Hello Halloween...

It's that scary time of year again! Halloweeeen! If you're struggling with ideas for costumes then here are a few easy ones. 
Vampire - Probably the most obviously one but classic. Grab some stick some cheap stick on fangs frm your local fancy dress shop and fake blood, then you're pretty much good to go. You can wear whatever make up you want, I would recommend a heavy smokey eye and flawless skin, then pile on the fake blood like you've just had a human snack. 

Cat - Probably the easiest of all and super fun. I think you can really experiment with this look and really go to town with it. Whack out those heavy fake lashes and you'll look great. Everywhere sells cat ears so a really great late last idea for any fancy dress party. 

Skeleton - A little more tricky but looks amazing if you get it right. White face paint, black eyeliner and a black outfit is all you need. Relatively basic but very effective. Careful of your pores though, make sure you get every last bit off. 

Scary Doll - Check out inspiration photos for this, there are a tonne out there! This is actaully one of my favourites, that I've done and got some amazing reactions. I twisted it up with some bloody tears for extra spooky effect. Grab an old girly doll like dress for this one, rip it up and pour bloody over it to look like a murderous spooky doll.

Wednesday Addams - Finally this year, I wanted to go as a character, which can be risky because a lot of people probably won't know who you are, but who hasn't watched The Addams Family right? Pretty easy, just go for a heavy smokey eye, black of course. A black dress and a white collar, plait your hair and you're good to go. I had so many compliments on this and felt brill.

Hope this helped a few of you out, let me know what you dressed up as for Halloween!

Jess xo

Max Factor Glossfinity in Ruby Fruit - Review ...

I'm really really in those colours that look almost black at the moment, as I'm sure most people are. Almost black with a red tint, but infact it's actually a really dark vampy red. I think shades like this are so classy and chic. My mum actually had this shade in her collection and has had it for years! So long that it was in their really old packaging, It was getting a little gross and lumpy now so we googled it and realized they still actually do an updated version so I picked it up. It is very similar to Barry M's Red/Black but a thousand times better, the brush is thin and a bit crap but it doesn't leave a streaky look at all. It's definitely a two coat job but it looks perfect after that. It has a really glossy shiny finish which makes you look like you've had gels done. I would recommend getting this if you love colours like this as much as I do. It's the best shade I've tried and I'm going to be checking out more shades in this range. 

Jess xo

A Perfect Pair #3 ...

At this time of year I'm really drawn to a much darker eye, super smokey but still effortless. I have recently reviewed the Clinique All About Shadow in Black Honey and if you've read that you'll know how much I loved it. I mentioned in that review that I wear it with a paint pot underneath and the lasting power is incredible, that paint pot is a Mac one in Constructivist. Constuctivist is more bronze than Black Honey but layered together they are really gorgeous, then with a thin eye liner and small wing, I just think it's perfection. I then go quite smokey under the eye too. I've been wearing this in the day with a nude lip or even just blended in the crease and outer v and then throw on a burgundy lip. I've worn this everyday since I thought of the combo and I'm so so in love. They both just last amazingly together, and also are perfect for a night out with some dramatic lashes. This is quite an expensive pair but if you already have one or the other in your collection then definitely pair them together. Pure Perfection. 

Jess xo

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eye Shadow in Meteore 661 - Review

Finally popped my Dior cherry with this little beauty. I'm really into these cream to powder eye shadows recently, they're super easy to apply and look gorgeous. Let's start off by concentrating on the packaging, it's beautiful and feels very durable, the glass gives the product a very luxurious feel which is just what you want from a high end product. This is a lovely champagne shade, very natural and pretty all over the lid. However, the real wow factor that this gives is the beautiful shimmer, it just looks stunning on the lid, day or night. I apply this with the Urban Decay Primer Potion and then a few layers of this on top and then winged liner, it stays all day even through hot work hours! Without a primer this still lasts really well, it's better with a primer but it a great one to throw on in the morning if you're running late and fancy a quick pretty wash of colour.  It comes with a little sponge applicator, like a little smudger, which is handy for the lower lash line. 
I'm going to be doing a comparison review comparing the Chanel version and this to see how they differ and which one comes out on top, so keep an eye out for that!

