Small Lush Haul

I was feeling really rubbish the other day after a tiring day at uni and decided to pick up some yummy things from Lush to relax me and destress.

Snowman - £2.50

 I couldn't resist this little guy, he smells so yummy and he's a right cutie! He's a bath ballistic which is the same as a bath bomb, you simply just put him in your bath and he makes the water a really colour and leaves you smelling delicious! This is scented with vanilla fragrance and has cocoa butter in it!

The Christmas Penguin - £2.95

How cute?! I love the idea of this one, he's a bubble bar, you basically crumble him under the running water and it creates loads and loads of bubbles, with this one the  more you swish the water around the more bubbles it makes! This one smells really incredible too, my favourite out of the two it smells a little more like fig more of a masculine smell, which I love instead of super sweet! It's nice to have a change up!

I really really love Lush products they're all so good for your skin and really fun to use. They are against animal testing and most of the ingredients are natural. I would recommend these to everyone! They are great for presents and you can pick out specific products to personalize it  for the person. 
Also, they're not expensive considering, they obviously range in price and some items like the skincare is rather expensive but totally worth it. 

Jess xo

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