Mac Coppering Eye Shadow - Review

Mac Coppering Eye Shadow - £10

I am one of the worst impulse buyers, I just enjoy shopping so much that I get caught up in the moment, this was definitely one of those moments.
I really love warm toned browns, I think they compliment my brown eyes the most but I fancied something slightly different and experimenting. I was drawn to this because of my newly found love of the Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle and thought this would look really lovely underneath to intensify the look. On the Mac website it's described as a Orange copper, but I think it has really pretty goldy orange shimmer running through it which makes it looks really beautiful when it catches the light. It's definitely one of those shadows where it looks the same in the pan as it does on the lid, none of the pigmentation or shimmer is lost. 
As with all Mac eye shadows, I'm very impressed, it's a really lovely colour and think it would suit all eye colour but I think it would especially make green eyes look incredible and really bring out the colour. 
I would recommend everyone to try this out, it's such a beautiful colour however, I would be wary of it making your eyes looks like a sore colour which I sometimes feel like it does. 

Jess xo


  1. Oooh, I might have to pick this up sometime. I love a good reddish-shadow.

    1. It's such a lovely colour! :)
      Jess xo