Jess xo

Wishlist #42 - Feeling Witchy ...

Wishlist #42 - Feeling Witchy...

Clinique All About Shadows in Black Honey - Review ...

It's no secret how much I love eye shadows. I keep everything else relatively simple and base but then I like to play around with lip colours and eye looks. Anyway, I've seen Anna from VDM rave about this for a while but finally I've caved and picked it up. I'm really into these red toned browns at the moment, I think they're a really easy one colour smokey eye, which looks effortless. I think this is by far my favourite right now. It's slightly different to anything else I own (very slightly) and looks really stunning of the lid and under the lash line. With a paint pot as a base this really locks in place and stays all day. I've swatched this on my hand with a paint pot underneath and then gone in the shower and it's stayed perfect. I absolutely love the packaging of this eye shadow too, it's sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all, the mirror is really great as well too, great for traveling. Now normally I don't even give the sponge applicators a go but for some reason I did with this clinique from and it's actually not bad. It's quite good for pressing colour on and then blending it out with a better brush. As I'm writing this I've already got a tab open of other shades of this shadow for my next purchase! 

Jess xo

#Feelin'Spendy ...

More naughtiness. It's a problem. Anyway, these are all impulse buys but I love having a little spree every so often. A few essentials that I needed so we'll start with those first. I picked up the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, absolutely love this, been stealing my mum's for ages so I thought it was about time I picked it up for myself. Another repurchase is the Max Factor Glossfinity in Ruby Fruit which is just a stereotypical Autumn shades, dark and vampy. I really love this and it's miles better than Barry M's Red/Black. Then a few blogger inspired purchases which is usually the case. I picked up Clinique's Single Shadow in Black Honey, which is really gorgeous. great for all eye colours and I love the packaging! Then I popped my Dior Cherry with one of their glosses in Rose Paradise (which is actually for my mum for Christmas but it's so pretty I couldn't not show it!) Then finally I picked up one of Dior's Diorshow Fusion Mono Eye Shadows in Meteore 661 which is really similar to the Chanel one I own but I want to see how they compare. So far it's stunningly beautiful and better than the Chanel!

Jess xo

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo - Review ...

So I was a devoted Bastille Dry Shampoo for Brunettes lover for years until recently. For some reason, everytime I've applied it to my fringe recently, a few hours lately I've looked in the mirror and under my fringe is really obvious transfer mark, where my dry shampoo has left a brown mark under my fringe. It literally looked like dirt, and was really obvious. Anyway, so I had to try a new dry shampoo and I'd heard some amazing reviews about this one so I thought I'd try it out. 
To start off with, this is a clear dry shampoo so it can be used on any hair colours without worry. It's very light and cannot be felt in the hair which is amazing, however I'm not sure it  absorbs oil as well as the Bastille ones but it is much lighter. I have been liking this so far, but if you're use to the heaviness of the Bastille Dry Shampoos then this will take some getting use to, but I definitely think this Dove one is better, mainly because of the clear colouring. 

Jess xo

Steam Cream - Review...

Steam Cream in an all-in-one natural moisturiser, it's got plenty of rave reviews in the blogging community so I thought it was about time I tried it out. I have super oily skin, and I've come to release recently that, I think my skin produces so much oils because it's lacking moisture, but there's a thin line between too much moisture and just enough. First of all, I hate then scent. It's that typical vegan herbal rosey sort of scent which personally I really dislike, I find it way too over whelming. However, I've been battling through the scent. I've been applying this over night to give my skin a really big boost of hydration. It's a really thick consistency, which I do find quite uncomfortable to have on my skin and heavy which makes it unsuitable to wear under make up. Apparently they ingredients are all herbal and vegan infused together with a shot of steam. 
I think I've come to the conclusion that it's just not for me, I don't see a huge difference in my skin type at all and the scent puts me off massively. I've heard some really good reviews about this though, so if you have really dry skin then maybe it will work better for you than me. 

