La Roche-Porsay Autohelios - Review

I have forever been hunting for a facial fake tan that doesn't go patchy or break me out, which has been such a mission. I also didn't want to go for one that was too expensive because if it broke me out then it would just be a massive waste of money. 

La Roche-Porsay Autohelios - £14.99

 I bought this when it was half price in Boots so it wasn't too expensive and I've loved all the other La Roche-Porsay products before which i have tried so I thought this was a safer bet. 
I am so impressed with this, in the beginning I was sure about it, but if you build it up over a few days it really does make you look sun kissed and glowing. I have really oily skin especially when it's warm outside and so far, I haven't experienced and extra oil or anything, don't really think it makes any difference to that, which is a plus!
 This is literally going to last be ages! It's designed for face and body but I only use it on my face and only a tiny amount because it goes a long way. I would say afford your eyebrows because it can turn them a bit orange but it isn't noticeable if you fill them in. 
In terms of spots, I don't think it's affected my skin in that way, I have had a few small spots lately but I think it's because I've been stressed out and not really been looking after my skin very well, but they've cleared up fine so it must not be this product. 

I love this, I'm so chuffed with everything about it, no streaks or spots so perfect!
I apply it in the morning and at night at the moment, it looks fine with make up over it as well, I just can't get enough of this!!

Jess xo

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