Mac R.E.D Dupes ...

Mac R.E.D Lipstick - £15

I bought this lipstick on a whim, I just fancied a Mac red lipstick and chose this one but now I've been through my collection I have three other lipsticks which are pretty much identical colours. 
Anyway, I really love this colour and Mac is by far the best quality but if you fancy trying out this colour before you buy the expensive one, here are a few dupes! 

Top left going clock wise:
Mac R.E.D
 ELF Fearless
 17 Showbiz
Revlon Cherry Blossom.

17 Showbiz. 

 ELF Fearless.

Revlon Cherry Blossom.

Mac R.E.D

Although the textures are slightly different varying between each one, the colours are pretty much identical, but ELF's Fearless is a little bit more orange than pink. 
Gotta love a Mac dupe!

Jess xo

Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment - Review

Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle - £17

I saw a video by Shaaanxo where she was doing the perfect palette tag (Link Here), she was wearing an absolutely stunning eye look and after a (very) little amount of investigating I found out she was actually wearing this and it was love at first sight! This began my love affair with Mac's pigments and glitters, it's just incredible! If I'm honest I did think the price was a little hefty at first but when I was justifying it to myself I thought about the amount you get and the amount you actually use per wear and thought I'd probably never actually need to repurchase it, so I went for it. I've mentioned before that I did buy the eye shadow Coppering at the same because I didn't know how opaque it would be, but both together and separately they look amazing on. 
Definitely don't go for this if you don't want to attract any attention, it's so eye catchingly beautiful on. It can be really easily pressed onto the lid over or without eye shadow but I would recommend putting something on underneath, just so it has something to cling to. I literally cannot say a bad word about this beauty, but I will be getting a mixing medium just to use with it, to make the colour really pop! 
I will definitely be trying some other pigments from Mac now, I've got a sample of Tan which is also stunning but I'll talk about that at a later date. 

Jess xo

Mac Coppering Eye Shadow - Review

Mac Coppering Eye Shadow - £10

I am one of the worst impulse buyers, I just enjoy shopping so much that I get caught up in the moment, this was definitely one of those moments.
I really love warm toned browns, I think they compliment my brown eyes the most but I fancied something slightly different and experimenting. I was drawn to this because of my newly found love of the Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle and thought this would look really lovely underneath to intensify the look. On the Mac website it's described as a Orange copper, but I think it has really pretty goldy orange shimmer running through it which makes it looks really beautiful when it catches the light. It's definitely one of those shadows where it looks the same in the pan as it does on the lid, none of the pigmentation or shimmer is lost. 
As with all Mac eye shadows, I'm very impressed, it's a really lovely colour and think it would suit all eye colour but I think it would especially make green eyes look incredible and really bring out the colour. 
I would recommend everyone to try this out, it's such a beautiful colour however, I would be wary of it making your eyes looks like a sore colour which I sometimes feel like it does. 

Jess xo

What I've been up to...

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Up Coming Beauty Reviews...

Thought I'd give away a few details of up coming beauty reviews I've got in the pipe lines! I'm sorry to those who don't like Mac but quite a few of them are Mac products because I've been going a bit crazy in there lately!
If you have any thoughts on these products I'd love to know!

Jess xo

L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet 300 - Review

L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet 300 - £7.99

I bought this on a complete whim, I hadn't heard anything about it or even seen anyone review it, I just thought the colour was really pretty. 
It is rather expensive for how much you get, but I actually got it on an offer which they often have, so it wasn't too bad really. 
It's one of those liquid lipsticks, gloss to lipstick thingy majiggy. You apply it like a lipstick and it fills really glossy but after a few minutes it feels a lot thicker when you rub your lips together and then throughout the day as it wheres off it leave a really lovely stain effect. You can build this up with a couple of layer and it can become really vibrant without looking cakey or clinging to the dry patches of your lips. 
Overall, I really like this product, it doesn't smudge or move around throughout the day, it's really pretty without being too much maintence, I've been wearing this throughout the day when I fancy a brighter lip but don't have the time to keep checking and reapplying every 5 minutes. 
I'm definitely going to get some different shades of these and might try some nudes to see if they fair as well as this bright colour. L'oreal you've done me proud! 

Jess xo

My favourite budget lipsticks...

In my opinion Boots and Superdrug really do some amazing lipsticks and I thought I'd share my favourites in January because everyone's feeling the pinch after Christmas. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks £5.49 - These are definitely my favourites! Rimmel have brought out two collections of these lipsticks, glossy finish (Black tube) and a matte finish (Red tube) and they are both brilliant. I know these are the favourites of a lot beauty bloggers, they are really pigmented but also can be dapped on with a balm over the top with a really subtle hint of colour. They are definitely more of a lipstick formula compared to some of the other products I'm going to talk about. 
A definite must have. 

Sleek Lipstick True Colour £4.99 - These also come in matte and glossy finishes and are very similar to the Kate Moss ones but just a little sheerer, but are also very buildable. Sleek do more of a range of colours than most of the others, and do really great unusual and vampy colours. Next on my list is definitely the shade Barely There which is a lovely peachy nude with orange undertones. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks £7.49 - Revlon products are in the more expensive band on the high street, but they are really great quality and a little really goes a long way with these lipsticks, they give a lot of colour and are really creamy without being overly glossy. 