Jess xo

The Over Knee Boots For Newbies ...

Boots from Boohoo - £38

  (Image Source: Tumblr)

  (Image Source: Tumblr)

 (Image Source: Tumblr)

I am in love with this new look, but it can definitely be slightly intimidating for newbies, like me. However, I've forced myself to embrace the over knee boot and put myself out there a little bit with this fashion trend. I've set myself a few guideline though which help me feel comfortable and not feel like a dominatrix/hooker. 

1. Try suede - Suede creates a softer look, this is one way to ensure you don't look like a dominatrix.

2. Keep your leg shape in mind - If you've got really skinny toned legs, great! Experiment with whatever you like the most. However if you're like me then try to pick a style and height that reaches the slimmest part of your thigh. This will highlight that part of your leg making them look longer and slimmer. 

3. If in doubt, go for a flat - Flat boots are much easier to style, and comfortable. Another great way to keep it strictly away from hooker vibes. Although if you want a heeled boot, then go for it! They can look amazing, especially for a night out. 

4. All black - If in doubt for outfits, go for all black. Keep it chic and simple. This will look edgy and like your a fashion pro. Also all black will really elongate your body and make you look really slim.  

5. Tights - Running with the all black theme, tights are a great way to incorporate over knee boots in a subtle way, and long legs again!  

Obviously these are just the guidelines I use when searching out an over knee boot but experimenting is fun and definitely go further because they can look amazing. It's all about how comfort and how you feel. I'm sure the more you get into them the more you can experiment, which is definitely how I''m feeling.

Jess xo

Wishlist #41 - Ladylike Edge ...

Wishlist #41 - Ladylike Edge...

How To Rock That Almost Black Lipstick ...

Mac Lipstick in Cyber - £15.50
Seveteen Lipstick in New Black - £4.99
YSL Matte Lipstick in Prune Virgin - £28

I don't know about you but at this time of year, I love whacking out the dark lip colours. Darker than plummy shades, I'm talking almost black shades. You might think that these are quite intimidating shades but to start off they make your teeth look super white, so that's a plus point right there. 
1. Lip liner - In my opinion, I think a super dark lip needs to be super precise and a lip liner is essential. Keeping that lip line clear, makes it pop even more and look crisp. 
2. Under tones - Each lip has slightly different undertones, if you're worried about whether it will suit you then choose one with either warmer or cooler under tones. Whatever undertone you think suits you better. I don't this step is essential but I think it's a way to make yourself feel comfortable with wearing a dark shade. 
3. Keep everything else simple - In terms of wearing other make up, I would recommend keeping it relatively simple. I like to wear a winged liner still and heaps of mascara but no smokey eye. I still like to stay bronzed so I don't look too washed out by the lips but stay away from blush so there's no contrast between the two. 

Not too many things to keep in mind, but these tips will help you feel slightly more comfortable in an almost black lip. I think it's a really sexy, confident look and if you want to go for that Girl Power look then try this out! 

Jess xo

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette Dupes...

These are one of my favourite posts to read, I mean, who doesn't love a bargain. I will start off by saying, that the quality of these dupes is no where near as good, The Dolce Vita palette is outstanding. However, for those of you who want to try and few of these shades out but without the ridiculous price tag then look no further. 
Lets start off with the Prime shade which I use as a highlight. It is so similar to Mac's Nylon, Nylon is slightly warmer toned but still gives the same effect. I only ever use these shades, they look really pretty in the inner corners and definitely make eyes appear bigger. 
Going clock wise, next up is the Enhance shade which is a gorgeous red toned brown, amazing for most eye colours but especially green eyes. I thought I was going to struggle with shade the most but I found that Mac's Antiqued was a perfect replica. They both have the same gold shimmer running through them which is stunning. Finally I have L'oreal's Colour Infaillible in Endless Chocolate which is a completely different texture in the way that this is a pressed pigment rather than an actual eye shadow, but the shade is almost identical. 
Unfortunately I couldn't find a perfect dupe for the Pop shade. This shade just completely brings the whole palette together and is the perfect day to night transition shade. It has the effectiveness of a loose glitter but without the fall down. 

