L'oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tan Elixir - Review...

I am a tanaholic. There I've said it, no going back now! I just feel so much more confident with a tan so when there is a new tanning release I'm straight on it! I tan probably every other shower, so the fact that is said it lasts two weeks really grabbed my attention. It's basically an oily lotion that you apply with a mitt, three days consecutively and then it should last two weeks, perfect for a pre-holiday glow so you don't look like Caspar the family ghost when you get your kit off! 
There is only one shade available so no worrying about a certain shade being too dark or light which I think is super handy! I haven't tried it on my face, just due to the fact that it's bound to break me out! 
I actually love this, the tan looks really natural and deep, after only two applications it's great and a third is even darker and probably too dark for some people, but then only two applications are needed. In terms of it lasting two weeks, it definitely lasts one but I don't think it lasts two, it definitely needs topping up after one and can look a little patchy but doing things like exfoliating before applying and moisturizing after each shower, etc. It is rather glittery when you apply it, but nothing super noticable, makes your legs look lovely with a little shimmer.  
The only bad point I can think of with this product is that you need quite a few pumps for each body part, so it goes down really quickly, I've only been using it for threeish weeks and I've already used at least half especially with the price tag. I will be repurchasing it though, I'm really pleased with this new release and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sun kissed glow!

Jess xo

Beauty haul!

Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA recently, I've had an insanely stressful few weeks, including my laptop breaking and is currently away being fixed! Anyway, on to the haul... 

All of these items were purchased over a few weeks not all at once and they're pretty much all things that I've had my eye on for a while and finally caved! 
First up I bought another Nars Laguna Bronzer because mine was pretty much all gone! 
Next I purchased these two tanning products that I recently heard about from Vivianna doe makeup, she did a video about all of her favourite new drugstore releases, so I saw these on an introductory offer and picked them up! I also purchased three more Mac eye shadows in Quarry, Nylon and All that Glitters all very loved in the beauty community and an essential for any neutral palette and then I also picked up a quad for traveling!Next on the list was just my 'go to' fake lashes at the moment, really natural and pretty, perfect for everyday! The Bourjois Velvet Rouges were an impulse buy but I tried them on my hand the day before and they were still there after showering the day after so I just had to pick them up! They have some really lovely bright summery colours. I picked up the Rimmel Match Perfection powder because I fancied trying a loose powder as my skin can get really oily sometimes and this might suit me a little bit better, just in transparent. I also finally got the Sleek eyebrow stylist, which is a rip off of the hourglass one I think, the colour isn't perfect for me, it's really warm but I'm going to carry on trying it! I was persuaded by one of my friends to get the Rimmel Kate Moss nail varnish in beige babe, she had it one and it looked really classy and beautiful, although I never go for a brown I quite liked this one and decided to try it out. Finally the last two items I picked up today were the Maybelline Big Lash mascara, I was really drawn to it because it has a bottom lash brush on one side and I was tempted to see if it could revival my Clinique bottom lash mascara and for cheaper. Then I also was really draw to the Max Factor Wild shadow in 55 Feral Brown which is a really pretty warm coppery brown which I love for this season instead of a crazy smokey eye! 

I will be reviewing all of these items in the up and coming weeks/months so definitely keep an eye out for that. Again sorry for the lack of posts lately things are super intense but I'm trying to get back on track! 

Jess xo 

Brand Review: Bourjois ...

A few months ago I decided to subscribe to Company magazine and often when you just a subscription service they will gift you with a few things from a certain brand. I'm normally not really drawn to Bourjois, I tried some of their products but nothing to really form an opinion of so I thought this would the perfect way to try some of their stuff out! 

Bourjois Color Edition 24hr eyeshadow £6.99 - I was given the colours Merveille d'argent which is a really pretty glittery silver, not normally a colour I would choose, and Prune Nocturne which is a plummy cranberry shade. I've tried a lot of cream eye shadows recently and I'm a real fan of them, these are slightly different to any I've tried, they are really thin and almost like a cream to powder finish. I've tried them with and without shadow over the top and I'm not in love with them but I do like them. They stay relatively well either way but they definitely don't last 24 hours, I think that's a bit of a stupid claim for brand to make but I understand that it's for promotion. I do think there are better versions out there and similar colour from other brands, especially for £6.99. I'm not disappointed with these but I'm not impressed either, I will continue you to use these for eyeshadow bases. The only bad point I can think of with these is that they stick a massive stick to prevent it from being opened but it is also a nightmare to get off when it's yours! The packaging is plastic and feel a bit cheap compared to the Mac and Maybelline cream shadows.

Bourjois Beauy'full Volume Dark Kohl Mascara £7.99 - Now, let's just take a minute to look at the brush! It looks like a murder weapon and at first I was very reluctant to put it anywhere near my eyes, but once again I wasn't massively impressed, it's a decent mascara but nothing special. It doesn't smudge at all which is great, but I don't think it really gives that much volume or length, however I've really been loving it for bottom lashes, the spikey end bit makes it perfect to get into those corners. I do think the packaging is really cute though! 

