Weekend away - outfits?

So I'm hopefully going away this weekend to see the boyf, we live quite far away from each but met at uni in halls and have lived together for the last two years. Anyway, as I'm sure many of you can relate when the summer comes and it's that time where you have to move out and have to move home for like 4 months it can be quite difficult to see each other as often as you'd like, the same with friends as well. Anyway, so the boyf and I are meeting at our uni house this weekend and going to have a nice weekend together because we haven't seen each other for a month, so I'm super excited for that and thought I'd share the outfits I plan on wearing over the weekend. Traveling and day one.
Date weekend #1

Topshop daisy tank, £44 / Topshop striped a line skirt, £42 / New Look tassle loafer / Topshop black jet necklace, £16 / Rimmel matte lipstick / Barry M orange nail polish
Day 2 daytime.
Date weekend #2

River Island / Topshop , £21 / Topshop , £47 / New Look flat shoes / River Island / River Island / Topshop , £16 / NARS Cosmetics , £23
Day 2 cinema and meal date night. Going all out dressy!
date night

Topshop , £78 / Zara handbag, £20 / Topshop black jet jewelry, £16 / NARS Cosmetics , £23 / Rimmel lip stick / Eylure false eyelash
Final day and traveling home outfit. Something comfy to drive in but with some summery accessories.
Traveling day

Topshop ankle socks, £3.91 / Miss Selfridge motorcycle boots, £85 / ASOS pearl jewelry, £12 / Topshop , £18 / Rimmel lip stick / River Island Black dog bite print t-shirt dress
Hope you enjoyed this post, a bit different but I enjoyed it. I'm sorry I'm probably not going to be able to post anything this weekend but I'm going to try my hardest.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 20 - review!

I really like the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, they're by far my favourite.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 20 - £5.49

It's a beautiful bright pink, but a cold pink so it makes your teeth look quite white. This range of the black packaging is their glossy range, the red packaging is their matte range. 
This one is really glossy and moisturizing, the colour is really pigmented and applies beautifully. 
 Personally they do last really well on me, although I do have to reapply occasionally but I don't mind, also, for a glossy lipstick they really don't smudge. It's one of my worse hates when you're wearing a lipstick and you always have to check to see whether your hair has smudged it all over your face! 
I really like this collection that Rimmel has brought out, I haven't had a bad experience with any of these lipsticks and I have all of the bright colours in the range, and I am now thinking about getting the nudes and pinks as well. 
This is the lipstick with a lip gloss over the top. I really love the ways this looks!
It's such a lovely summer colour and everyone should definitely check out this collection.

Jess xo

I did some more shopping - Beauty edition

So I have been very naughty again and went into boots and bought way, way too much!
To be fair, I bought a lot of things that I've needed and wanted for a long time, so here goes...
Bastiste dry shampoo - £3.49 Tangle teaser - £9.99 Denman dog brush - £4.29 White Glow toothpaste - £3.99 So? kiss me perfume -(currently) £5.24 Nivea in shower skin conditioner - £2.56 L'oreal elvive leave in conditioner - £5.99
First up hair and body.
I have really long hair and brushing it can be painful and quite stressful so I invested in a tangle teaser, I've heard so many good things about them and it's apparently a 'must have' for long hair. I'm really glad I got this, I use it in the shower and just to brush my hair in general and it makes it so much less painful! Also, it's sparkly purple, what's not to like?!
I also bought a 'dog brush' because apparently they're great for back combing, I didn't really need this but it somehow slipped into my basket but it is great for back combing. 
Bastiste dry shampoo for brunettes is a complete must have, I use it everyday and really love it. 
I got the white glo toothpaste which is really nice toothpaste, I've done so much research into cheap tooth whitening and this is one of the only things I've tried that really does make a difference, it not like a massive difference, but it does make quite an effective difference so I thought I'd get it again. I'll do a review on this soon.
I really wanted some perfume but nothing too expensive, just something to spray on on the go, so i thought I'd try the So? Kiss me perfume, I remember absolutely loving this in the body spray version when I was about 15 and I still really love the smell of this and it was on special offer.
I tried a sample of the Nivea in shower body conditioner and really liked it, I try to moisturize everyday after I've had a shower and then tan but some times there's just not enough time and this is perfect, so I bought the full size and I'm loving it, I'll also be doing a review on this soon too.
Finally, I always use a leave in conditioner, it helps with the tangles and gives my hair some extra moisture, I had ran out of my Dove one and they didn't have it in the Boots I was in so I thought I'd try this one. So far I really like it but I want to try it out more before doing a review.

