2013 Favourites - Make up...

I really like seeing what everyone's favourites are over the last year so I thought I'd do mine.
It's harder than you think you actually think of what you've liked the most over the last year and can be quite lengthy too but I've tried to cut it down but it is over a year, so here goes! 

Face Faves.

HD Brows Kit in foxy £19 - This is the only brow product I've used all year, if it's not broke then why fix it? I use the cold brown colour throughout my brows and it suits me perfectly. I do fancy trying out some pencils because I think it'll be quicker on those 'can't really be bothered days' but  I'll be repurchasing this too.

Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud £1.99 - Just a simple really pretty flushed colour, I really loved this in the Summer because it created that 'caught the sun' look. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer £25 - This is my most favourite bronzer ever! Although it is rather pricey, it's lasted me for atleast a year. I know a lot of people don't think it suits them but I really love it on me and really think it creates the sun kissed glow. 

Collection concealer in medium 3 £3.99 - The cult beauty favourite! I'm curious to see who's favourties this isn't in! Really creamy and long lasting, what else needs to be said? 

Clinique Stay Matte Foundation £22 - This is an amazing foundation for oily skins, it's really long lasting and helps control oil without looking or feeling heavy or cakey. Rather expensive but a little goes a long way with this foundation.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation £19.50 - This is the foundation I've definitely worn the most throughout this past year, it was my first ever purchase from Mac and it has definitely impressed me, it caters towards oily skin perfectly, and also gives full coverage without feeling too heavy. 

Topshop highlighter in Sunbeam £10 - I think I bought this over a year ago but I've really been getting the most out of it this year. Although it can be really crazy glittery, I find the best way to apply it is to use your finger to sweep it onto where ever you desire then, I use to Real Techniques Contour brush to blend it out and it just gives a really subtle pretty glow. I have also been loving this as an inner corner highlight in the tear duct area and I bloody love it! Perfect for those of you like me who have more yellow toned skin.

Primer faves.

Clinique Superprimer £18 - This is by far the best face primer I've ever used, better than Benefit's Porefessional or anything in my opinion. I have such high respects for Clinique products I think they really cater to everyone. This primer makes your skin feel so lovely and it does make my foundation last, I definitely repurchase this if I run out! 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Ample Amber £17 and  Urban Decay Primer Potion £15  - I don't really think much of these separately but together they are perfection. They really make any eye shadow I apply over the top really last all day and stop my eyelids from becoming oily although it is a hefty combination and isn't something I go for everyday. 

Urban Decay Setting Spray £19 - This was my absolute must have for the Summer! I hate the feeling of your make up melting in the heat and because my skin is already oily it was unbareable so this became my best friend. I kept it in my handbag permanently and throughout the day if my skin felt uncomfortable or a bit sticky, a couple of spray of this was all I needed to refresh my skin and make up. 

Eye faves. 

Mac Palette - Last Spring I decided to buy a Mac Palette to keep my eye shadows travel friendly and it looks beautiful. If I go away for any amount of time this is usually the only eyeshadows I take with me, and it serves me perfectly. It gives me enough options to keep me happy but is not too over the top, my favourites are Antiqued and Mulch. I really love all Mac eye shadows and do think they are the best. 

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Waterproof £12 - This is probably the only mascara I've ever repurchased, I normally like to try different ones out but I really was loving this this year, it keeps my lashes curled which is something I do not get from a mascara normally. However, it is a right bitch to get off without a heavy duty remover. 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £11 - The only mascara I like on my bottom lashes and it doesn't smudge which is what puts me off normally. It has the tiniest, cutest brush which perfectly reaches all those tiny lashes.

L'oreal Super Liner £6.99 - I've tried a lot of eyeliners this year but I've always gone back to this one, I have incredibly watery eyes so I need a good eyeliner otherwise it just ends up all over my face, this one definitely satisfies those needs. It's a really strange eye liner really because it applies very liquidy and then at the end of the day if you're rubbing or touching your eyes you can pull it off in a layer which I actually enjoy. But it makes it relatively waterproof/sweatproof which is great!