Bourjois Mega Liner Dark Black £7.49 - Bourjois are really into their funky applicators and I'm really sure how something can be described as dark black but hey ho! This is one of the better products in this collection, the applicator shape makes it really easy to create the perfect wing, but it does take some getting use to, especially for getting a thin line in the inner corner but if you like a thicker line then this is definitely for you! This is a really black formula and applies without dragging or pulling your eye lid, I've had this for a while now and it still hasn't really dried out which is impressive for a pen type of eyeliner. I thought I was going to hate it when I first opened it but I actually really like it! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick £7.99 - I got this is Beige Trench 02, this is a browny pink toned nude, not my usual shade of nude and I'm not completely sure it suits me but I've been trying it out anyway. It is a very thick formula of lipstick and isn't particularly glossy or matte, somewhere in between. Again, not massively impressed, the formula is alright, wears evenly and is quite long lastin, I definitely don't think it's worth £7.99, all of the new Rimmel lipsticks from any collection are so much better, so I would personally choose one of them over this range. They do have some nice shades that I've got my eye on but I'm probably not going to spend £7.99 on them when other brands do better and similar ones. 
Bourjois 1 seconde gel nail polish £5.99 -  Finally, my definite fave of the bunch! I was given the colour Violine Hypnotique which is a really incredible unique colour, it's a plummy red with a gold metallic shimmer running through it, not very summery but I haven't been able to get this off my nails for the month (I have been able to take it off I just keep reapplying!) It's on of those gel formula ones and I'm really impressed, this is probably the best version of gel nails I've tried! I love it! It lasted on me a full week without chipping and that was only a few small chips that weren't even noticeable to the untrained eye! I think this must be from and Winter or Christmas collection because I haven't seen it stocked in shops but they have it on the Bourjois website. The only silly bad point with this product is that the name is really unclear, it's super small and isn't clear that it's the colour name at all which made it difficult to find it on any websites but that's not really important.

Over all, I think Bourjois are decent, I think they over charger for their product, most of the packaging feels a bit plastic and cheap, where as Relvon who are in the same price band, have amazing packaging. I'm not sure I'd actually repurchase anything, maybe the eye liner but there are also very similar products for cheaper out there! I do love their nail polishes though, I think they always bring out great seasonal shade ranges and the formulas are great. I do want to try some of their other products out though, like their Java Rice Powder and their Chanel Bronzer dupe! 

Jess xo

Seventeen Gel Colour in Emerald Tropics - Review..

Seventeen Gel Colour in Emerald Tropics - £3.99

I'm really into trying all these 'gel' polishes that all the brands are releasing resently, I've had a few proper gel nails before but they wreck my nails and these are a perfect healthier alternative, especially if your nails are in good condition already. 
The most recent one I have been trying is this one my Seventeen, personally I really like the brand Seventeen, they do some great products for a cheap price.
Anyway on to the nail varnish, I liked this! It's not as great as other gel style nail polishes I've tried but it did last a decent amount of time on me, it lasted roughly 5 days on me which is relatively impressive for a cheap gel colour. It much better than the Barry M gel polishes and for the same amount of price, I always apply two or three coats to get an intense and strong coat, but you could get away with doing one if you wanted, the pigment is great. This colour is really super pretty, especially for Spring, it looks really blue in this photo but it's actually a really intense green, very unusual and it caught my eye because I haven't seen anything similar. I can imagine a lot of people not liking this colour, my step dad said it looks like I've been picking me nose, which is lovely. 
Overall, I really like this and if there's any other colours that catch my eye then I will definitely be picking these up, they also have that really great fat brush, which is my opinion makes them better than the Barry M polishes! 

Jess xo

Mac Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick - Review...

Mac Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick - £15

'Flat Out Fabulous' what a fantastic lipstick name, and it really sums up this lipstick and how I feel when I wear it! This is a really purple pink with blue undertones (which make your teeth look whiter!) I personally think this colour is perfect for everyone and every skin tone, it would look stunning on nautral English Roses or darker beauties. It's the first lipstick from the Matte collection and although I can understand why some people really don't get on with it, I love it. This lipstick is quite difficult and waxy to apply - almost like it need warming up! But once it's on the lips it does not budge, it lasts through eating and drinking without needing a top up. However, if you initially apply too much it can look cakey later on and be quite drying, so a little goes a long way. Since this, I've gotten another from the Matte collection and I love that one just as much. I'm now desperate to try one of the Matte Reds like Ruby Woo, it's definitely next on my list!! 
Definitely a must have for everyone's collection and a massive unsung hero, I'd love to see this get the attention it deserves! 

Jess xo

Spring Trend: Matching lips and tips...

 Rimmel 60 seconds polish in deliciously dark and Mac Cyber.