Real Techniques brushes - £21.99 Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks - £5.49 Urban Decay make up setting spray - £19.50 Revlon nearly naked foundation - £8.99 Max Factor lip stain - £6.99 L'oreal eyeliner - £6.99 Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner - £3.99
Make up time...
Firstly the Real Techniques brushes, everyone loves these and they've got a great reputation, I already have most of the face ones and thought I'd give the eye ones a go, didn't really need them but oh well. So far I really like these too.
Urban Decay you're too addictive! I've tried this setting spray before and I really like it so I thought I'd buy a new one because I've left my other one at my uni house which is annoying! But I've been craving it now the weather is humid and I hate feeling like my make up is melting off my face, this is great for making make up last and refreshing your face throughout the day.
Next lip products, I did buy three of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks but I couldn't find one of them. I bought the colours, 22, 110, and 20 all bright summery colours. 22 is a classic really bright red, 110 is a lovely bright corally matte shade and 20 is a bright bright pink. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks so that's always the first place I got for a new lipstick. I also got the Soap and Glory Sexy mother pucker lipgloss in clear to apply over any colour lipstick.
Now it's summer I wanted to buy a lighter foundation, in my opinion there's nothing worse than feeling like your foundation is too heavy and melting, so I thought I'd try the Revlon nearly naked foundation in Natural Beige, I haven't used it very much yet but so far I like it, it's nice and light but still has good coverage.
Whoops, another lipstick product, I absolutely love this Max Factor lip stain in 06, it's a lovely red, really teething whitening colour and lasts really well on me. This is actually my third one, I have really bad luck with these and have lost the other two which is really annoying when they're not the cheapest. 
Another L'oreal super liner, but it's not the black lacquer one, thought I'd try this one instead of my normal one and so far I'm really not impressed but I'm going to see if I can work with it. 
Finally I bought a Rimmel waterproof eyeliner in nude, makes your eyes look bigger.
Ted Baker make up bag - £10
I also bought this super cute make up bag! I needed a new make up bag as mine was really shitty!
Jess xo

How much is your face worth?

Thought this sounded like a fun post to do, I've seen it around on quite a few blogs, so here goes...

Face: Benefit's porefessional -£24.50 , Mac studio fix fluid - £20.50, Rimmel stay matte pressed powder - £3.99, Collection lasting perfection concealer - £4.19, Nars laguna bronzer - £25, Natural collection blush in rosey glow - £1.99, Urban Decay de slick makeup setting spray - £19.50.
Eyes + brows: Urban Decay primer potion - £15, Mac mythology eye shadow - £12, Mac antiqued eye shadow - £12, L'oreal super liner - £5.49, Hd brows kit in foxy - £19.95,Max Factor clump defy - £10.99, Max Factor false lash effect waterproof - £10.99, Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof kohl kajal in nude + black - £3.99x2.
Lips: Lush lip scrub - £5.25, Rimmel kate moss lipstick in 22 - £5.49, Soap and glory sexy motherpucker lipgloss in clear - £9. 


Holy shit, I didn't think it would be that bad! But I suppose if you work it out price per wear then I'm sure it wouldn't be as bad. But the scary thing is that, that's not even counting the tools I used or even skincare products, oh dear, I do feel a little bad. I didn't even think I used that many expensive products but clearly I do. Although I have seen worse so I don't feel that bad, haha.

I think everyone should try this out, it's such a shock.

Jess xo

Lush Mint Julips lip scrub - review.

I have been meaning to invest in a good lip scrub forever, but I've always been too lazy and just used a toothbrush instead.

