Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain - Review...

Whenever there is something new from Revlon I am straight on the scene. Revlon is a little bit more expensive in Boots and Superdrug but you get what you pay for. These are the newest editions and I'm saw you've seen them around. They are a but like the YSL Glossy Stains, they start off quite thin and glossy and then when you rub your lips together they feel a lot thicker and set in place. Due to the formula being a lot thicker than your average gloss, the wet look lasts longer than normal but once the gloss wears away you are left with a really pretty stain of colour. I've worn these all night and haven't need to top them up, the colour stays put. At first they can look a little patchy when applied but rubbing them into your lip with a finger tip soon sorts that out. I've got to say that I think these are my new favourites, the colour range that Revlon have brought these out in is really pretty. I obviously had to choose the two brightest shades but I've got my eye on a cool dark purple. 
On a side note, I also really love the packaging of these lip stains. I love the amount of colour they show and the square shape of the bottle. 

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