Revlon nearly naked foundation - Review

I don't usually like to try out loads of different foundations, I think it's because I have a bit of a fear of either breaking out or to be out and about and to realise how awful it looks and not being able to do anything about it. However, I've heard such good things about this foundation and due to the heat in this country at the moment I definitely needed a lighter foundation.

Revlon nearly naked foundation in natural beige - £7.99
I have been using this for about three weeks now and have really been enjoying it, I bought it in the shade natural beige which is one of their middle shades which at the moment is quite good for me but if I was to get any darker (which is very likely in this heat!) so I might go and buy the next darker shade to either mix or wear alone depending on my tan. 
In general the application is really nice, but I find it dries quite quick so you have to blend it in quite quickly. The coverage is quite light but definitely buildable and feels lovely and light on your skin which is exactly what I wanted it for. 
I think Revlon do a really good range of shades for a high street brand and it is one of my favourite brands, they are a little more expensive for what some of the products are like the lip products but I do think the prices of the foundation are more reasonable.
As you might know, I do have oily skin which is very annoying in the summer and it's one of the worst feelings when your make up feels like it's melting off your face but this foundation doesn't really feel like it is, well it does to a certain extent which is just what you expect in weather like this but which a few spritz of a make up spray like urban decay de slick or the elf setting spray occasionally throughout the day is lovely and refreshing. It doesn't make my oily skin feel anymore oily or anything like that, I'm not sure how it would feel on dry skin but I haven't read anywhere that's it's really drying or settles in the dry patches, so it seems like this foundation is great for all skin types.

So to anyone who needs a lighter foundation which buildable coverage which isn't going to crush your bank balance I would definitely recommend this, I will be repurchasing this and might even buy it in some other shades for holidays and things like that. I have also found that you can buy Revlon foundations from ebay for a little cheaper as well, so if you know your shade then it's probably worth  a look. 

Jess xo

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