Lush Mint Julips lip scrub - £5.25

I really like Lush in general, it's such a nice experience when you're shopping in there, all the products are lovely and they show you how they work if you want to be shown as well. I've personally never had a bad experience with a Lush product but to be honest I don't buy loads of their products anyway. 
I really like this lip scrub, I have to stop myself from using it all the time and making my lips sore, but I budgetted myself to once every other day. You basically rub it on your lips and then lick the access off and it's super yum, then simply just apply a lip balm and you're good to go!
 I thought it was quite expensive for what it was at the beginning but for how much product you get and how much you use every time it's clear that's it's going to last for ages! 
I got the mint chocolate flavour which is delish! There were also popcorn flavour and bubblegum but I really didn't like the smell of those. 
This purchase has definitely made me want to go back to Lush when I get the chance, before this, it was a shop that I liked but always forgot about when I was in town. 

I would definitely recommend this to everyone, it's just lovely and everyone hates dry lips so get it!

Jess xo

Mac eye shadow in Antiqued - Review.

My love affair with Mac eye shadows continues...

 Mac eye shadow in Antiqued - £12

I loves me some brown eye shadows, and I've probably got every shade of brown ever made but I still can't help myself, I'm a Mac whore. It's more of an orangey brown without being too over the top orange, I like orangey browns on brown eyes because I think they really bring out the warmth in your eye colour and a brown smokey eye suits all eye colours in my opinion! 

But anyway, the colour is really nice quality it's a veluxe pearl apparently which I really like, well I've really enjoyed the ones i have tried. The only problem with this is it doesn't last as well as my other Mac eye shadows, but it lasts all day if I use the urban decay primer potion so it doesn't really bother me that much, and I've already spend my money on it so it's too late, haha. 
If I ever use all of this up I will be repurchasing this, but it could be in years to come because I don't think I've ever used up an eye shadow. The prices in Mac do annoy me a little bit because I do think they are a little over priced but I will still happily buy whatever my heart desires anyway so can't complain too much. 

I think this colour would look really nice on anyone's eyes, I use it all over the lid most days as a subtle smokey eye or just in the crease with a gold over the lid or Mac's mythology eye shadow that I've reviewed before so check that out if you're interested. 

Jess xo

The Liebster Award

The Libster award is a great way to give attention to blogs if they are in the shadows. The award encourages others to read these blogs. This award had some rules, here they are:
  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you
  • You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers
  • You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.
I was nominated by the beautiful Danielle Lucy from http://daniellelucyy.blogspot.co.uk. Thank you so much for nominating me, I'm so flattered and it was really fun answering your questions.
So on to the questions... 

1. What is the last thing you purchased? The last thing I purchased was the Barry M white nail paint, love white nails, I've done a post on them too! Trying to be good and not spend from now on!

2. What are your plans for summer? I'm not sure what my plans are for summer yet, I think the boyf and I are going to go away and maybe go to Global Gathering but we shall see what the money situation is! I just want to spend as much time with my friends as poss before I go back to uni.

3. Favourite film/tv character and why? My favourite TV character is Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, I don't know a single person who doesn't fancy her! She's beautiful and really powerful and she has three dragons so what's not to love!

4. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Hmmmm, probably not a very exciting answer but I'd probably have to say Topshop, although I think it's really overpriced I can't leave without buying something, I definitely have an addiction. 

5. Are you a procrastinator? If so, how do you procrastinate? Yes, definitely am! Once I get started with something I'm normally alright, but getting started is my problem. Most of the time I start cleaning, like the whole house, I just do everything that needs doing and when there's nothing that needs doing anymore I'll probably start what I needed to do in the beginning.

6. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with anything? Errmmmm, a lot of things really, Mac and Topshop, if anyone asks what a want for a present, I always just say "pick me something from Mac or Topshop" I go on the Topshop website probably every day, I need a job there really, haha!
7. In general, are you a messy or a tidy person? Generally tidy, I do have messy times though when I'm just being lazy, but in general I like to keep things tidy.
8. Baths or showers? Showers, easier and generally cleaner. I do have quite a lot of baths but I always have a shower afterwards.
9. Do you have any piercings/tattoos? Yeah, I have two tattoos on both wrists and I plan to get some more. Then I have 8 piercings 7 in my ears and then my tummy button and I'm tempted to get my nose pierced and just have a little diamond stud in it, nothing major.
10. Do you have any interests/hobbies? Errm, not really, I mean, I obviously love beauty and fashion massively! But apart from that not really, I go scuba diving and I'm planning to finish my training this summer while I'm home and just swimming really.
11. Is there anything you'd like to achieve by the end of the year? Erm, to be honest I haven't really thought about it, I mean I would love it if my blog became a little more popular. But generally I just want to be happy and healthy. Sorry bit of a boring answer.

