I did some more shopping ...

Whoopsie! I've done some more shopping! I need to just give my bank card at home and never take it out with me and not be allowed to internet shop either! 
Oh well...

Skirt - Topshop - £32    Top - Primark - £4
As you probably already know, I have a major addiction to Topshop skirts, I just love them, for all occasions! So I treated myself again, to this one, it's like a denim with white flowery cut out over the top. I just fell in love with this one, it's so super sweet. I was a bit stuck of what to wear with this because it's such a light colour and denim as well, but I just bought this plain red tee from Primark to wear with it. 

Riverisland top - £10
I've really been loving just casual tees with skirts and shorts, just because it's like that grungey 'haven't made any effort but have actually made loads' look. This one has a oil slick print on it, which I thought was really cool and unusual, haven't seen anything else like this and it was only £10 in the Riverisland sale which is a right bargain!

 Skirt - Topshop - £34    Top - Topshop - £18
Oops, so another Topshop skirt might of slipped into my possession, I literally just couldn't help myself and I love Colbolt blue. But I bought this tall Topshop top to go with it, I always have to buy a top to go with a skirt that I buy, I don't know why, I just can't help myself! It's definitely a problem!!
The top is like a floral black and white pattern which I just really really liked for something reason, looks really nice just paired with jeans as well. The only thing I don't like about this tee is that the material is really thin, which is kinda annoying but I bought it anyway so can't really complain. 

Topshop vest - £16
This was from Topshop as well, it's just really sweet lace, and the back is see through lace which I thought was a nice touch. I'm not sure what to put this with at the moment so any comments would be much appreciated! 

Riverisland t shirt dress - £20
Channeling my inner rock chick with this t shirt dress and I love it! Designed as a dress so there's no need to worry about the length of it which is great, because I loves me a t shirt dress, so casual, I love the whole 'wearing my boyfriend's tee' look. The only problem I have is that if I wear tights and my leather jacket I just feel so black and I don't want to look like a goth. but with no tights I feel fine haha!  

Missguided t shirt dresses in black and white - £14.99
More T shirt dresses, this time from Missguided. It has literally taken forever for me to find a t shirt that I can wear as a dress without looking trashy. I think these are quite expensive for what they are but, they're nice quality and the only ones I can find so I can complain. But they're really nice when it's really hot and they're just easy to throw on with some necklaces and maybe some ankle boots.
Topshop dress - £29
I literally fell completely in love with this dress and instantly bought it without even thinking, it's beautiful. A bit risky for me normally but I just thought what the hell! I felt good in it so why not? It's so eye catching and I have had so many lovely comments when I've worn it which is always lovely. I was actually expecting it to be more than it was but was happy to pay £29 for it especially because it's a perfect party dress and my boyfriend loved it on me too which is always a lovely bonus. You've definitely got to be in daring, confident mood to wear this!

Miss Selfridge boots - £75
Now finally for my beauties, the cherry on top of a beautiful haul. Expensive but worth every penny, real leather for starters so they will last years, also really comfy and sterdy which is great. I've never bought any shoes from Miss Selfridge before but I'm really really impressed with these. I've had them for about 2 weeks now and they've worn beautifully, apart from where I fell over and scuffed the front but it'll polish up with some shoe polish so it's allllll good!

So, that's it I do have some more coming and some I've left at my uni house which I'll be picking up soon so I'll do another haul then. Oh I am sorry again bank balance.

Jess xo


  1. I am loving those boots and the blue skirt. Can definetly tell you have a Topshop obsession!


    1. Haha yeaaaaa i do! I literally cannot go in and not buy something! It's definitely a problem! :(