Mac R.E.D Dupes ...

Mac R.E.D Lipstick - £15

I bought this lipstick on a whim, I just fancied a Mac red lipstick and chose this one but now I've been through my collection I have three other lipsticks which are pretty much identical colours. 
Anyway, I really love this colour and Mac is by far the best quality but if you fancy trying out this colour before you buy the expensive one, here are a few dupes! 

Top left going clock wise:
Mac R.E.D
 ELF Fearless
 17 Showbiz
Revlon Cherry Blossom.

17 Showbiz. 

 ELF Fearless.

Revlon Cherry Blossom.

Mac R.E.D

Although the textures are slightly different varying between each one, the colours are pretty much identical, but ELF's Fearless is a little bit more orange than pink. 
Gotta love a Mac dupe!

Jess xo


  1. Oh wow finding one dupe is amazing, but more than one - wow! I love the look of the 17 dupe xx
    Gemma //

    1. Haha, I didn't even go looking for them, they were already in my collection! More fool me for spending so much money on the same red haha!
      That's definitely one of my faves out of the four :)
      Jess xo