Max Factor False Lash Effect waterproof macara - Review

I think I did a post of the Loreal telescopic mascara before saying how much I liked and don't think I'd ever try anything else, etc, but I betrayed that one and , oh boy, am I glad I did! 

Max Factor False Lash Effect waterproof macara - £10.99

I honestly haven't had a mascara that has made my eye lashes look as good as they do with this in years! I normally always like to try out different popular mascaras to see how good they are and everything, but I honesty don't think I will be trying any others anymore, I'm so so so so in love with this mascara and I've only been using it for a week or so, at first I thought I was allergic to it because it made my eyes feel strange and a little bit sore but I just stuck with in because I was so happy with the results! My eye lashes in general aren't the longest and aren't very curly either and this mascara makes them do both!! I literally can't get enough of this mascara, I will buy it forever and ever and ever! 
The only bad thing about this mascara is that the brush is so big that I sometimes end up getting it everywhere which is annoying and it's pretty difficult to get off, not as difficult as the Maybelline the Falsies mascara though, but I will happily put up with that because of the results! 
It keeps my eyelashes curled and the mascara dries hard where as a lot of mascaras around don't and my lashes never hold a curl if they don't dry hard. 
I am crazy about this mascara, 100% and if it's ever discontinued I will probably cry and write a thousand upsetting letters to Max Factor. 

Everyone needs to buy this, now!

Jess xo

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  1. i must try out this one!!!