My Mac Eyeshadows - So far...

I've recently depotted all my Mac eyeshadows and out them in a recently purchased Mac palette. 

I know I haven't completely filled my palette but I'll probably do another post when I have done, but that could be months, a year or even longer. 

Anyway, lets get started...

Mythology is a really lovely pinky shimmery gold with a hint of orange, I love the way this looks on blue eyes! This one is lustre but to be honest, I don't really know the actual differences so if someone wants to explain, I would really appreciate it. Mac describes it as a copper.

Next up is Mulch, which is a velvet. This is a really wearable light browny gold with shimmer, I think this colour is just perfection and looks great on all eye colours! It's especially great for eyeshadow newbies. Really lovely all over the lid on it's own or with a crease colour too. Mac describes it as a red-brown with bronze pearl.

Bronze is a true brown but on the cooler scale, it also has gold shimmer through it. I think this looks really nice on all eye colours as well and easy to wear. However, this one gives a lot of fall down which can be annoying but it just makes having to do your foundation afterwards.
Mac describes it as a gold brown  with gold-bronze shimmer.

Next is Twinks , which is the first Mac eye shadow I ever bought. It's more of a purpley brown but it still has a hint of gold shimmer through it. Mac describes it as a deep plum with pearl.

Antiqued is one of my favourites at the moment, I just wear it all over the lid, under the eye and really smoke it out. It's a more coppery brown, it's great for creating that Cara Delevingne smokey eye which I love! Described by Mac as an Ash brown with bronze.

This one is Star violet which is from the Venomous Villains collection and I actually bought this from someone. Unfortunately I really damaged this one when I was depotting it into my palette which is gutting but at least there's still plenty left! This is a browny pinky purple and looks great on brown eyes, I love purple tones on brown eyes as you can probably tell by my palette!

Hepcat is stunning and really bright, it is a little scary but looks incredible! I bought this after seeing Pixiwoo do Sammi from Beauty Crush's make up and used this! Here's the video.
I haven't used this as much as I would like but I'm going to force myself!

Sketch is a lovely deep purple, I thought it was matte but when in the light it has teeny weeny particles of shimmer in. Love this in the crease with any base colour. Mac describes it as a burgundy with red shimmer. Haven't tried it all over the lid but I'm sure it'll be lovely.

Beauty Marked is the love of my life! It's so so beautiful and is my 'go to' night out eye shadow! It looks incredible all over the lid with fake lashes for a really dramatic look! It's just perfection.
Mac describes it as black-red with sparkle pearl, but I would describe it as a blacky grey with plenty of purple glitter, so that would it catches the light you can really see the purple!

Smut is a deep grey great for a crease colour, I don't use this as much as I would like because I don't really know how to use it other than in the crease.
Mac describes it as a muted black with red shimmer.

All the Mac shadows I have tried have been really lovely and really pigmented! I am completely addicted to swatching them and buying them, can't wait to fill my palette. Refills are £10, the pots are £12 and the palette was £19.50 I think all together, which is pretty expensive but probably worth it!

If there's any colours you think I would like I would love to hear your reccomendations!

Jess xo

Clothing Haul #1 - Asos, Topshop

I know this isn't actually my first haul but I didn't know how many I've done and I wanted to start numbering them. 
Anyway, lets dive right in...

Asos - £19.50 (sale)
Firstly I bought this mint metallic t shirt dress from Asos and I just fell in love with this! I just thought it was really unique and a dressy alternative to a casual t shirt dress which I'm loving at the moment. This is so easy to style and really brings out a tan, I have been styling this with my beloved heeled boots, a studded belt and a dark lip in the evening. 

Asos - £19 (sale)

I've been loving dresses lately especially because it's soooo hot in the UK at the moment which is great! I absolutely love leopard print too, when styled nicely I think it looks amazing, I like the rock chick sort of look with leopard print. This dress is actually a shift dress but it's a really unflattering shape on me because I have big boob, but I always pull it in under my boobs and it looks really nice. 

eBay - £10

I bought these from eBay and I'm not really sure how I feel about them. They are from Topshop and are new with tags and were only £10 I think which is a right bargain because the tag says they were £34! I do really like these but they're one of those items where you like them but when you put them on you just end up taking them off! 