L'oreal Infallible Eyes in Endless Chocolate £6.99 - This is a pressed pigment, which makes it have the pigmentation of a pigment but the butterness of an eyeshadow. I really like these products but this colour is definitely my favourite for day and night! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze £4.99 - This was the first cream eye shadow I tried right at the beginning of the year and I am still loving it now, it has dried out a little bit so I could do with getting a new one, but it also makes any eye shadow you apply over the top last all day and is also really pretty on it's own.

This post is getting really long so I thought, I'd split it into two part of just make up so it's a little easier to digest. I'd love to hear your favourites of this year! 

Jess xo

What I got for Christmas...

I personally love reading and seeing what people have gotten for Christmas so I thought I'd do my take on it!
I was extremely spoilt and I'm so so sooooo grateful for everything I was gifted with and I don't want anyone to feel like I'm bragging or anything because I'm not. I've left a few personal things out and just thought I'd share the clothing bits! 

If you would like to know where anything is from comment and I'll let you know, I'm hoping on doing some outfit posts involving some of these items so you can see them in more detail then. 
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

Jess xo

Easy homemade fudge for Christmas!

What you will need: 
  • 1 can of condensed milk.
  • 400g of chocolate (I used some chocolate chips and a chocolate bar just because I couldn't get all chocolate chips)
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • Dash of salt. 
This is literally such an easy recipe and almost idiot proof, which is perfect for me!
  1. First of all just combine the chocolate and the condensed milk into a pan and put on a low heat to melt everything together, make sure you continuously stir it to ensure it doesn't end up burning to the pan.
  2. After everything is melted together take off the heat, add the vanilla extract and the dash of salt and then stir together, it should be getting thick and fudge like by now. 
  3. Put into a greaseproof paper lined tin and simply put in the fridge for a couple of hours until hard. 
  4. Finally just cut into pieces and make little packages for them! 
This is literally so simple and everyone I made them for has really loved them and didn't actually believe that I had made them, so I'll definitely be showing them the photographic proof! 
Jess xo  

Sleek Make Up Matte Me Lip Cream in Fandango Purple - Review

Sleek Make Up Matte Me Lip Cream in Fandango Purple - £4.99

Sleek is one of my favourite brands at the moment, every products I've tried from them I've really really like, and I think they have amazing unusual colour shades that are, to a certain extent, are unique including this one. I spotted this and just couldn't say no, I think it's just a lovely colour and perfect all year round, it's a beautiful purpley pink which I think would look stunning on most skin tones, from super English Rose pale to a Tanner Goddess! These photos don't do the colour justice unfortunately.
This is a lipgloss to lipstick type product that goes incredibly matte, it has been compared by other bloggers as a dupe for the Hourglass Opaque Rouge lip products, but unfortunately I haven't tried them myself but they are on my list for when I get paid. I would suggest applying a thin layer because it's really really pigmented and it can easily end up feeling and looking heavy but a thin layer looks incredible and truly lasts for the longest time! It feels rather glossy when you first apply it but it soon dries into a really nice matter finish.
 I've worn it through eating, drinking and kissing and it lasts amazingly, I feel so comfortable wearing this throughout the day and night, I never feel like I need to touch it up at all and the doe foot applicator makes it sooo easy to apply. 
I really want to get some more of these in different colours, I really want them to bring out a dark deep burgundy. 

Jess xo

Christmas ideas - Affordable Hampers, part 1...

This year I was really stuck with ideas of what to get my family for Christmas, but eventually I thought it would be a great and inexpensive idea to make Christmas hampers.
I haven't completed them yet but I thought I'd document my progress on here while I'm making them. This is the first part of the process and I just thought I'd share some things I've got to go in them at the moment.