Here are my nominees (Couldn't find 11, whoops..)

My 11 questions are:
1. What's your favourite lipstick colour/shade?
2. What's one of your beauty and fashion tips for summer?
3. Is there anything you would say your addicted to?
4. What's your favourite make up brand?
5. Who would you say is your fashion icon?
6. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 
7. What's your number one thing of your wishlist at the moment?
8. Do you shop on eBay much? What was your best bargain if so?
9. Where's your favourite place to shop?
10. If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be?
11. Any holy grail products?

Please follow all the blogs I've nominated!
Thanks again Danielle Lucy for nominating me!

Jess xo

Max Factor False Lash Effect waterproof macara - Review

I think I did a post of the Loreal telescopic mascara before saying how much I liked and don't think I'd ever try anything else, etc, but I betrayed that one and , oh boy, am I glad I did! 

Max Factor False Lash Effect waterproof macara - £10.99

I honestly haven't had a mascara that has made my eye lashes look as good as they do with this in years! I normally always like to try out different popular mascaras to see how good they are and everything, but I honesty don't think I will be trying any others anymore, I'm so so so so in love with this mascara and I've only been using it for a week or so, at first I thought I was allergic to it because it made my eyes feel strange and a little bit sore but I just stuck with in because I was so happy with the results! My eye lashes in general aren't the longest and aren't very curly either and this mascara makes them do both!! I literally can't get enough of this mascara, I will buy it forever and ever and ever! 
The only bad thing about this mascara is that the brush is so big that I sometimes end up getting it everywhere which is annoying and it's pretty difficult to get off, not as difficult as the Maybelline the Falsies mascara though, but I will happily put up with that because of the results! 
It keeps my eyelashes curled and the mascara dries hard where as a lot of mascaras around don't and my lashes never hold a curl if they don't dry hard. 
I am crazy about this mascara, 100% and if it's ever discontinued I will probably cry and write a thousand upsetting letters to Max Factor. 

Everyone needs to buy this, now!

Jess xo

Trend love #1 - Polka dots...

One trend I really love and think I always will is polka dots, personally I would wear them all year round but they are really coming in fashion this summer. They look great in all colours and on all items of clothing! Here's how a few highstreet brands are doing them this year! Topshop
Topshop does polka dots

Topshop polka dots top, £48 / Topshop crop top, £37 / Topshop longsleeve shirt / Topshop , £10 / Topshop skater skirt, £38 / Topshop bleached denim shorts, £38
River island
River island polka dots

River Island crop top / River Island polka dot jacket / River Island / River Island / River Island short skirt

White nails for Summer!

I love white nails for summer, so classic and neutral. 
I think everyone should have a white nail varnish in their collection, it's great for frenchies or just a plain nail.

  Barry M matt white nail paint - £2.99

I have probably used up more white varnishes than any other colour, I literally just go through them so quickly and I have no idea why! I never even wear them in the winter but as soon as summer hits I whack out the white! 
This one by Barry M has actually been really good and quite long lasting. I've had it on for four days so far and have no chips which is great for a nail varnish! I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented it was as well, two coats was great but I always do an extra coat, no idea why, I just like to. Barry M is definitely my favourite nail varnish brand, I just think they're great and so cheap! I never spend too much money on nail varnishes because it's very rare that I ever use a full one and just think it's a bit of a waste of money otherwise, but if there was a colour that I knew I would wear all the time I probably would invest in it, but I haven't found any so far. 
This colour is matt which I don't really mind, most white nail varnishes I've tried are matt and I just apply a clear top coat over the top if I want it to be more glossy. 

