Shower loves of the moment

I've recently found a shower body combination that I'm really enjoying and thought I'd share it with you!

Imperial leather limited edition bewitching shower creme - I'm not really picky when it comes to shower gels, I'm currently living at my Dad's house while I'm off uni for the summer so I generally just go with what my step mum picks but this one has really caught my eye. Unfortunately it is limited edition but it's really lovely and I definitely think it should make it into their permanent line. Firstly lets just address how beautiful is...
It's sooooo glittery and shimmery and looks so beautiful in the bathroom under the bright lights. Even though it's incredibly shimmery when you apply and wash yourself with it, when washed off it doesn't leave any shimmer on your body which is great because you don't wanna be glittery all the time! Also, it smells incredible! I am so in love with the scent it's just perfection. It's like a berry, fruit sort of scent, in one way it's very summery but in another way it's very christmasy. 

Nivea in shower skin conditioner for dry skin - I have had my eye on this ever seen I first saw the advert for it, because I tan a lot sometimes I just don't have enough time to actually moisturize, wait for that to dry, than tan, wait for that to dry and then get dressed, so most of the time I was just tanning and my skin was suffering and I could tell how dry it was getting which was not a nice experience. Anyway, I received a sample of this in a magazine and tried it the next time I had a shower and absolutely loved it and went out the same day to buy the full size. Basically, you wash your body as normal, then apply this all over your body, it feels like a very watery lotion and doesn't really feel like much. I try to leave it on for a couple of minutes, but normally by this point I just want to get out of the shower, so I instantly wash it off, which still works. It doesn't really feel like anything until you get out of the shower and you can feel a silky film all over your skin which doesn't feel really pleasant but as soon as you dry yourself you can't feel it anymore and your skin just feels really nice and healthy. It makes applying tan actually easier and smoother, also I've noticed that my tan actually look a lot more natural and even which is perfect! I will 100% be repurchasing this again and I've even convinced my mum to try it and she loves using it after she's been swimming in the mornings. 
I don't generally have dry skin on my body but there's no harm in making sure it's extra moisturized and I'm really looking forward to using this in the winter when my skin does start to get a little bit dryer and sometimes annoying itchy! 

I really like this shower combination at the moment and they're both very inexpensive which is great, and doesn't make you feel as bad if some is accidentally wasted which can happen in the shower!
Jess xo

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