L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet 300 - Review

L'Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Juliet 300 - £7.99

I bought this on a complete whim, I hadn't heard anything about it or even seen anyone review it, I just thought the colour was really pretty. 
It is rather expensive for how much you get, but I actually got it on an offer which they often have, so it wasn't too bad really. 
It's one of those liquid lipsticks, gloss to lipstick thingy majiggy. You apply it like a lipstick and it fills really glossy but after a few minutes it feels a lot thicker when you rub your lips together and then throughout the day as it wheres off it leave a really lovely stain effect. You can build this up with a couple of layer and it can become really vibrant without looking cakey or clinging to the dry patches of your lips. 
Overall, I really like this product, it doesn't smudge or move around throughout the day, it's really pretty without being too much maintence, I've been wearing this throughout the day when I fancy a brighter lip but don't have the time to keep checking and reapplying every 5 minutes. 
I'm definitely going to get some different shades of these and might try some nudes to see if they fair as well as this bright colour. L'oreal you've done me proud! 

Jess xo

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