Would definitely recommend this white nail varnish, it's good quality and lasts really well. I can't think of any bad points about this nail paint it's just a perfect white nail varnish and it's also great for french tips.

Jess xo

I did some more shopping ...

Whoopsie! I've done some more shopping! I need to just give my bank card at home and never take it out with me and not be allowed to internet shop either! 
Oh well...

Skirt - Topshop - £32    Top - Primark - £4
As you probably already know, I have a major addiction to Topshop skirts, I just love them, for all occasions! So I treated myself again, to this one, it's like a denim with white flowery cut out over the top. I just fell in love with this one, it's so super sweet. I was a bit stuck of what to wear with this because it's such a light colour and denim as well, but I just bought this plain red tee from Primark to wear with it. 

Riverisland top - £10
I've really been loving just casual tees with skirts and shorts, just because it's like that grungey 'haven't made any effort but have actually made loads' look. This one has a oil slick print on it, which I thought was really cool and unusual, haven't seen anything else like this and it was only £10 in the Riverisland sale which is a right bargain!

 Skirt - Topshop - £34    Top - Topshop - £18
Oops, so another Topshop skirt might of slipped into my possession, I literally just couldn't help myself and I love Colbolt blue. But I bought this tall Topshop top to go with it, I always have to buy a top to go with a skirt that I buy, I don't know why, I just can't help myself! It's definitely a problem!!
The top is like a floral black and white pattern which I just really really liked for something reason, looks really nice just paired with jeans as well. The only thing I don't like about this tee is that the material is really thin, which is kinda annoying but I bought it anyway so can't really complain. 

Topshop vest - £16
This was from Topshop as well, it's just really sweet lace, and the back is see through lace which I thought was a nice touch. I'm not sure what to put this with at the moment so any comments would be much appreciated! 

Riverisland t shirt dress - £20
Channeling my inner rock chick with this t shirt dress and I love it! Designed as a dress so there's no need to worry about the length of it which is great, because I loves me a t shirt dress, so casual, I love the whole 'wearing my boyfriend's tee' look. The only problem I have is that if I wear tights and my leather jacket I just feel so black and I don't want to look like a goth. but with no tights I feel fine haha!  

Missguided t shirt dresses in black and white - £14.99
More T shirt dresses, this time from Missguided. It has literally taken forever for me to find a t shirt that I can wear as a dress without looking trashy. I think these are quite expensive for what they are but, they're nice quality and the only ones I can find so I can complain. But they're really nice when it's really hot and they're just easy to throw on with some necklaces and maybe some ankle boots.
Topshop dress - £29
I literally fell completely in love with this dress and instantly bought it without even thinking, it's beautiful. A bit risky for me normally but I just thought what the hell! I felt good in it so why not? It's so eye catching and I have had so many lovely comments when I've worn it which is always lovely. I was actually expecting it to be more than it was but was happy to pay £29 for it especially because it's a perfect party dress and my boyfriend loved it on me too which is always a lovely bonus. You've definitely got to be in daring, confident mood to wear this!

Miss Selfridge boots - £75
Now finally for my beauties, the cherry on top of a beautiful haul. Expensive but worth every penny, real leather for starters so they will last years, also really comfy and sterdy which is great. I've never bought any shoes from Miss Selfridge before but I'm really really impressed with these. I've had them for about 2 weeks now and they've worn beautifully, apart from where I fell over and scuffed the front but it'll polish up with some shoe polish so it's allllll good!

So, that's it I do have some more coming and some I've left at my uni house which I'll be picking up soon so I'll do another haul then. Oh I am sorry again bank balance.

Jess xo

La Roche-Porsay Autohelios - Review

I have forever been hunting for a facial fake tan that doesn't go patchy or break me out, which has been such a mission. I also didn't want to go for one that was too expensive because if it broke me out then it would just be a massive waste of money. 

