Seventeen Gel Colour in Emerald Tropics - Review..

Seventeen Gel Colour in Emerald Tropics - £3.99

I'm really into trying all these 'gel' polishes that all the brands are releasing resently, I've had a few proper gel nails before but they wreck my nails and these are a perfect healthier alternative, especially if your nails are in good condition already. 
The most recent one I have been trying is this one my Seventeen, personally I really like the brand Seventeen, they do some great products for a cheap price.
Anyway on to the nail varnish, I liked this! It's not as great as other gel style nail polishes I've tried but it did last a decent amount of time on me, it lasted roughly 5 days on me which is relatively impressive for a cheap gel colour. It much better than the Barry M gel polishes and for the same amount of price, I always apply two or three coats to get an intense and strong coat, but you could get away with doing one if you wanted, the pigment is great. This colour is really super pretty, especially for Spring, it looks really blue in this photo but it's actually a really intense green, very unusual and it caught my eye because I haven't seen anything similar. I can imagine a lot of people not liking this colour, my step dad said it looks like I've been picking me nose, which is lovely. 
Overall, I really like this and if there's any other colours that catch my eye then I will definitely be picking these up, they also have that really great fat brush, which is my opinion makes them better than the Barry M polishes! 

Jess xo

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