mac Shadow Everyone Needs!

Mac Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Uninterrupted - £17

I was persuaded (which doesn't take much) by a friend to purchase this. She has recently had her make up done by a Mac make up artist and told me I needed this in my life. So obviously I bought it instantly, but what she didn't tell me was that she didn't actually get it haha. Anyway, I have fallen deeply in love with this shadow and everyone needs it in there life. It might look quite strange in the pan but the lids it really looks lovely. It will suit everyone, and I mean everyone! Any skin tone, any eye colour, it's just lovely and so unique. I apply this all over my lid with a fluffy brush which blends at the same time, which makes it so super easy. I go for this shade when I feel I need something on my lids but don't want to go too shimmery but just gives something. One of those perfect eye shadows for a bright or dark lip which won't clash with the lip. I think this is the perfect shade to bring out some warmer tones in your eye colour. It's more expensive then their ordinary shadows but this is in one of those much larger pans that are going to last you forever. If you're a Mac addict like me then I'd definitely recommend trying this, get a Mac lady to try it on you in store if you're not sure and I'm sure you'll fall as in love with it as I am!  

Jess xo

Wishlist #36 - Autumnal Lace ...

Wishlist #36 Autumnal Lace ...

Chanel Illusion D'ombre in 95 Mirage - Review...

Finally I have purchased my first Chanel product. There's no other feeling like it and some of you won't understand but I know most of you will know exactly what I'm talking about! Anyway on to the product, I've read a few mixed reviews about this product but personally I love it. I've chosen an effortless colour which does not require much blending. This is such a lovely shade of golden brown, which can be applied with a finger tip and blended out. It's very buildable so you can achieve a hint of colour or a much deeper shade. The brush it comes with is quite handy to pack on the colour and then you can blend it out with your finger, although it's that awkward size which just ends up lost unless you keep it in the box. The general formula of these is quite strange. It feels like a soft cream shadow to touch but once applied it feels like a powder. I apply a primer underneath and it last all day on me, it doesn't fade or crease. Without a primer the longevity isn't as great. The packaging feels very luxurious and expensive. I think you definitely get what you pay for with this beaut. If you're in the market for a luxury treat then check these out they are gorgeous. 

Jess xo

Another Expensive Beauty Haul ...

Whoops, I've been naughty again. I just can't help myself especially when Asos have a 25% off!! Anyway, I picked up a few expensive things over the last few weeks and thought it was about time I shared it with you all. The boyfriend and I went to London last weekend for his birthday and a end of uni present to me and we were looking in Harrods at Chanel and I thought I'd treat myself to something to remember the trip. I picked up the Chanel Illusion D'ombre in 95 Mirage. It's a super pretty golden brown shade, this product is like in between a cream and powder product. It's so soft to the touch but has a powder finish, which means it's a quick and easy product to apply. Anyway onto the next. I have really crap eye lashes, they're short and flat. So I normally just always apply some natural false lashes which I think is easier than applying coats of mascara. Anyway, I have heard so many great things about the Benefit They're Real Mascara I wanted to try it, but I didn't want to fork out the money if I was going to hate it, so I picked up a sample size instead. So fair I'm not impressed really. I then saw Asos had a 25% off code for 48 hours and I wondered whether it would also work on make up, which it did! I picked up a deal on this Daniel Sandler little combo. I've never really been desperate for any Daniel Sandler make up and plus I didn't know where it was sold either, but I saw this little combo and I had to really. It comes with a lipstick in a lovely deep glossy red, a watercolour blush in Cherub and a clear make up bag which will be handy for traveling. I'm really impressed with these product so far but I won't give too much away. 
Then finally I chose the Illamasqua Complement palette which I thought was very Autumn appropriate and I thought would really suit my eye colour. The brown shade is actually a cream one, I'm not sure why they've thrown that in there but it's very pretty still. 

I will have reviews of all these products coming very soon in the future where I'll be going into much more detail so keep your eye open for that.

Jess xo