Seventeen Wild Metallics Eyes in Wild Bronze - Review

I'm really into cream eyeshadows at the moment and I've tried quite a lot of different ones, but I spotted this and thought I'd give it a go. 

17 wild metallic cream eyeshadow in Wild Bronze - £3.99

I don't think I've seen these in Seventeen before which makes me think that they're a new release and because I normally quite like their products I thought this would be interesting to try out. 
It's super duper shimmery as you can see above but it doesn't look that intense on the eyes and it's a really lovely colour for an effortless everyday sort of look if you're in a rush maybe. It blends in really nicely and just looks really nice on the eye, however it's really really soft and creamy, unlike other cream eyeshadows that almost seem like you can warm them up to soften them with your finger this is really really soft and wet, I'm not sure if I like how creamy it is, it feels like you have loads of product when you apply it and I was expecting it to really crease but it actually lasted quite well on me, there are a lot better cream eyeshadows out there but I was expecting to be rubbish and it really wasn't as bad as I thought. I will not be buying anymore of this range but I'm relatively happy with this for lazy days subtly blended in to my lid with eyeliner. 

Again, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts, third year uni is soooo full on and I'm finding it hard to get motivation for anything else when I've finished the day of uni apart from napping! But once I've gotten back from London this weekend for my 21st I shall try my hardest to get back to daily posts!

Jess xo 

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