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I'm rather late on the hype for the Illamasqua Generation q Collection but that's usually the way with me. I just miss out on all the exciting new releases and then clock onto them ages later and fall in love when everyone else is over it. This is actually the only item by Illamasqua that I've actually tried out so far, but so far I'm very impressed.  
The palette comes with three power shadows, matte and shimmer then one cream shadow in a really pretty metallic brown with a blue sheen to it. I'm really into plums and berry shades in the Autumn so this is a perfect addition to my Autumn make up family. If you're into purple shades then this is an all singing, all dancing palette. It comes with a highlight shade, a cream base shade and two different shades of purple. All of the shade really compliment each other perfectly and you could wear all four for a beautiful purple smokey eye, My favourite shades are Focus (Top Right) which is the cream brown, it just creates a perfect long lasting base which is pleasantly surprising. Then Queen Of The Night (Bottom Left) which just creates such a smokey dark look to any smokey eye. Over all I really love all the shades, they don't give too  much fall down and when applied over Focus really last all day. 

This has definitely set the bar high Illamasqua, great quality. I cannot wait to try out more of their products. 
Right to Left: Queen Of The Night, Forgiveness, Focus and Slink.

Wearing Focus as a base then Queen Of The Night all over the lid and Slink as an inner corner highlight.

Jess xo

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