Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette - Review...

Have you ever seen such a beautiful palette? It makes the heart flutter. Like seriously though, WOW! Anyway, if you don't know anything about Charlotte Tilbury and her brand then get your ass on her youtube! The brand is definitely a luxury brand but everything looks amazing, this palette feels amazing. It's heavy and the even the mirror is incredible. Even the delivery feels extraordinary, it comes in a Charlotte Tilbury box which you open to find a envelop (which is the receipt) and your items bundled up in issue paper and bubble wrap. Everything about this product is really special and makes you feel so glamorous. All of Charlotte's products are very retro and vintage feelings, they are named after beautiful Hollywood women and filmstars. This range of palettes are named after a look which you can achieve with the palette. For example, The Rock Chick, The Vintage Vamp, etc. So if you know what type of look you prefer then you can pick that one. I have chosen The Dolce Vita palette, but because I thought I would use the colours more than the others. The quality of these eye shadows is amazing, the best I have tried (sorry Mac). They are super duper pigmented but without being really buttery and producing a lot of fall out. They feel firm so a little goes a long way, I can imagine these really lasting a long time. What sets this palette aside from anything else is the glitter shade. It's just stunning. I fine that this glitter shade works best by pressing it onto the lid onto of the best shade. My favourite combo at the moment is the red shade with the gold over top at the moment, a really popping duo. These shadows are 'colour-coded' which makes it easy for you to find out what shadows work best for your eye colour, I personally think these shades would work on any eye colours. I would really recommend this palette, it's just stunning. If you're looking for a really special present for someone then I would really recommend picking up something from this brand. Everything about it is so special and luxury.
After popping my Charlotte Tilbury cherry with The Dolce Vita palette, I've now got a list of things I want from the brand, so goodbye bank balance, hello beautiful make up. 

Expensive but a thousand times worth it. 

Jess xo

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