Jess xo

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Grandest Grape - Review...

Now, I'm sure you all know the amazingly gorgeous Youtuber/Blogger that is Amelia Liana. I find her one of the most influential people when it comes to beauty and fashion and when she loves something, I'm going to buy it. Last Autumn she put this product on my radar and then when it come around this Autumn and she still loved it, it had to be mine! 
So many brands have released their versions of this product, but I personally think the Clinique Chubby Sticks are the best. The crayon makes it super easy to apply, almost like using a big lip liner. The finish is glossy but it's still really long lasting. It's so comfortable to wear, it just feels like a lip balm but with a little more wow factor. Once the glossy finish has worn away it leaves you with a really pretty stain. I've worn this to work before and left at the end of the day still happy with how it's left my lips. This shade is a really pretty pink but with a deeper plum tone to it, which makes it especially great for this time of year. 
I really fancy trying some other colours in these so let me know if there's any shades you love!

Jess xo

MUA Eyeshadow in Copper - Review ...

MUA Eyeshadow in Copper - £1 

This eye shadow was £1, £1?! Such a bargain! Sorry haha, just needed to get that out of the way first. We all know how amazing MUA is for value but for some reason I don't really gravitate to it very much, but I need to definitely check it out more often! To start with, the size of this is amazing for £1, I actually think this will probably last me forever, or at least until it goes out of date, then I will happily repurchase this. The quality of this eye shadow is also amazing, it's buttery soft,better quality then some high end brands I've tried! A little really goes a super duper long way, so use sparingly. I have been using this just in the middle of my lids to make my eyes appear larger and really catch the sun light. It looks really pretty with brown crease work and highlighting the inner corner.
If you haven't checked these out then I recommend you do, they have some amazing shades, all shimmery so if you're into that then have a looky look.

Pretty, pretty, pretty :)

Jess xo

What's in my bag #1 ...

If there's one thing I love it's moseying on through someone's handbag. I love to see what crap they like to carrying around with them on a daily basis. So I thought I'd share mine with you all. 
My handbag is a really leather studded one from Topshop which I was kindly gifted with last Christmas. It's lasted amazingly and doesn't look like it's nearly a year old at all. It's the perfect size for fitting loads of rubbish in that I think I need with me at all times. Let's start with the basics. My purse is from Asos and is also real leather. It was recently in the Asos sale for £15 which is a bargain. If you didn't already know I love being organised and the thought of being able to store everything in my purse in designated areas excites me greatly. It is huge though, and I'll often just use it as a clutch bag and really inappropriately large for everyday shopping, to start with it takes forever to try and get out of your bag just to pay for your food shopping, but I love it. It's amazing for traveling, especially when you have to print off all those annoying confirmation details. Other basics thrown in my bag are chewing gum, eyelash glue, hand sanitizer and body spray. I'm sure you can all guess what that junk is for. I have two pairs of sunglasses in there depending what I'm fancying on the day. The spotty pair are from Primark and are my current favourite. I also have my new earrings in there from River Island in there because I took them out at some point, while I was taking these photos I actually found them in there after loosing them for ages. Probably my most usual but sentimental item in my bag is my worry stone. My Dad actually bought me this when I was going through some stressful stuff and he was away. I keep it in my bag to just remind me to destress and take everything as it comes. 
Then obviously there are a tonne of lip products in there, as there are in any girls handbag. At the moment I have the 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Bolshie which is my favourite to throw and it also has a mirror too. Then Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss in Polished Fuschia which is another easy pink gloss to throw on while you're out and about. I often carry a vampy shade in my bag to take a look from day to night just in case, today that is the Daniel Sandler Lipstick in Casablanca, it's just a really glossy deep red shade. My favourite lip balm at the moment is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lipbalm just incase my lips are sore and dry while I'm out and about. 

I'd love to know what junk you carry around with you and why?
I don't think mine is too bad, I've seen much worse. 

Jess xo