Daniel Sandler Combo Exclusive To Asos - Review ...

Honestly, I've never really been that interested in buying Daniel Sandler products for some reason. I mean, they look amazing and I wouldn't say no but maybe to me they don't hold the same sort of reputation as other high end products. Anyway, I spotted this deal on Asos and just thought "why the hell not?!" because they were a bargain. The combo comes with a lipstick in Casablanc and a watercolour blush in Cherub. I've amazing things about these blushes, but I'm not normally a blush person which is why I didn't gravitate to it naturally but I love it. I apply it to the back of my hand and then use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, dab my brush into it a tiny bit then pat the excess off on the back on my hand and apply little bits at a time until I receive the colour pay off I desire. It dries really quickly and it's a really thin consistency which makes it sit really nicely on top of foundation and dry super duper quickly. The colour is stunning, it's a perfect natural winter flush colour with a tiny hint of shimmer which is really pretty. Secondly the lipstick in Casablanc which is a classic glossy red shade. It's glossy enough to make your lips look juicy but without being glossy enough that it ends smeared all around your face! With a lip liner underneath it is really long lasting and stays almost perfect throughout the day. Also the packaging feels amazing to hold. It's an all metal container with a magnet close which is so satisfying. Both the products come in a clear plastic make up bag which is perfect for traveling! 
 If you haven't tried anything from Daniel Sandler go for it! They are really great quality and I get the impression from watching him that he really cares after the consumer and his products.   

Jess xo

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