Vaseline spray and go body moisturiser - review

I am completely addicted to mouistrising, I love the way it makes my skin feel but sometimes waiting for it to dry before you get dressed just takes too long! I recently saw this in Boots and thought it looked useful and thought I'd try it out!

Vaseline spray and go - £4.99

It's basically a spray on moisturiser which dries really quick 'moisturises in seconds so you can put your clothes straight on' any product that makes my life easier is a must have!
I've had this for a while now and I really like it, firstly it smells like holiday which is just perfection. It comes in three different scents but this one was my favourite and the smell is what got me interested in it in the beginning. In general it's a really nice moisturiser, it's not sticky or greasy and does dry really quickly but it is still really affective, I have been keeping this in my handbag for when my skin feels a bit dry and needs a bit of extra moisture. It has a continuous spray so it dispenses evenly in one spray and it can also be used upside down which is really handy. 
I use the Nivea in shower conditioner as a moisturiser everyday but sometimes, especially in the summer, that isn't quite enough and throughout the day if my legs or arms feel a bit dry I'll just whack this out. Also it doesn't affect fake tan, in other words if I've tanned in the morning and then feel like I need to use it I don't have to worry about it leaving my fake tan patchy or uneven which is great!

I really like this and would go as far as to say it's a must have for these lovely summer days, unfortunately it doesn't contain an spf so you do need to apply one as well which is a little bit annoying. This would literally be perfect if they could incorporate an spf into it as well but maybe that's their next goal! I'm going to convince my mum she needs this because it's a type of product she would love and I definitely recommend everyone to check this out! 

Jess xo

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