Topshop - £34

Yes, another Topshop skirt, I literally just cannot stop myself! I've had my eye on this one for a while and ending up having some spare money so treated myself to this, I just think it looks really nice with a black top or a white top and some chunky jewels and boots! (Pretty much how I style everything, haha)

Topshop - £34

Finally I got this black cutout hem skirt which is sooo lovely. It's one of those items that just looks nice with loads of different things and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise boring outfit. 

I know, very naughty again Jess! Oh well, life goes on...
I'm sure there will be another haul coming soon so keep tuned for that!

Jess xo

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

I know these have been out for a long time and everyone really loves them and I have actually already done a post one the first one I got but I've just bought two more and I thought I'd show them off.

I have the colours stellar, apocalyptic and  big bang, they are all very bright eye catching colours and not for the faint hearted! They are basically liquid lipsticks with are very light and don't cling to dry patches on your lips, they just glide over them if you haven't had time to use a scrub before hand. They last all day, through eating, drinking and kissing, however they do transfer which the boyfriend was not too pleased about!

 This is the colour big bang and it probably the brightest red I've ever seen and definitely in my collection! Although it's super bright, it's a really flattering shade and I think it really would suit any skin tone!

 This is the colour Apocalyptic and is another really bright shade, it's a cooler toned bright pink. I can imagine this looking amazing on a really pale person I think it would really compliment that skin tone.

 This last one is stellar which is still quite bright but no where near as bright as the other two, I wear this colour most in the day to add a lovely pop of colour especially in these summer days.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers  - £5.99
They are all super duper pigmented and can be layered up to create amazing colours, they can also be blotted down to create a subtler creamy colour and they never feel drying which is a really nice quality of them. I really love the packaging as well, I think it's quirky, really cool and definitely memorable which I'm sure is what Rimmel was trying to achieve. Well done Rimmel once again you've wowed us all with your products!
If you really want to make them pop and last even longer and better than apply a lip liner first and it really makes a difference.
I really think these are great for the money, they have a little doe foot applicator which is really easy to use and applies just the perfect amount of product for both your lips but then obviously you can layer it up too. They've really easy just to throw in your clutch before you go out but be warned, take a little mirror out with you as well so they you can check for any cheeky smudges just in case. 

I absolutely love these and I'm planning to try out some more, I want them to bring out a really bright orange one, or maybe some ones with some shimmer in as well, because all of these ones do not have any shimmer in at all. I'm going to try one of the nude ones next to see if they're just as good as they bright coloured ones and I shall let you know! 

Jess xo

Nadine eyelure fake eyelashes

For me, fake eyelashes are an absolute must have for a night out and sometimes I'll even wear them in the day when I'm feeling glam! I did buy like a pack of 40 from eBay a yearish ago but I've used them all up now, so went back to these because I really liked them before.
Firstly lets start with the band, it's really light and thin which is really good, not the thinest I've used but for the price, it's fine and because I always wear eyeliner so you can't even see the line anyway. 
I really really like the shape and style of these ones, I like them to look eye catching but not too heavy and don't make my eyes look smaller. These are really nice because always they are quite voluminous the actual hairs are still quite thin so they are quite fluttery. 
The glue that it comes with is really strong, but comes off with a little bit of water which is handy, but not so much when you've gotten a little too drink and emotional! 
They are also really easy to apply and I would recommend for fake eyelash newbies because they aren't awkward and don't flick up all the time, if that makes sense. 

I was planning on taking a photo of what they look like on because they're really pretty but I was in a rush and completely forgot when I was getting ready to go out, but they are reusable so when I next wear them I will try and remember to take a snap of what they look like on. 

What's your favourite pair of fake eyelashes? I would love to try your recommendations?

Jess xo  

Barry M gelly hi shine nail paint - blue grape!

Everyone knows how much I love Barry M nail varnishes so lets not start that again, but this is by fair my favourite colour they've brought out!

Barry M gelly hi shine nail paint in blue grape - £3.99

This is such a 'me' colour, I really loves blues for some reason and this is so lovely and bright for this lovely weather! I like dark nails most of the time but sometimes think black is a bit intense so I always go for an eye catching blue instead. 
This is really pigmented and two coats is more than enough for a perfect base, they last really well for how cheap they are which is really great! 
The only downer with this product (not really a downer but hey) is the name, what the hell is a blue grape?! Do they even exist?! I just feel sometimes Barry M can be a bit lazy with their names of colours, I know they never even use to names their colours but I still think they could be a bit more creative but it doesn't really effect me so I'm not that fussed. 

