Mac eyshadow in Mythology! - Review

My new favourite eyeshadow, I haven't had this very long and I can already tell it's going to be a holy grail eye shadow fave!

Mac eyeshadow in mythology - £12
Just look how beautiful this is! 
It's such an amazing colour, I only went into Mac to buy a pressy for my friend's birthday and this caught my eye and I just completely fell in love with it and had to buy it!
It's a lustre finish which I've never tried but so far no complainants, it's super pigmented and shimmery. It's the most perfect colour for Summer! Sometimes I just use it as an inner corner highlight and other days I'll use it all over the lid and a darker colour in the outer corner.
I am seriously in love with this, I actually could not live without it since I've had it, it lasts really well on me which is good because eyeshadow generally doesn't last on me at all, I don't think I have particularly oily eyelids but they just don't last unless I have a primer but this is pretty good.
Personally, I think this colour would look great on all eye colours it's just such a perfect shade of goldy pink.
Everyone should buy this! Go on! Do it now!

Jess xo

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