 I was looking in lots of different shops for the perfect hamper but they were all rather expensive and I wanted to do hampers in order to save money but to still wanted to make a lot of effort, so I spotted these in Dunelm Mill and thought they were perfect, festive but still nice enough for the rest of the year for storage or whatever. They were £2.99 each which is still rather expensive for the size of them but I couldn't resist.

I was in Sainsburys the other day and I just picked up a few things to put in the hampers just as extras to fill it out a bit, the candy canes were 12 for £1.50 I think, the Dairy Milk mousse snow men were 3 for £1.20, the tealights were 5 for £2.50 and the cheese on the end (actually from Tesco) were 2 for £2.

From Dunelm I also bought some ribbon to make everything a little prettier and I decided that colour theme I'm going for is white and red. The ribbons were only a couple of pounds each and they just make everything look a little more festive and homemade. I've also decided that I'm going to put a small gift for each individual person in the boxes too, like maybe something from Lush or something nice like that!

 I thought I would just tie some ribbon around this cheese and add a tag to make it nice and festive!

I hope you like these kinds of posts and it gives you some ideas of what to give your family for Christmas!

Jess xo

Christmas Sparkle...

 In the Winter I really love adding a bit of sparkle to my make up look and I thought I'd share with you what glitter and pigments I've been using recently, and they're all affordable!  

If you're a newbies and fancy trying out some shimmery pigments for the first time I'd definitely recommend checking out Barry M's Dazzle Dusts! They have such an amazing range of colours and are really nice quality. They blend incredibly and are only a couple of pounds, they can be used as an all over eye shadow or just gently patted on top of your eye shadow to add some shimmer.You really don't need a lot at all, so they last forever! I've had these years and I wouldn't even say I'm half way.

Barry M Dazzle Dust - £4.59

 These are by Accessorize, they are a couple of years old and I haven't been able to find them in the shops so I think they have been discontinued or repackaged or something, but I thought 'd throw them in anyway because I'm sure that loads of other brands do similar ones. They are just glitter pigments which are really lovely to apply over the top of your eye shadow look, especially in the middle of the lid or toward the outer corner with a darker colour blended into the crease. I've been wearing these loads recently and will definitely be wearing the silvery taupe one on Christmas day and New years! They just need pressing onto the lid and they are very buildable.

L'oreal Infallible eyes pigments in Burning Black and Endless Chocolate - £6.99

Finally, these are the L'oreal Infallible eyes pigments, they are more like very creamy eye shadows but they are pressed pigments, you can use these as normal eye shadows all over the lid, but they're really pigmented and a little goes a long way. I definitely going to get more of these so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

All of these pigments have quite a lot of fall out so bare that in mind if you try any, I always make sure to hold a tissue under my eye while applying them or apply my foundation and concealer afterwards.

Jess xo

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation - Review

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation - £7.99

I normally avoid trying new foundations, I like to stick to what I know and I generally think you get what you pay for in terms of foundation, but I really use to love this foundation a couple of years ago and it's probably the first foundation I ever tried so I thought I'd try it out again! 
I really like this foundation, I have oily skin so generally have to be quite careful with them because I hate the feeling of foundation melting off my face! But this is perfect for me in the Winter, I don't think I would go for it in the Summer because it is a little heavy, but it has medium to heavy coverage and is definitely buildable, I can imagine it being great for all skin types because it isn't drying or too oily which is nice and it also blends really nicely into the skin. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, especially make up newbies because it's just soooo easy to apply and the shade range is really good too. I have been wearing this everyday at the moment and is perfect for day time, it doesn't really need much maintaining, maybe just a little powder through the centre of the face but that's about it which I have to do with all my foundations anyway! 

If you're in the market for a new foundation but don't want to splash out too much, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a go and if you decide you don't like it then it's not as bad as buying a high end foundation! 

 Jess xo

Primer confusion?