I've had this on my nails constantly for the last month or so and just can't get enough of it. It looks great with a summer tan but I can imagine it looking great on all skin types because it's just on of those colours. I'm so happy I've finally got my hands on this because I'd been hunting it down for absolutely ages and it was always sold out!

Jess xo

Instagrammies #1

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13. So much hair - 14. new book - 15. Whoops topshop order again!

Jess xo

Small beauty haul

Just a few beauty things I've picked up to try out because I've either heard really good things about them or I just couldn't resist! 

Boots had a few deals on so I had to take advantage of them! I really wanted to try out the new Rimmel scandaleyes eye shadow paint so I bought one in golden bronze and rich russet. Then I spotted these beautiful lipglosses by 17, the photo doesn't do them justice but they are so lovely and shimmery, I got them in kiss the stars and talk that talk. Then couldn't resist two of the Apocalips because there was a special offer so I go those in big bang and stellar. Then a Barry M gelly hi shine nail paint in passion fruit and a natural collection blush in pink cloud. 
I'll be doing reviews of everything here so watch out for those!

Jess xo

Urban decay de slick make up setting spray

This is my ultimate summer must have and I cannot survive the summer without it!

Urban decay de-slick makeup setting spray - £19.50

This is a makeup setting and oil control spray, this one is specifically for oily skin but they have others for other skin types as well which is great. 
I spray this on my face over my primer or even as a primer sometimes, again after I've finished my makeup to set it and then throughout the day when I feel like my makeup needs refreshing. It's literally so amazing for the summer, it's so refreshing and really does keep your makeup nice all day, I think everyone should buy this, especially when the weather is as hot as it is at the moment! 
I know it's quite expensive but I really think it's worth it, I use it everyday without fail and would be so lost without it! I actually have two, one for when I do my makeup in the morning which stays in my makeup collection and then another one that stays in my handbag to refresh my makeup throughout the day. 

Everyone just needs this in their life! It's amazing!!

Jess xo

Current fave summer nails

I'm enjoying doing my fave seasonal products so I thought I'd do nails as well. These are my most used nail varnishes this summer all super bright and really eye catching. They are also all really cheap and great quality.

Barry M blue grape - £3.99

This is the newest colour in my collection and I love it! I've wanted this colour for absolutely ages but whenever I've looked for it in Superdrug or Boots they never had it but I eventually found it! This is such an amazing blue and I've heard it's a bit of a dupe for Nails inc baker street which I've wanted for a long time as well but could never let myself spend that amount of money on a nail varnish. I think blues are my favourite shade of polish, I just always think they look so nice on and really suit my skin tone and this blue is so super bright and summery, it's part of the Barry M gelly hi shine summer collection.

Rimmel nail varnish in sunshine - £2.99

I think everyone has got to have a yellow in their collection, especially in the summer! When I first got this I really wasn't sure about this but I now really like it, and I love it on other people, it's the most summery colour I think a person can pick! This nail varnish quality isn't the greatest, it not very pigmented and it does chip quite quickly but I wanted to show the colour more than anything because it's soo lovely and bright! 

Barry M in greenberry - £3.99

I get the most comments when I wear this colour, it's just so bright and eye catching, it's almost neon!It's one of the Barry M gelly hi shine nail varnishes which all have really great formulations and are really great quality. I've currently got this on my toes and it's looks great with a tan!

Models own hedonist - £5

This is by far the brightest colour I own, it's so neon, it's from the models own Hedkandi collection which I think came out last summer maybe, all of the Hedkandi collection is really bright and summery. I saw this colour on a girl and instantly had to go up and ask her what it was, it's so so lovely and really eye catching, I also get a lot of comments when I wear this too. It's so bright it almost glows in the dark, it glows in a club under the uv lights!

Look beauty glitter top coat in sequin effect 24 - £5

This wouldn't be a favourite without a glitter top coat! I whack this one out every summer without fail it's so lush. It's a clear colour with iridescent glittery shimmer in it, it's changes colour depending on what colour you're wearing underneath which makes it look great with any colour nail varnish. The best thing about this is that it isn't really annoying to get off, it's quite easy compared to some glitter top coats. It's just so so beautiful and more of a summery top coat, where as I generally think of Christmas when I think of glitter top coats but I don't with this one. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really like doing summer related posts!

Jess xo