MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - Review

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - £4

When it comes to palettes I can't help myself, as soon as I spot a new one I have to get it, although I don't have many expensive ones. I'm a sucker for Sleek or MUA palettes and this one is their Heaven and Earth palette. It literally has every shade of brown in it you could imagine so it will hopefully stop me from buying anymore browns for a while! 
I'm always really impressed with the quality of MUA eye shadows, they're really pigmented and really blendable which is pretty much all you need from an eye shadow especially for £4! 
Such a cheap and cheerful product, 12 eye shadows for £4 is an absolute bargain and I would really recommend EVERYONE checking them out if they haven't already! 

Jess xo


  1. Such a lovely palette I love the shades and the price makes it even better I have seen these in superdrug will need to try them :) x
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    1. Yeahhh it's soo wearable! Definitely do!
      Jess xo