Personally before becoming a blogger I had no idea about primers, to be honest I didn't even know what they were for but now I'm completely obsessed with them and can't apply my foundation without them. As you may already know I have rather oily skin so a primer is a must have for making my foundation last all day or night, so I thought I'd share my views on some primers I have in my collection ranging from cheap to high end. 

Benefit the Porefessional £24.50 - This is a thick silicone based primer that claims to minimize pores which I could agree it does, it feels like a balm and I love the way it feels on the skin. It's oil free so is perfect for us oily skinned girl, however it doesn't actually claim to make your make up last any longer but it does with me, I don't know if it's because it gives the foundation to cling to or what but I do really like this primer but try not to use it everyday. 

No 7 Beautifully Matte £10.50 - This reminds me of toothpaste! It's really thick and doesn't need too much rubbing in, I would recommend patting it into the skin instead. You can tell straight away that it creates a really matte base for your foundation which is perfect if you like a matte base and then to add your glow with other highlighting products. It does make my make up last longer because it keeps my skin relatively oil free, although it's not an amazing product and if I know I need my make up to last a really long time it's not a product I would instantly think of using, although I do like it.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro £6.99 - This is the cheapest out of all of them but unfortunately is the least impressive out of them all. I normally love Rimmel products but I feel like this promises to do so many things and doesn't deliver on any of them, I would rather products be honest about being good at one or two things rather than not delivering on everything. It doesn't work well for my oily skin, although it claims to mattify and doesn't make my foundation last and longer just doesn't work for me. However, recently when my skin has been a little bit dryer a have been applying it under my foundation in the dryer patches and it stop my foundation from clinging and my skin from getting sore too.

Clinique Superprimer £20 - This is my favourite out of the bunch and the newest release too. I've seen so many great reviews for this and it seems to work for most skin types. They have a whole collection of different variations of this primer for things like redness or dullness which is great. This is a fairly thick primer but still feels creamy, it creates a really nice base and makes the skin feel really nice. I've been using this everyday and it really does make my foundation last all day and although it's rather expensive I would definitely recommend it and say it's 100% worth it.

Jess xo

I'm dreaming of Christmas nails...

I love changing my make up for the season, especially when it's Christmas! And what more festive than glitter?! So I thought I'd share my glitter picks in a post. Every year, most brands come out with some incredible glitter polishes and they come in all shades and sizes. I've chosen some which are just glitter top coats and some which can be used as base coats. I personally love going for a glitter accent nail for a hint of glitter without being too full on, I think it's a little more interesting and looks like you've put a lot more effort in than you have done. 
Barry M, as you may already know, is my favourite nail varnish brand and their glitter polishes are just as good if not better! So I would definitely recommend checking them out if you're a glitter polish virgin, they'll take good care of you! 

Jess xo

Possible Mac dupe?

I'm forever on the hunt for a good dupe, as I'm sure most beauty addicts are! Mac's Beauty Marked is by far the most beautiful eye shadow I've ever laid eyes on and such an unusual shade so I was so excited when I spotted this beauty. The possible is is one of  L'oreal's infallible eyes pressed pigments in Burning Black, I ordered this on a whim from Amazon because I fancied trying some of these pressed pigments, I don't know if they sell these in the UK store because I've personally never seen this particular shade in Boots or Superdrug but it was easy enough to order from Amazon and I think it was a little bit cheaper than shops too. Although one is a pressed pigment and one is an eye shadow they feel very very similar to touch and apply! Burning Black appears, in the pan, to be a lot more purple when swatched they are almost identical, they are both dark greyish blacks shot with pinky red shimmer through them.
Both of these shadows look incredible on the lid especially for a night out with a nude lip! I really feel special and glam when I wear these out at night and have had countless compliments from friends and strangers on a night out. The purpley shimmer really catches the light beautifully, especially under club lights. 
I absolutely adore these and would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone, although purple might not be your colour I would definitely recommend reconsidering!

What do you think?

Jess xo