Mac Copper Sparkle Pigment - Review

Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle - £17

I saw a video by Shaaanxo where she was doing the perfect palette tag (Link Here), she was wearing an absolutely stunning eye look and after a (very) little amount of investigating I found out she was actually wearing this and it was love at first sight! This began my love affair with Mac's pigments and glitters, it's just incredible! If I'm honest I did think the price was a little hefty at first but when I was justifying it to myself I thought about the amount you get and the amount you actually use per wear and thought I'd probably never actually need to repurchase it, so I went for it. I've mentioned before that I did buy the eye shadow Coppering at the same because I didn't know how opaque it would be, but both together and separately they look amazing on. 
Definitely don't go for this if you don't want to attract any attention, it's so eye catchingly beautiful on. It can be really easily pressed onto the lid over or without eye shadow but I would recommend putting something on underneath, just so it has something to cling to. I literally cannot say a bad word about this beauty, but I will be getting a mixing medium just to use with it, to make the colour really pop! 
I will definitely be trying some other pigments from Mac now, I've got a sample of Tan which is also stunning but I'll talk about that at a later date. 

Jess xo

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