Revlon Lip Butters £7.99 - The most expensive in this edit, but one of my favourites for everyday. They range from being really sheer to a little more vibrant colour, they feel really thick and creamy on the lips and do actually last a great amount of time, they definitely will need touching up after a couple of hours but there's definitely no worrying about whether it's smudged half way across your face!

17 Mirror shine Lipsticks £4.79 - I really love these as well, these are definitely my most worn out of them all. I gravitate towards these most days because they are really glossy but still have a really nice amount of colour. They're subtle but really really pretty, if you're looking for a really vibrant opaque lip then I wouldn't recommend these but they're a definite everyday lip product that everyone needs in their collection. 

Jess xo

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Beyond - Review

I spotted this nail colour on a blog post of 2013 faves and I could not stop thinking about it! It's looks so beautiful! I had to hunt it down on eBay because they don't sell it in the UK which is really annoying but I eventually found it and paid £8.99 for it which is rather expensive for a nail varnish but I don't know how much it is generally anyway. 
So it arrived and I was gobsmacked at how beautiful it was but I was a little disappointed when I applied it to my nails, it doesn't look as good or multicoloured, unless you know it's suppose to look like that then you wouldn't notice. 
However, the nail varnish in general is really good quality, it's really opaque, I only apply two coats and it's perfect. It's lasted on my nails for a week and is still perfect without any chips which is probably one of the best nail varnishes I've ever tried! I'm not sure it's worth the money I paid for it but I suppose that'll teach me! 
Overall, I do really like it I just wish it was a bit more fluorescent on the nail because unless it catches the light it just looks like an ordinary grey polish, I might have a look at their other colours and some reviews but the quality was really good!  

Jess xo

Mac Patisserie Lipstick - Review

 Mac Patisserie Lipstick - £15

I am absolutely in love with this lipstick! I'm not really a nude lip kinda girl, I love a bit of colour, but when I go for a smokey eye I often find myself searching for a nude. So I was doing some research on what are popular nudes from people with similar skin tones and hair colour to me and I cam across Vivianna Does Make Up talking about this one and I just thought it was perfect. As I love a bit of tan I find a peachy pink nude suits me whatever shade of brown I am. I've have been wearing this constantly since I bought it and just can't get enough of it, it's such a pretty colour without being in your face and taking any of the attention away from the eyes. 
It's on of Mac's  Lustre finishes, which makes it not too frosty but still glossy, I've been wearing it with a peachy soap and glory lipgloss over the top and it just looks so effortlessly nice. 

Jess xo

Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calender

I know it's way too late for an Advent Calender but at this time of year they're all dramatically reduced and you can always buy one now for next year, or do what I've done and just treat yourself because you didn't have on at Christmas! 

I'm really impressed with this Calender, I personally haven't tried anything from Ciate before but I am looking forward to giving these a whirl and will let you know how I get on. I think the colour selection is really lovely, although it is Christmas themed there are colours that could be worn all year long. There are no colours that I don't actually like, which is perfect! It's such a great way to try out a band or certain nail effects like sequin or caviar. 
I can't decide which one to go for now! Help?!

Jess xo

Mac Haul ...

I had a crazy amount of Mac vouchers from my birthday and Christmas so I thought it was about time I treated myself to a few bits and pieces. Although all of these are Mac products, a few things I didn't actually buy through Mac but I'll explain as I go along. 

 Mac - Coppering

So, yeahh, I truly have an addiction. I bought a sample of the Mac Tan Pigment from eBay instead of buying the full size to try it out because it's a lot of money and product if you decide you don't like it. The sample was only roughly £3 which is really decent, because it'll probably last a long time too. 
Then also, the Reflects Glitter in Antique Gold I bought from eBay and I literally had to hunt it down. I literally became obsessed with this and needed it in my life so eventually I found it on eBay and to be honest, it's perfection in a bottle. Mac don't sell Reflects Glitters in the UK which is so bloody annoying but I'm so happy I have it in my collection.
I'll review all of these products when I've tried them out and gained an opinion, so keep an eye out for that!

Shade and Item Description.
Mac Reflects Glitter in Blackened Red - Beautiful purpley red glitter, bought sample from Amazon.
Mac Coppering Eye Shadow - Warm browny orange with slight shimmer,bought to wear with Copper Sparkle pigment
Mac Patisserie Lipstick - Peachy pink nude, Lustre finish.
Mac Extra Dimensions Eye Shadow in Amorous Alloy - Really shimmery Coppery brown with a hint of purple, complete impulse buy.
Mac Black Tied Eye Shadow - True black with blue, silver and dark glitter, everyone needs this in their collection. 
Mac Tan Pigment - Rose gold shimmery pigment, bought from eBay.
Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment - True copper, perfectly eye catching and just beautiful. 
Mac Reflects Glitter in Antique Goold - Perfection! Dirty gold colour with multi coloured glitter throughout, bought from eBay. 

Jess xo