I picked up some more bits - Haul ...

I've really been taking advantage of Boots offers recently, there's a lot of 3 for 2 on specific brands and I've been researching a lot of brands in the 'drugstore' to see what they offer. I think Summer is the best time for brands to up their game with new launches and releases. It's a time for bronzed skin and eyes and bright lips, which is definitely what I look for when I'm at Boots. Anyway, onto the haul. 
I've tried a few of Maybelline's foundation and I've loved them all. I think Maybelline doesn't get as much attention as they deserve and I think their products are much better quality than a lot of brands in the 'drugstore' that get more attention. 
I thought I'd try their Better Skin foundation as I've read a few really good reviews about it and thought it would make a change. I then picked up a true coral nail polish because it screamed Summer to me and I thought it was about time to switch up my blacks and greys for a brighter colour. Then I thought it was about time I joined the band wagon for the love for the Brow Drama to up my brow game!
I then finally picked up one of the Bourjois singular eye shadows in the shade 54. It's a really pretty shade perfect for all year round and I think it would honestly make all eye colours pop. It's a golden warm toned brown which feels really soft and buttery to swatch. All the shades they have in this line are really beautiful and I'll definitely be picking up more. To be honest, I'm surprised it actually took me this long to pick one up. I actually remember my mum having one when I was really young, which I later inherited, even though the formula is much better now. They were really glittery back then but without too much colour pay off. 

Stay tuned for reviews on all of these products in the next few weeks. 

Jess xo


  1. Yaaaaassss Brow Drama. <3

    That Bourjois eyeshadow is gorgeous. I've never really fallen into their eyeshadows before, either (they remind me too much of secondary school), but now I'm like... ogling... >_>

    x Nicole Isabella

    1. I'm loving brow drama so far! Yes! Get back into them, they're sooooo much better now! Haha I know what you mean by reminding you of secondary school! haha.
      Jess xo