 Barry M nail paint in Berry Cosmo and Mac Rebel.

 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Baked Cherry - Mac All Fired Up

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in As You Want Victoria and Rimmel Pro Professional Finish in Urban Purple.

 Rimmel 60 second polish in Sun Downer and Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in In Love With Ginger.

 Barry M nail paint in Red Black and YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats
 in Prune Virgin.

Ciate Mini and Mac's M.A.C Red.

A trend that I've been really enjoying lately is matching lipstick and nails, it's a really classic trend which just really pulls an outfit together and adds a really cool edge. I've also been adding the same colour shoes as well on a night out and I think it just look amazing with and otherwise black and relatively plain outfit. It's a really easy way to inject a little colour into your style if you feel safe in black or to add a grungey look to an all white or particularly girly outfit with dark nails and lips. I personally don't feel too comfortable in super girl dresses so I often add studs or chunky boots to rock up my outfit a little bit and a dark lipstick. My favourite at the moment is definitely orange, it's amazing for upcoming Spring and Summer and really eye catching which I love! 

Jess xo

Another Mac Haul and chit chat ...

Mac Eyeshadow in Amber Lights and Tempting - £10
Mac Lipsticks in Up the Amp and Creme Cup - £15

I've been going a bit crazy with Mac lately, as you may be able to tell! Since I popped my cherry with my first Mac lipstick I have gone crazy for them. Although, I didn't spend any money on these two with is great! My mum has recently been to Mexico and she picked me up a few bits from Mac while she had the opportunity to get it cheaper which was super duper nice of her! She got me an eyeshadow in 'Tempting' with is a really pretty golden brown, similar to 'Mulch' but more golden, a really easy colour to wear all over the lid. Then she also picked me up a lipstick in 'Up the Amp', which is really lovely but I'm not sure it suits me on, I feel like it makes me look a little dead, but I've seen it on other people and it looks awesome! 
I decided to check my stash of random packaging and realised that I have enough to do 'Back to Mac' which if you didn't know, is if you have six pieces of Mac plastic packaging then you can  exchange them for a free lipstick which is ace, especially if you've depotted your eye shadows into a palette! I chose 'Creme Cup' which is definitely a cult fave, so I thought it was about time I picked it up. It's a really pretty pink nude, it's slightly lighter than I like my nudes but I still really like it, a really easy colour to wear. 
Finally, I picked up 'Amber Lights' I've also heard a lot about this eye shadow it's really pretty and I fancied a true gold in my Mac palette an I've been wearing a gold along my lower lash line and this is perfect for that. 

I will be reviewing all of these products where I will go into a lot more detail so they will be up soon when I've had chance to try everything else and form a proper opinion of it, sorry for the amount of hauls lately, they are my favourite things to watch and read personally, and clearly I have an addiction to shopping. I've decided I'm going to try and incorporate more fashion into my blog because I really love, styling and putting things together, and I buy a hell of a lot of clothes!

Jess xo

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball - Review...

Dead sea minerals are very beneficial, there's no doubt about that, they help with things like skin regeneration and elasticity so in theory it should work wonders, but I'm lucky to not actually suffer with dark under eye circles but I do often get tired/puffy which this is my perfect 'go to' cure! I keep it in the fridge which makes it really cooling and relaxing
I'm really not the type of person that's tried tonnes of skincare or eye creams out, I stick to what I know and what works for me, this is the first rollerball eye product I've used and I'll definitely be hunting it down when I've finished it, I've added it to my morning skincare routine, I like to look after my eyes as much as I can and I bloody love this.
There are some ingredients that are great in skincare in there, like for increasing cellular oxygen consumption and boosting cell metabolism, which massively helps towards preventing wrinkles in the future.
Unfortunately, I got this from a beauty advent calender around Christmas so I'm not 100% sure where you can get it from but I'll definitely hunt it down.
It also has like a really herbal soothing scent which is actually quite relaxing, like a spa. 

Jess xo

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur - Review.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur - £7.99

I bought this on a complete whim, I am a true lipstick addict, so much so that every so often when I haven't bought a lip product for a while I get withdrawal symptoms and can't control myself. I was in this sort of mood when I bought this, I have heard so much about these and I just thought I'd join in on the hype. Although, I have millions of lip products in this colour I was really drawn to this one and I thought it would be a really easy and effortless red lip. 
It is really glossy and super duper easy to apply on the go, the crayon tip makes it effortless and I shall be definitely be getting more of these. As you can see, it's really pigmented, a lot more pigmented than I thought it was going to be and really long lasting, it doesn't cling to any dry patches and it has become the product I grab when I'm on my way out and I can't really be bothered with anything that needs maintaining through out the day! 

If you haven't tried these yet then I would definitely recommend them, I would of picked up more by now but every time I've been in a Boots or Superdrug they've been completely sold out of all of them! I also want to grab the purple matte one, it looks beautiful!

Jess xo