The Over Knee Boots For Newbies ...

Boots from Boohoo - £38

  (Image Source: Tumblr)

  (Image Source: Tumblr)

 (Image Source: Tumblr)

I am in love with this new look, but it can definitely be slightly intimidating for newbies, like me. However, I've forced myself to embrace the over knee boot and put myself out there a little bit with this fashion trend. I've set myself a few guideline though which help me feel comfortable and not feel like a dominatrix/hooker. 

1. Try suede - Suede creates a softer look, this is one way to ensure you don't look like a dominatrix.

2. Keep your leg shape in mind - If you've got really skinny toned legs, great! Experiment with whatever you like the most. However if you're like me then try to pick a style and height that reaches the slimmest part of your thigh. This will highlight that part of your leg making them look longer and slimmer. 

3. If in doubt, go for a flat - Flat boots are much easier to style, and comfortable. Another great way to keep it strictly away from hooker vibes. Although if you want a heeled boot, then go for it! They can look amazing, especially for a night out. 

4. All black - If in doubt for outfits, go for all black. Keep it chic and simple. This will look edgy and like your a fashion pro. Also all black will really elongate your body and make you look really slim.  

5. Tights - Running with the all black theme, tights are a great way to incorporate over knee boots in a subtle way, and long legs again!  

Obviously these are just the guidelines I use when searching out an over knee boot but experimenting is fun and definitely go further because they can look amazing. It's all about how comfort and how you feel. I'm sure the more you get into them the more you can experiment, which is definitely how I''m feeling.

Jess xo

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