La Roche-Porsay Autohelios - £14.99

 I bought this when it was half price in Boots so it wasn't too expensive and I've loved all the other La Roche-Porsay products before which i have tried so I thought this was a safer bet. 
I am so impressed with this, in the beginning I was sure about it, but if you build it up over a few days it really does make you look sun kissed and glowing. I have really oily skin especially when it's warm outside and so far, I haven't experienced and extra oil or anything, don't really think it makes any difference to that, which is a plus!
 This is literally going to last be ages! It's designed for face and body but I only use it on my face and only a tiny amount because it goes a long way. I would say afford your eyebrows because it can turn them a bit orange but it isn't noticeable if you fill them in. 
In terms of spots, I don't think it's affected my skin in that way, I have had a few small spots lately but I think it's because I've been stressed out and not really been looking after my skin very well, but they've cleared up fine so it must not be this product. 

I love this, I'm so chuffed with everything about it, no streaks or spots so perfect!
I apply it in the morning and at night at the moment, it looks fine with make up over it as well, I just can't get enough of this!!

Jess xo

Sally Hansen dry kwik - Review

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik - £2.99

I feel like I'm forever hunting for a quick dry top coat, I know there are loads of good ones about but I like trying different ones out to see how they compare. I bought this from B&M home actually so I wasn't expecting it to be the greatest but I was skint and it was cheap. It's actually an oil, you paint it over the top of your nail varnish and then massage the oil into your cuticles which is quite a nice treatment as well. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this, it obviously doesn't make it dry instantly but it is dramatically quicker and great for how cheap it was. 
The only thing I would say I don't like about this is the fact that it is an oil so it doesn't make your nails shiny so you would have to apply a clear topcoat as well too, which is annoying if you're in a rush. 
I probably won't buy this again, just because I like to try a few out and I want one that's actually a top coat instead of an oil but I would recommend this because it's still really good.

Jess xo

Favourite cleanser - Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control 3 in 1 daily cleanser.

Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control 3 in 1 daily cleanser.

I'm definitely one of those people who doesn't want to spend too much money on something that I'm going to have to repurchase a lot, because I'm a student I can't afford to be paying a lot for something on a regular basis.

Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control 3 in 1 daily cleanser - £3
Until about a year ago now I would never cleanse, I just didn't really know I needed to until I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube and realised that's probably why my skin isn't very clear. It's not that I didn't take off my make up I would only use make up wipes.
But I was recommended to get this and I've never looked back! I have oily skin especially in the Summer and this really helps control oil and spots. It is a very strong cleanser though, so if you don't like quite stripping cleansers then I'd probably say stay away from this, but I personally quite like that feeling, I feel like all my make up is completely gone. 

I don't think this would be good for dry skin, it's very strong and I can sometimes feel like it's quite drying on me and you definitely have to moisturize afterwards but then it feels really soothing and fresh. It's quite good at controlling spots, not the best thing I've ever used but it's better at, once they've gone, keeping them at bay.

I really like this and can't imagine using anything else, it's cheap which is great especially when you can go through cleanser so quickly.

Jess xo

Wishlist #6 - Summer grunge.

Wishlist #6

T shirt dress / Topshop short t shirt, £11 / Topshop floral print shorts, £42 / Miss Selfridge black booties, £85 / Topshop vegan handbag, £53 / ASOS , £28 / Topshop flower necklace, £26 / Black hat / Rimmel lip makeup

Mac eyshadow in Mythology! - Review

My new favourite eyeshadow, I haven't had this very long and I can already tell it's going to be a holy grail eye shadow fave!

Mac eyeshadow in mythology - £12
Just look how beautiful this is! 
It's such an amazing colour, I only went into Mac to buy a pressy for my friend's birthday and this caught my eye and I just completely fell in love with it and had to buy it!
It's a lustre finish which I've never tried but so far no complainants, it's super pigmented and shimmery. It's the most perfect colour for Summer! Sometimes I just use it as an inner corner highlight and other days I'll use it all over the lid and a darker colour in the outer corner.
I am seriously in love with this, I actually could not live without it since I've had it, it lasts really well on me which is good because eyeshadow generally doesn't last on me at all, I don't think I have particularly oily eyelids but they just don't last unless I have a primer but this is pretty good.
Personally, I think this colour would look great on all eye colours it's just such a perfect shade of goldy pink.
Everyone should buy this! Go on! Do it now!

Jess xo