Late Night Lusting ...

Everyone gets to that point every so often when they have a mental lust list of things they would love to try out or buy. I end up lusting after all this stuff I do not need late at night which stops me from sleeping so I like to release the desire and write it all down. I''m not saying that I'm going to buy all of these products because that would be crazy, but it's nice to have an idea of what you would get if you had a sudden influx of money. I love the whole concept that there isn't a time limit on beauty products normally unlike fashion where it can go out of fashion so easily. Make up brands release permanent products that are forever for the unforeseeable future and there is no pressure to buy something instantly because of the fear that the next you go back it won't be there. As my make up collection is growing I'm investing in different brands with beautiful luxury products as treats to myself. It means I really love each piece more and because I'm investing more money in an item, I feel like I research it in more details and check out a lot of reviews so I know what to expect from it already. In my head that's better than going into boots spending £50+ on tonnes of products that are crap compared to spending the same amount of money on better quality products that I know I love. I'm not bad mouthing cheaper brands because I still love them, I've just gotten slightly to the point where I feel like I already own a lot from Boots and Superdrug that something really gorgeous needs to come out for me to rediscover my love for it. Also, my local Boots is really crap and the products never change there so it's just the same everytime. I go into 'drugstores' with a really specific idea of what I want to see if they have what I'm looking for. Don't think that I don't have a massive list of high street products I want to try too because I do, but I thought this one would be more fun.    

Anyway enough of my late night rambling, have a lovely day/evening. 

Jess xo

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