Primark Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse - Review..

Primark Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse - £2.90

I am a tanoholic. There I said it, I need to go to tan rehab. I've gotten to the point now that if I'm even the slightest bit pale, I cannot deal with it! Anyway, I was a fan of the St Moriz tan for years and years but recently I didn't have time to go to my local Wilkinson's so I just grabbed this one from Primark. I was actually expecting it to be really really crap but I'm actually really impressed. It's an instant tanning mousse which doesn't need any developing time, so perfect for when you need quickly throw on something gives you a more bronzed look. It is a wash off tan, which is something I wish it wasn't but I suppose that's what you can for a cheap instant tan. The best feature of this tan is the smell. I'ts probably the only tan where it does not smell like that horrible tan smell. The smell is really coconuty and really reminds on of cocktails in the sunshine. This scent isn't over powering either, it doesn't clash with other scents in perfumes or anything. I picked up the medium shade and it's definitely dark enough for me, so unless you want a really really dark tan I would say to stick to the medium one, which I think will probably be too dark for a lot of people anyway. The colour is quite a warm tone but I personally don't think it is too orangey, also my family would tell me if I was orange and they haven't commented on me wearing this. 
I think this is great for an instant tan. I always go for cheaper instant tans because I go through them so much quicker and I can't always afford to be buying replacements. If you want longer lasting tans then there are some much better more expensive brands out there but for on the go this is perfect! 

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