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Now it's Summer time, I'm trying to embrace my naturally wavey hair and although I do think my hair is nice with no products and a little twirling and scrunching, I do like to apply a few product just to tame frizz and define my curls a little more. I always end up with loads of hair products but never end up liking them or using them. However, I bought these a few months ago and I've been loving these and using them almost every time I wash my hair! 

Bed Head TIGI Totally Baked Volumizing & Prepping Hair Meringue £12.55 - This isn't specifically for natural hair, I have been using this whenever I've washed my hair no matter what style I'm going for I have been applying this on wet hair. I just want to firstly address the scent of this product, it's incredible! It has the scent of a super sweet lemon meringue, a few times I've nipped to the shop with wet hair and a few people have complimented me on smelling good but I haven't been wearing anything so I'm guessing it's been this, it smells good enough to eat! However, it is rather sickly sweet so I would avoid if you're not into those sorts of smells. This gives your hair more grip and texture without feeling dirty or dry. Each pump dispenses only a small amount but I only use about three pumps for the whole of my hair to make sure it doesn't cake my hair up and make it unmanageable and unwashed. 

Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray £6.99 - Now, I'm sure you've all heard about this product. It's suppose to be a dupe for the Oribe Texturing Spray which is ridiculously expensive! Anyway, I know I was never going to splash out on that so I thought I'd try out this instead for my new found love for messy hair. I've really been enjoying this, it's a volumising texturising spray for instant wow factor. It's great for on the go just to pull out of your bag if you feel your hair is a little flat and you're going to an event or something. It also add some grip to your hair and I personally think it holds styles well too, so it can be used as a bit of a hair spray too if you don't want to apply too many different products. 

Bed Head TIGI On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream £12.55 -  I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with this product. I love how it makes my hair look if I apply the right amount, but I apply too much it makes my hair feel heavy and just makes it feel a bit gross. However, I mostly try and apply only like a two peas size amount, rub my hands together and apply to the mids and ends of my hair all over. It just tames the frizz throughout my waves and gives them more bounce and definitely enhancing and encourages the curs a lot more. It that type of cream where if you put too much in it makes your hair feel like it's wet all the time even though normally it wouldn't be. So if you try this product I would definitely say just be wary of the amount you use until you know how much is perfect for your hair type. I have a lot of hair and I only use a really small amount so be cautious.  

These are the first bits I've tried from Bed Head before and so far I'm really impressed. I had to order them from Feel Unique which was fine and they often have deals on their website so I would recommend checking that out. I will be trying more of their products out so if you know anything that is really good I would love to hear your suggestions. They are a more expensive brand but I personally think it's worth it and they last a long time obviously depending how much you wash your hair and use them, etc. Definitely check out their Candy Fixations collection, they smell incredible! 

Jess xo

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