Zara Woman 11 corso vittorio emanuele milan edt 100 ml - Perfume

I always make sure I smell nice but I always seem to forget to buy new perfume and just end up using loads of body sprays instead, when I was in London for my 21st I was in Zara and I spotted this absolute beauty! 

  Zara Woman 11 corso vittorio emanuele milan edt 100 ml - £14.99

I was in one of those moods where even if I didn't like the smell on it, I would just buy it to look pretty on my desk as pathetic as that sounds ha! However, fortunately I love the scent of it! 
I didn't realise Zara did perfume until I spotted it in their Oxford Street store and they were surprisingly cheap so I thought I'd get one to remind me of my lovely trip and will probably use the bottle as decor after it's finished. I've never used a perfume with these little pumps before but I love it, I feel like a glamorous woman in the 50s or something! It's sprays you enough to smell nice but it doesn't feel wet on your skin and definitely doesn't run down your neck with if great if you use fake tan.
The scent itself is really lovely and pleasant, it's very fruity and feminine but isn't really really sweet, it's just generally a nice smell. My boyfriend really likes the smell too which is a bonus and definitely influences you to buy it again. The only negative I can name is that I really don't think the scent lasts on my skin or even on my clothes very long at all which is really annoying, the bottle is too big to keep in my bag too so I'll have to invest in a Travelo to keep with me. I'm happy to use it until I get some more and especially with Christmas round the corner I'm always gifted with plenty of perfume which is great and always very much appreciated!  

Jess xo

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