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I don't really try out much haircare but recently my hair has been getting ridiculously knotty when I try and brush through my hair, to the point where it can take me up to an hour just to brush my hair after the shower. So I've decided I need to take better care of my hair so I thought I'd invest in some new haircare.
 Warning: You'll definitely see a running theme throughout these products. 

 L'oreal Extraordinary oil - £9.99
Mark Hill No Knots - £3.66 (Offer)
Lee Stafford Detangling Spray - £6.99
Lee Stafford Blow Dry Spray - £6.19

Starting from the left I bought the L'oreal Extraordinary oil because I'd heard such good things about it and my mum loves it so I thought I'd give it ago. It's basically an oil which you can apply to your hair before shampooing, after washing and when dry to protect the hair while styling. 
Next are two detangling products, one from Mark Hill and the other from Lee Staffor, I thought I'd try both of them out to see how well they work. The Mark Hill one was only a couple of pounds on an offer and the Lee Stafford one was more expensive but I felt like trying both of them out. 
Finally I saw this handy product, apart from brushing hair drying also takes me so so long which is so annoying, but this product claims to reduce the amount of time it takes to blow dry your hair, I'm not sure how that is possible but we will have to see whether it works or not. I've not got high hopes at the moment for this, I think it seems like a bit of a gimmick but I'll let you know how it goes, it might be a new holy grail product for me!  

I will be reviewing all of these products once I have tried them out for a couple of months. If there's any haircare you would recommend I'd love to hear it! 

Jess xo

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